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10 years of Miliband? Is it possible? It’s almost certain!

The awful Ed Miliband provoked some derision yesterday when he gave his ‘great’ conference speech and talked about him being in power for ten years ‘to fix Britain’. But I’m not laughing. Here’s why:

1. Labour have more than a 20-seat advantage because Cameron didn’t have the spine to stand up to schoolboy Clegg over electoral boundary reform

2. There will be massive postal fraud in mainly Labour-voting M*sl*m areas. But as with the gang rape, gang sodomisation and torture of perhaps 10,000 or more white girls by M*sl*m Pakistani men across Britain, nobody will dare say anything for fear of being labelled “waaaccciiiissstttt!!!” Remember, it’s no law for M*sl*ms in Britain and one law for the rest of us

3. Around 54% of the population get more in services and benefits than they pay in taxes. When Miliband blethers on about “fairness” they know what he means is that they’ll continue to get something for nothing paid for by someone else. And who wouldn’t vote for that?

4. Labour has massive majorities in benefits-dependent Scotland and Wales

5. The majority ‘right’ vote will be split between the Tories and UKIP as many patriotic British distrust and even loathe the greasy, lying, u-turning, spineless PR spiv Cameron so much that they just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for him

6. Only about 9% of the electorate have any economic understanding at all and realise that as long as we have a deficit then our debt continues to rise. The other 91% have no idea that with a deficit of £100bn a year and debt of over £1.4trn we are going bankrupt. So they can’t see anything wrong with Balls continuing liar Brown’s borrow and spend policies

labour conf 2014

So, that’s how Miliband can scrape into Downing Street.

How will he stay there for 10 years? First you have to consider all the six points above. Then you have to add in:

1. Under Miliband around 46,000 immigrants a month – over 500,000 a year – will continue to flood into Britain. So that’s up to 2.5 million more Labour voters by the time of the 2020 election

2. Miliband will use the example of the Scottish referendum to extend the vote to 16- and 17-year-olds by the 2020 general election. Most of these will tend to vote Labour

So, ten years of Miliband? Are you still laughing? I’m not.

Moreover, in the longer term, with birth rates for ethnic British falling and birth rates for immigrants, especially M*sl*ms, rising to almost three times the rate for ethnic British, Labour will gradually build up a demographic that will make pro-British parties unelectable. As one newspaper reader commented yesterday in a short statement that I thought was brilliant “The battle for Britain will be lost in the maternity wards of England”

(By the way, my experiment yesterday didn’t work. The readership of my blog is still falling and nobody is buying my books. I’ll have to think of something else)

8 comments to 10 years of Miliband? Is it possible? It’s almost certain!

  • Migrant demographics have been part of labours plan. Ranging from postal voting to the use of social housing to put migrant labour voters into marginal seats.
    All Milibands promises about increased NHS spending and house building while simple be devoured by increases in immigration and the high migrant birth rate.
    What are the chances of a major sterling crises late 2015 or early 2016.We have less gold reserves than Portugal less international currency reserves than the Philipheanes .
    Have a nice day

  • Brillo

    100% agree with you David, our only option is to implement a birth control policy and stop all third world immigration into this country immediately. As just about the most populated country in the world it makes perfect sense and it will avoid the inevitable civil war we will endure if current immigration and birth rates of third world individuals are allowed to continue. It seems incredulous to me that we are actually paying these people to breed who will within 50 years control us.

  • John Fields

    I cannot see anything that will stop the decline to catastrophe of my country.
    I am old, so I will not be around to see it. This is all down to politicians who have
    p-ss-d up our backs for years.

  • Joe Schmoe

    I think Mr Brown is correct when he advises that the ingredients would be right for a sell off of the pound.
    The economic news of the last few months about the British economy growing seems mainly to be on the back of population growth, hence also the productivity gap growing. Hence the inability to increase wages.
    This is leading to the wealth gap further increasing with a shrinking middle class, which will in turn increase natural labour voters.
    Does anybody have any good news to offer?

  • Paris Claims

    If there was any justice in this county David would be a big beast in UKIP, a best selling author, and write a couple of columns in the red tops (or better). This blog would have thousands of regulars, and more comments than the DT!
    Cannot understand why visits to the site are down, it’s a daily read for me, and we’ve lost a couple of decent sites over the last few months. I expect people get fed up, realising that it will take a huge amount of money, good fortune, and supreme effort by many, so perhaps they’ve just given up, are prepared to try to pick themselves up, after the inevitable social and economic crash. Maybe, we really have to go broke, see public services break up before people realise that you just cannot allow government to spend more money than they have

  • MGJ

    It speaks volumes about UK politics that it is not just the idle and stupid that vote for the likes of Miliband. Perhaps it is not surprising with so few voters apparently being able to think for themselves, the combination of iron self-censorship in the media and a taboo about even mentioning any real issues at risk of being a “waaaccciiiissstttt!!!” or worse.

    (BTW, I do like your neologism which I borrowed above. I’d like to see it enter the language in common usage as I think it a good riposte to the abuse of the original word, in its debased modern form as a yah-boo insult aimed at avoiding debate).

  • Keen Reader

    Even if some courageous political leader were to attempt now to deal with the threat that the rapidly expanding population of the Religion of Peace presents to the UK it would probably be too late, in view of the rate at which its disciples reproduce compared with the indigenous population. For the latter there already exist entire no-go areas of England. Add to this the uncontrolled immigration into the UK of Eastern Europeans of dubious provenance, and you have a recipe for total disaster. Our political leaders and the “politically-correct” chattering classes (who mainly ensure they keep themselves and their families at a safe distance from imminent disruption)have ensured that. As the much vilified Enoch Powell said some 50 years ago, “We must be mad, literally mad” to have let this happen.
    One thing is certain; the UK is effectively bankrupt now although no politician or self-styled “financial expert” dare say so. Ten years – or even five – of another Labour government will result in total melt-down of the life-style and services to which we have all become accustomed, probably followed by social disintegration and civil disturbance, during which the largely covert present divisions in the UK population will become overt.
    Run for the hills those who still can!

  • BaronessBonkers

    Would it be wise to have a jewish prime minister?

    Seems to me it would force our position on arab/Israeli matters. Would anyone believe that we were not siding with Israel?

    Bad times.

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