December 2023
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“Farage eats babies!!!” “UKIP are devil-worshippers!!!!!”

With just one day to go till the EU elections, the barrage of insults being hurled at Nigel Farage and UKIP by LibLabCon’s sycophantic cronies in the media seems unrelenting.

In the Torygraph (owned by serial tax-avoiders) we have “UKIP is a threat to the economy”: “Voters should thank the Government”: “Supporting England in World Cup is like voting UKIP” and “Is UKIP slipping?” by the paper’s chief political columnist Benedict “I love brown-nosing David Cameron in the hope of getting a knighthood” Brogan. There wasn’t an anti-UKIP rant by the ludicrous Dan “Charlie” Hodges today. Hopefully, his editor will let him loose tomorrow or perhaps the rumours of ‘charlie’ are true and Dan’s feeling a little under the weather?

The Times has continued weeks of constant abuse and scaremongering with “Business investors scared off by UKIP” and “UKIP carnival turns to farce”.

The Mail (owned by serial tax-avoiders) brought us “UKIP waging war on big business”.


As I don’t want to miss out on the ‘let’s smear UKIP’ frenzy, here are my attempts to discredit the only political party that actually represents British people and not just the ruling elites – “Farage eats babies!!!” and “UKIP are devil-worshippers!!!”

Meanwhile at the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation, supposedly respected journalists like Jeremy Paxman have been eagerly selling their souls to protect their lousy but lucrative careers and have savaged Farage while giving establishment politicians an easy ride.

The last few weeks must surely be some of the most shameful in the history of the British media.

So, please ignore the screaming and invective and lies from the mainstream media and get out tomorrow to vote for UKIP and make sure everyone you know votes for UKIP as well. It’s time to give our rulers and their sycophantic cheerleaders in the media a bloody nose. Vote UKIP!!!

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3 comments to “Farage eats babies!!!” “UKIP are devil-worshippers!!!!!”

  • Paris Claims

    Just about everyone I know will be voting Ukip tomorrow. One or two have said they’ll switch back to the conservatives at the GE, purely to keep Miliband/Balls out.
    Hopefully, Farage & Ukip will romp home, do a good job and build on their success. The liblabcon party are overdue on the kicking they so richly deserve.

  • MGJ

    Tomorrow will be a rare occasion when I can vote without feeling I should have a peg on my nose. If UKIP do well then expect even more mud to be thrown at them.

  • Paris Claims

    Downloaded your latest book earlier this week, looking forward to reading it in sunny Spain next week.
    Just been on a site that writes about “my area” in Spain. Apparently tourists and locals need to look out for fake traffic police issuing on the spot fines. They’re mostly from Romania!

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