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OK, you win. I give up.

I had a quite important and possibly shocking subject for my blog today. November 21st 2014 will probably be one of the most important days in British history. Yet I suspect not a single politician or journalist will even mention what will happen on 21st November this year as, if they did, that would cause a massive surge in support for UKIP.

But then I heard from my publisher that only about a laughably small 50 copies of my latest book DON’T BUY IT! have been sold.

This means that around 5% of the people who read this blog have been willing to show their support by buying a copy of the book.

This surprised me as I had thought I was doing a reasonably useful service by writing this blog to cover the kind of stories often ‘conveniently’ overlooked by the mainstream media. However, it appears I was wrong. If only 5% of readers believe my blog has any value and 95% think a year’s blogging is not worth even a few quid, then clearly I’ve been wasting my time.

So, although I quite enjoy blogging, as 95% of my readers consider my blog worthless, there’s hardly any point continuing.

I will probably start blogging again at some point in the future and will try to build up a new readership who hopefully will show a bit of support for the work I put into trying to find a new story every day.

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32 comments to OK, you win. I give up.

  • right_writes

    As I have explained David… I don’t read books… I bought your last one “Greed” and gave it away.

    This is no reflection on you, or your views, rather it is me, I have a very well organised RSS feed system, and I read (and write) all day long, if nobody reads what I write, I don’t care… I am passing the time more than anything, if someone wants to read it and call me names, I don’t mind, if they want to praise it, I am momentarily pleased.

    I also think that your regular put downs of your non-bookbuying readers is not a good way to win friends and influence people David, but don’t quote me on that.

    I don’t think that I am that out of the ordinary David, I think that other than the blockbuster (holiday read, which I don’t read either), that people are (like me), reading a lot less books these days… An old fashioned concept, I fear.

    Don’t give up, try to find another way of selling your no doubt great research and experience.

    Because I reckon that a huge proportion of the book market is essentially dead.

  • dave moss

    Pity,I enjoyed my weekly visit to your blog,I did buy a book and left a review on amazon.
    Hope you start up again,if not good luck in the future.
    Thanks for the read.

  • Paul


    I do hope you don’t stop your excellent blog. I read it everyday at about 0730, which is usually the time you add your articles each day.

    I have purchased all of your books and think they are an excellent read. I gave a copy of Greed Unlimited as a birthday present to father-in-law. He has lived all his life in Malaysia and found the book to be a real eye opener.

    Carry on the good work. I think you will find a lot of people do read your blog with some interest, and would happily support your cause, but perhaps don’t have the time to purchase your books. Have you considered selling your book through the iTunes platform – might attract younger readers and certainly a greater audience – just an idea.

    Best Wishes


  • brian ferrier

    Come on Dave !!

    Snap out of it.

    Things can only get worse..

    Your blog is the best on the net.

    You should parcel your blogs together and publish them in book form too, and put them on Kindle.

    That aside ,you should be standing as a UKIP MP at the next election and use your time and blog to get your name out there so you stand a good chance of being elected.

    Please don’t give up. We need guys like you to speak up for the rest of us.

  • Alan Howard


    Don’t give up. I completely agree with Paul. I was going to suggest you make all the books available as Kindle versions, or promote the digital versions more.

    I also agree right_writes – make friends with your readers

    Kind regards


  • Gordon

    You gave the impression of a fervent supporter of UKIP, but now it appears you are throwing in the towel at the very time when in your own words, “that would cause a massive surge in support for UKIP.”
    It seems that either this is a stage-managed exercise, or that you are not as keen on UKIP as you profess.
    I shall miss your blog, and I bought TWO of your books!

  • John Fields

    This is a bad day for me. All those bloody mean bastards have killed off the best blog
    on the web. Thank you very much!

  • Jacob Smith

    I’m quite sad about this as well, I always enjoy reading your blog before I start everything. However, you might be interested to know that your new book is in my amazon basket ready to get when I get paid. 🙂

  • David Barron

    Pity,but going by your statistics only 1000 people follow your blog.5% buying your book is a pretty good stat.You need a million people reading your blog.I am being serious your blog needs some advertising revenue and more coverage.I dont know how many people voted for UKIP last week but 5% of them would be a good start.We’re on your side.

  • David Barron

    4,500.500 people at 5% equals 225000 people with a 5% book buy equals 11250…GO FOR IT

  • Anthem

    So… lots of people read your blog but not many read your books.

    I suspect that there’s an answer in there somewhere but like your good self, I don’t work for free. 🙂

  • Howard Davis

    Please don’t give up! I read your blog every day. You bring to our attention subjects that should be spoken about, but are not. I have today bought your book ‘Don’t Buy It!’, but fear that after reading it I will never want to buy anything again. I will write a review for you, although I expect I will live the rest of my days in fear of salesman (even though I am one myself).
    About time you took some advertising on your website – plenty of room down the sides. Thank you very much.H

  • Barry Richards

    I found your blog about two months ago by searching snouts in the trough on godgle. Found your insight fascinating and your advice useful and amusing. Read it every day. I hope you don’t give up your blog. We need someone to expose the greed, corruption and selfishness of the so called ruling elites so that they are shamed and eventually caught out. I have not bought any books yet because sometimes it is better not to know all that is bad in society. I would buy a book detailing how to succeed in life without becoming a liblabcon mep swindler.

  • Chris

    I read your blog every day but as I spend very little and have little savings and pension I have little need for your books. Also, unfortunately, if I bought and read your books you would be teaching me what I already know (at least in general terms).

    I get a good laugh occasionally but most of all confirmation that I am not alone in my views and opinions.

    That said there are many many bloggers who are happy to blog out of conscience or even altruism.

  • Stewart

    David….. This is bad news….. As many have said, it’s the best of its kind, and it will be a great loss if it folds….. I wonder how many of your blog readers might be prepared to take out a subscription ?????? if enough were prepared to do so it could be a game changer.

  • agree with the above who said put them on kindel . The fact is that the web gives everything for free.Most paper publishing is doomed. I was co-publisher of News stand magazines on boybands and things like American Wrestling. Where once kids in the UK would buy a magazine on Bros/Take That or in Germany US5 now whatever they want on One Direction is instantly online for free. The web gives it free hence the demise of pay for porn. The only way to make online is through associated advertising or a side service. As an example the largest escort girl service allows punters and escort girls to contact each other on it for free. It makes money through sidelines such as taking a cut on live one-to -one webcams.

  • sorry missed it just a plug for my own more visual blog

  • J Wallace

    I have bought every book that you’ve published. Yesterday I purchased “Don’t buy it” and left a review. If you decide not to continue with this blog, I’ll be very disappointed as I greatly enjoy it, however I think that it fair enough for you to expect a quid pro quo from your readers. Whatever you decide thank you for the books and the blog, they’ve been illuminating.

  • Christopher

    I’m sorry that you won’t be continuing the blog. I have emailed you before and suggested that you have a ‘paypal’ ‘contributions button’ on your web site; I already have a stack of books to read and so am one of the 95%. Sorry.

  • Keen Reader

    Only discovered your blog recently and have had a great time catching up on the archive! I am actually one of the two people who have bought Greed Unlimited and a great read it is too! And, for the information of other readers, it IS available on Kindle, although not free. And why should it be? The hard fact is however that we all enjoy being entertained when someone with a better way with words than our own endorses our opinions with wit, honesty and insight or even, at times, persuades us to take an alternative view.
    We do not, though, necessarily feel obliged to cough up our hard-come-by loot to make ancillary purchases. So I wish you well and hope you will feel inclined to apply your fingers to your keyboard again before too long. And the suggestion of combining your “best of” blogs in one Kindle edition could prove a good one; I know someone who has done precisely that, although in an entirely different field of interest.

  • John Fields

    Mr Craig. If you start again, please E Mail me so that I can be one of your avid readers
    again. Bollocks to those who won’t pay a few pounds towards the cost of a great blog.
    For me, it is a shining light of truth in a world of greed, deceit, lies and corruption.
    Thank you for your past efforts.


    The other one is for pulling.

    I will tune in again tomorrow and I bet normal service will have been resumed.

    I must be honest and say that I haven’t read much of the latest book (I will keep it though as it may become collectible)as I do find it boring. It is only really a re-hash of the blogs as far as I can see. I only buy the books because you ask. I don’t think books are the answer nowadays. Perhaps you should make us pay for the blogs? Subscription? Maybe not but you shouldn’t throw your toys out of the pram just because people don’t buy your books. They won’t in any quantity. Be back tomorrow.

  • NG

    Just to reply to a few readers’ comments. 1. I don’t write the books for the money. Whether I sell 50 or 500 copies doesn’t make any difference to me. 2. This flop will prevent me ever doing another book – the biggest problem for me is that with DON’T BUY IT! being a complete flop, I’ll never be able to convince a publisher to do another book for me. 3. People have accuse me of ‘betraying UKIP’ – sorry, but when my local UKIP chairman tricked me by giving me the wrong time for the hustings so he could be chosen and UKIP decided to take no action against him, I think it is UKIP that has betrayed me. 4. The issue for me is what I perceive as ‘fairness’. I realise nobody is asking me to blog. But I somehow feel that as I sometimes put some effort into finding information the MSM never mentions, then people could show support by buying my books.

  • Stuz Graz

    Sorry to hear this. I bought 2 of your books to say thanks and the last one is quite interesting and makes me think especially about buying cars.

    Maybe bring in a tip jar or like Charles Hugh Smith use the site to raise other revenues via Amazon etc etc.

  • john

    Please do not give up your blog. I find it one of the most interesting perspectives on the sanitised news presented by the BBC.
    I am guilty of not buying your books but will remedy this

    Please continue your analysis of the news and times it is essential reading every day.

  • Simon Hunt

    I grew up with a father & friends who were all “old school” journalists-DO NOT GIVE UP!

  • Paris Claims

    I cannot understand why anyone who reads this blog doesn’t buy the books, they’re a great read.
    This site is just one of two sites that I check out every day, even on holiday. The other is Cambrian Dissenters. I hope this site doesn’t vanish.

  • Nick

    Sorry you are considering stopping. Worth mentioning that your books are available are available in kindle format as well, which I have availed myself of. Good luck whatever you decide, and thanks.

  • sam

    I took the book title at face value and so didn’t buy the it.
    Why don’t you set up a “tips jar” as I’m sure many readers will chip in.
    V. good blog by the way, thanks.

  • Alan King

    Bought a couple of the books including the latest one. I caved in on that one as well because I don’t use Amazon and looked for it on a UK based retailer but could not find.

    The E-book idea might be worth a go, I know a few people who read books exclusively on a tablet/reader and will not buy paper books anymore.

    I’m not an especially frequent visitor but I do appreciate the site. How about adding a Donate button? My attitude is that I will and do pay something (normally a tenner) towards sites that I frequently visit , sort of like an honesty box.

    Best of luck anyway.

  • Dave P

    Ok it may not be popular but here goes …

    I do subscribe to your RSS feed but i disagree with most of what you have to say. Its the beauty of the internet that i can read a wide variety of stuff and always for free. So I will never buy your books and hand over the money.

    i also read the daily mail online but would never buy it 🙂

  • Robin N

    I have purchased “Greed” in book form and “Don’t buy it” for the Kindle However I no longer allowed to buy any more books which “clog up our home” – not my words.
    I may be an idea to pop a PayPal Donate button on your page, I have used that in the past for websites I value, supporters of knowledge and freedom may feel obliged to give.
    Keep up the vital work!

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