December 2023
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The charmed life of M*sl*ms in multi-culti Britain

In the interests of multi-culti mutual understanding and harmony, this website is always pleased to bring heart-warming stories of social cohesion in today’s multi-culti Britain.

We’ve provided figures showing that Britain’s M*sl*ms have the highest rate of ‘economic inactivity’ of any group; of how over 75% of Britain’s Somali community choose not to work and still manage to send about £100m of our money back to their relatives in Somalia each year thanks to the British benefits system’s generosity; we’ve praised the British police for their open-minded attitude in allowing M*sl*m men to gang-rape, gang-sodomise and torture thousands of British ‘white trash’ girls; we’ve admired the BBC and our politicians for encouraging practices like FGM, forced marriages and first-cousin marriages in the interests of multi-culti harmony; we’ve praised the many great M*sl*m figures who have married pre-pubescent girls; and we feel it’s right that M*sl*ms should be allowed to march and demonstrate their loathing of us, their hatred of everything British and encourage violence against us without the police lifting a finger.


And now we’ve found yet another example of our open-minded attitude to the world’s greatest religion. Apparently there are at least 20,000 M*sl*m men in Britain who have several wives with some having the four wives encouraged by their holy book. This, according to the Daily Mail is just one of these men:


Of course, this is against British law. But have any of these men been prosecuted? Nope. Why not? Because as with so many other matters it’s no law for M*sl*ms and one law for the rest of us.

It has been estimated that for a family with two children, household earnings would have to be over £34,000 for that family to contribute more in tax than it takes in services and benefits. So a M*sl*m man with two, three or even four wives and five to ten children would probably have to earn at least £80,000 to £100,000 to avoid being a burden on society.


I wonder how many of these M*sl*m men with their several wives and huge broods of British-hating brats earn that much. Or are they all a massive burden on the rest of us?

And when will our politically-correct cowardly police and authorities prosecute one of these gentlemen? Never? Surprise, surprise.

2 comments to The charmed life of M*sl*ms in multi-culti Britain

  • R.Prentice

    I have heard that the man lives with One of his wife’s and child while the other 3 are classed as single mothers with all the benefits that go with it, including a house for each wife . I have been trying to get proof that this is happening but keep getting the “run around”.Perhaps someone better than me could find this proof.
    PS muslims are allowed 4 wife’s in this country IF they have married them in there own country

  • Brillo

    About the occupation they seem to have is drive taxis. I know why now.

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