August 2022
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Let’s hope both sides lose

Our M*sl*m friends seem to have temporarily forgotten how much they hate us in order to butcher each other in ever increasing numbers. In fact, last week was a bit of a zinger in the Middle East. There were ISIL’s two victories – Palmyra in Syrian and Ramadi in Iraq – and even a bomb in a mosque in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile Yemen, Syria and Libya are on-going slaughterhouses with everybody seemingly fighting everyone else.

The main driver behind much of the violence seems to be the Sunni Shiite split. Not all readers may be fully aware of why the Sunnis hate the Shiites and why the Shiites hate the Sunnis. So here, in tasteful blood red is the BBC’s explanation of the main differences between these two groups of complete loonies:

sunnis and shias explanation

All pretty important stuff. Not!

The great majority of Muslims are Sunnis – estimates suggest the figure is somewhere between 85% and 90%. There are about one billion Sunnis and just 170 million Shiites. So it’s not looking so great for the Shiites in terms of numbers. ISIL are, of course, Sunnis.

The underlying conflict seems to be between Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia. But they are waging their fight for dominance of the Middle East through other countries (click to see more clearly)

sunni and shia map

Here are some Sunnis (or they might be Shia – who knows, who cares?):


And here are some Shia (though they might be Sunnis – who knows, who cares?):


And here’s what happens when they get together for a party:


But as far as we in the West are concerned, the longer they keep killing each other and the more of each other they kill, the better for us.

May both sides lose!

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