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Fat? Useless? Lazy? No self control? Then vote Labour! The Party for you!

You’ll all have read about the farce that was Ed Miliband’s conference speech. The speech in which he never mentioned either the deficit or immigration. We’ve already had Miliband claiming both that he deliberately left these subjects out and that he forgot about them as he didn’t use a script. ‘Forgot’. My a**se.

But I’m not here to repeat what other people have already pointed out. That’s not the purpose of this website. Instead I’d like to focus on the people sitting behind Miliband as he gave his great oration. I suspect that these (IMHO) total nobs are hand-picked by Miliband’s PR people and that the PR people also choose exactly where each of these (IMHO) total dickheads sits in order to create the best subliminal impression with the public whose votes Miliband most wants to attract.

So let’s look at these (IMHO) self-serving prats (click to see more clearly)

conference 1

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are six people who will appear more on our TV screens than all the others. Of these six, four are women and half of the six are clearly from immigrant backgrounds.

Miliband’s two subliminal messages are: 1. By showing more women than men that Labour are caring unlike the nasty Tories, hence all the blether about the NHS and not a mention of the deficit or the debt.  2. “Immigrants R Us” – if you’re an immigrant, then vote Labour, hence not a mention about Labour controlling immigration.

But let’s look even closer at this stage-managed farce. The one person who appears most in all the TV clips of this speech, which will be seen on the TV news by millions, is probably the gravitationally-challenged coloured lady on Miliband’s left (your right).

Here she is (click to see more clearly)

conference 2

Now, I don’t know who she is. She may be an Olympic athlete wearing an ‘Eddie Murphy Big Mama’ fat suit for fun.


She may be someone who has been successful in fighting anorexia. She may be a lean, mean entrepreneur busily creating loads of jobs. Or she may be a fat, self-indulgent, lazy, donut-guzzling, public-sector or Labour-party worker with absolutely no self-control who never does any exercise. I let you judge.

But one thing is clear – she was put in that prominent position for a purpose – to signal to people like her “Vote Labour” and you’ll get lots of benefits and support while nobody will dare being ‘fatist’ by criticising you for being a greedy fat-arse who probably couldn’t waddle more than fifty metres before collapsing in a great pile of foul-smelling, heaving putridity.

I don’t blame the lady for her looks. None of us is perfect and she’s free to choose her body weight by the amount she eats and the amount she exercises. What I criticise is Miliband’s spin-doctors’ manipulation of the audience to send a subliminal message to voters. And I think the choice of the six people who would appear in the TV reports in the front row during Miliband’s speech and the choice of an (IMHO) lazy, useless, public-sector lard-lump to take the most prominent place tells us a lot about the kind of people whose votes Labour is out after.

But, I may be wrong. Who knows? Perhaps lard-lump is really Dame Kelly Holmes having a day off training.

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4 comments to Fat? Useless? Lazy? No self control? Then vote Labour! The Party for you!

  • Keen Reader

    Self-indulgent nepotism has been the order of the day for two or more decades. “I wan’ it, I’m gonna ‘have it..”, be it the giant TV, the latest state-of-the-art mobile, or stacks of obesity-creating junk food washed down with lashings of alcohol, much of the aforesaid being consumed by those on benefits financed by the rest of us.
    You can bet your life that whenever a TV news item focuses on a “mother of young children” whinging about her failure to obtain some exotic medical procedure, or the difficulties her undisciplined brats are having at school, she will be revealed as overweight or grossly obese, overflowing her suffering sofa and self-evidently physically incapable of undertaking any sort of effective exercise. The financial cost to the UK’s public service provision when diabetes, heart problems and strokes catch up with these self-indulgent blobs a decade or two ahead is terrifying to contemplate. I probably shan’t be around to see it, but my hard-working, tax-paying children and then their children will have to pick up the tab.

  • MGJ

    The “audience” was so blatantly stage-managed that I found myself paying more attention to their comical blissed-out, adoring gazes and faux nods of approval than I did to Milibands lying and idiocy.

    It might be informative to ask them to summarise what was actually in the speech. I suspect they wouldn’t have a clue.

    Do you think the audience had a dress-rehearsal?

  • taxxxedtothemaxxx

    I think the Americans started doing that audience behind the speaker a few years ago and we are now copying it. My advice take advantage of the low gold prices at the moment and stash some coins away in a safe place so if you make it out to the other side of the greatest crash the world will ever see you will have something to begin with….

  • Did anyone else catch cdmoare Millibrains comment about the Tories using the EU as a boogyman just like they used the USSR’? I cant remember the exact words that millibrain used but Hague really missed a prime comeback that showed Millibrain for the lifelong marxist sympathiser spending his youth with soviet front groups and sucking marxist hogwash from his parents like mothers milk.Hague could have pointed out that the Tories fought against the cruel,evil and bankrupt soviet socialist ideology where the Millibrain clan and labour would have supported a soviet takeover of the UK, if you remember it was a major reason why the labour friutcakes lost to thatcher during the cold war, remember also that the labour manifesto at the time was in fact nothing more than a soviet collaboration document detailing the UKs surrender terms to the USSR.I suspect the Millibrain brothers longed for a marxist ideology to be imposed on the west, I sense a bitterness in them quite well hidden that it was in fact the Tory leadership and co opperation with Reagan that destroyed the evil USSR.Both exude the kind of arrogant elitist demenour much like their political beliefs ie a thin fake veneer of caring on the surface barely covering a deep hatred and nastyness combined with an overwhelming sense of entitlement seeething within.I see the Millibrains at home in the USSR loving the lifestyle of the commissar class.I would just love Putin to release all the details about those British socialists who betrayed their nation and worked for the USSR, Ill bet the Millibrain clan was high on the list. 0 likes

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