February 2023
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The big black men who steal our billions and make fools of us all

As I’m sure you know, one of the first things idiot David Cameron did to ‘cut the deficit’ was to increase the amount we give for foreign aid from £7.8bn a year (0.56% of GDP) to £11.7bn a year (0.7% of GDP)

Just this increase in foreign aid of £3.9bn a year would be enough to pay the salaries of the 39,5000 military personnel and 32,400 police who are being fired to save money. So you can see how much Liar Cameron really cares about our security.

But where does our £11.7bn a year go?

Many people, when they think of foreign aid, imagine brave aid workers rescuing the poor and destitute from earthquakes, famines, tsunamis and other emergencies. But in fact less than £500m of our foreign aid money goes on ’emergency aid’. The rest – more than 95% – goes on ‘development aid’ – supposedly helping the poorest countries pull themselves out of poverty. And most of that money goes to the basket-case countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

Here are some really nice people. They’re African leaders.

africa union

They tend to be extremely large and healthy – unlike most of the people they rule. How can this be? Because they steal billions in aid money each year to either spend on palaces and fleets of Mercedes or to hide in offshore bank accounts.

Wait! Before you call me a “waaaacccciiiisssstttt!” here are some facts. The chart below shows the 10 African countries whose ruling elites steal the most money from their countries each year and the amount each of those countries receives in aid each year from developed countries (click to see more clearly)


Oooh look! Surprise surprise! In almost all cases, the ruling elites in these countries steal more from their people than the country receives in aid. The only exception is Ethiopia. But that’s probably because the country receives so much in aid that even Ethiopia’s venal ruling elites can’t steal that much.

Seems like these big black men are an awful lot smarter than we are – after all, they’re stealing all the money we give them and more and we allow this to happen.

So, if Liar Cameron and schoolboy chancellor George Osborne want to cut the deficit, perhaps they could stop all British foreign aid except for a few hundred million pounds for emergencies. But that would require a backbone, something Cameron and Osborne clearly lack.

1 comment to The big black men who steal our billions and make fools of us all

  • Jane Smith

    David, I think you are wrong about aid.
    The concept of overseas aid you do have correct:
    The development of ‘poor’ foreign country’s economies.
    But the 11 billion given out by GBplc is not an open cheque.
    It’s tied to a requirement they spend it on stuff
    from the UK. Stuff that multiplies the money given,
    as income into GBplc. {ie. a bribe}
    But what sort of things? Well we do a lot of high tech stuff these poor country’s ‘urgently need’.
    Like what? I hear you ask. You will need to have a chat with BAe systems, for a full breakdown.

    But I can tell you that foreign aid helps third world dictators ‘Liberate’ money from the vast numbers of poor in those countries, who end up with the long term final bill. {Tax for decades to pay for all the guns and bombs and aircraft used to oppress them}

    David, it would be really nice if you did a post on third world doctors and nurses working in the NHS.
    Many of who hardly speak English. Filling a skilled staff gap caused by an increase in volume of NHS work, caused by a huge increase in population!
    Also explain how Ethiopia Sudan & Philippines are not so
    hugely overstaffed with doctors and nurses that they are forced to find work abroad. But is the UK stealing those medical people away with x15 times the salary they get in their own country’s.
    ie. colonialism
    It is morally BANKRUPT.
    But as it’s done by the same UKplc MP’s that invite
    the same big black men from your article title,
    to Arms fairs, where the ‘Aid Agreements’ are hammered out in the first place.

    ps. Why do we give aid to countries who have their own Nuke programs and Spaceflight programs?
    On the latter, I’d rather give money to Richard Branson!

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