February 2024
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“The people are asking for more Europe, not less”

Who would have thunk it? The reaction from our unelected Eurocrat rulers to the rise of anti-EU parties has been to conclude that what people are asking for is “more Europe, not less”.

Leading the “more Europe, not less” brigade is the ghastly EU-fanatic Jean-Claude Juncker – a former prime minister of Luxembourg. This nobody, who nobody has ever heard of, expects to take over the most powerful job in Europe – President of the European Commission – after the (IMHO) greedy, self-serving, corrupt Portuguese buffoon Barroso ends his second term later this year.  Juncker has concluded that by voting for anti-EU parties, what the people are really saying is that they want the EU to take a more active role in solving the region’s economic problems. So Juncker claims that there is a need to increase the EU’s powers.

Here’s your probable new ruler – Jean-Claude Juncker


And here’s our supposed leader, David Cameron, taking orders from his new master

Moreover, leading Europhiliacs have already said that as two thirds of the European Parliament still consists of pro-EU, federalist MEPs, then it will be business as usual in Brussels on the road to ever-closer union and the creation of their wonderful EU superstate – the EUSSR

Here to relieve the post-election sense of futility is Pat Condell on the “Theft of Democracy” by the EU elites

Though perhaps I should be celebrating? After all, one person bought a copy of my latest book DON’T BUY IT! yesterday. That means that since the book’s publication a couple of months ago, more than 95% of the readers of this website are too financially-squeezed (or tight-fisted?) to show their support for this website by buying a book that will probably save them hundreds, and possibly thousands, of times what the book costs. Hey, ho, that’s the way it goes.

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  • John Fields

    With reference to your last paragraph, if 9 out of every 10 of your readers are too mean
    to purchase your books, then we do not have to worry about the immigration
    problem, we have a bigger worry with the indigenous population. Ask a few of them
    to make a comment as to why they are unable to buy your very good books?

  • Paris Claims

    I buy the books!
    can’t remember where I read it, could have been here, but some leftard cretin tried to blame Boko whatstheirname’s behaviour on global warming!
    Not only do most leftards have a charisma bypass, they have a logig bypass also!’

  • Paris Claims



    I buy the books too and I can’t even read!

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