July 2024

UKIP’s victory? A message from the elites “Scr*w you!!!”

How dare you ignorant savages from the sticks (anyone outside of London) disobey orders?

For months we’ve been using our sycophantic lapdogs in the press and the BBC to smear UKIP. We’ve dredged up every word uttered by even the most insignificant UKIP members and used these to brand UKIP as lunatics and rabid raaaccciiissssttts. At the same time, we’ve desperately tried to cover up all the cases of rape, sex abuse and drug offences by members of the LibLabCon Party.

But you idiots appear to have understood nothing. We told you not to vote for UKIP. But almost a third of you defied our instructions.

How dare you challenge those who ride roughshod over you as is our self-proclaimed right? You think your votes will change anything? Well you can all go and whistle Dixie through a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

Of course, we’ll claim we’re listening to you. And we’ll say we understand your concerns about immigration, economic decline and the ever-increasing power of the EU superstate. But that’s about as far as it goes, you stupid plebs.

You think you can loosen our grip on power and privilege? Some hope. We are going to teach you a lesson you will never forget. We will destroy all those outside of our own Europhile, multi-cultural, PC, London-centric elite and trample you into the ground for your audacity, you jumped up little pip-squeaks.

We’re going to shove immigration and the EU down your throats. We’re going to make you regret ever voting against us. We’re going to wreck the country with more borrowing, more EU rules, more Global Warming taxes, more controls on free speech, more censorship of the Internet.

And then we’re going to retire to our second, third and fourth homes on the French Riviera or in Tuscany with our massive taxpayer-funded pensions leaving you pig-ignorant savages to rot in the crowded, concreted-over, bankrupt, Third World hell-hole that we’ve created through our greed and incompetence.

We despise you! We’ve always despised you! Democracy? Dream on, you pathetic plebs!

As for why UKIP didn’t win in London. Well, it’s partly because about 54% of London’s population are immigrants and partly because in the Islamic Republic of East London, ballot papers were folded in such a way that the few people who wanted to vote for UKIP couldn’t see UKIP’s name on the ballot paper

“But in Tower Hamlets the ballot papers were folded in such a way that you would never even know UKIP was an option. All the other folds were inward and of equal length, the final fold at the bottom was less than half the size of the other folds and in the opposite direction. It was also folded more firmly on my ballot paper.”

4 comments to UKIP’s victory? A message from the elites “Scr*w you!!!”

  • Paris Claims

    Ukip must build on their success and start to appeal to the huge chunk of people who never bother to vote. The usual reason given is “they’re all the same, they’re only in it for themselves”
    Maybe the campaign should be built around “We’re not all the same, we’re in it for the country”
    Tower Hamlets should be disenfranchised.

  • John Fields

    I have sent the Tower Hamlets video to a couple of friends, and like a pyramid
    letter I hope it grows. Great victory for UKIP. Shove it to the bastards.

  • shortchanged

    You really tell it like it is David. On the Tower Hamlets debacle, surely that’s some kind of fraud, and reason for a disqualification and rerun of that vote.
    Well done Nigel and all UKIP voters.

  • Brillo

    100% correct David regarding the London vote. I fear our country may already be lost to the immigrants, but let’s go down fighting.UKIP is our only and last chance. Looks like we are on target for 200,000 Romanians and Bulgos this year that should be enough to polorise a large proportion of the indiginouse population to vote for UKIP.

    Keep up the good work.

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