April 2020
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The smoking gun? Proof the virus leaked from a filthy Chinese lab?

(Thursday blog)

I wanted to cover something else today. But then I thought it important that readers knew about the latest evidence that the Covid-19 Chinese Coronavirus plague didn’t come from the Wuhan ‘wet market’ as the BBC and C4 News and most UK media claim.

Today I feature an article from Tuesday’s Washington Post.


I’m amazed that Trump manages to keep his cool

(Wednesday blog)

First some important breaking news from the BBC:

Breaking news from John Sopel – BBC North America correspondent

The BBC has just received some urgent breaking news from the Clinton News Network (CNN). An American skydiver, who forgot his parachute, has died from Covid-19. President Donald Trump is clearly to blame for not […]

Are we too stupid to realise that Chinese plague deaths in the UK have already peaked?

(Tuesday blog)

If you’ve watched any of the UK Government’s daily briefings, you’ll be aware of the Government’s agenda – scare people into remaining in their homes. One of the ways the Government does is this is to present a daily chart showing the cumulative number of deaths in hospital from the Chinese Covid-19 plague:


Putrid, corrupt WHO praised North Korea – no signs of obesity

(Monday blog)

Until the outbreak of the Chinese Covid-19 plague, none of us thought very much about how the utterly corrupt, putrid World Health Organisation (WHO) spends the billions it receives from us every year. But now, the WHO has been rightly ridiculed for its worse than pathetic reaction to the Chinese Coronavirus plague.

In […]

I applaud them. But some people might feel they’re greedy traitors?

(weekend blog)

The Chinese Covid-19 plague which was accidentally leaked from a Chinese research lab in Wuhan has highlighted how dependent most Western countries have become on the corrupt, dirty, lying, disease-ridden Chinese.

China takes over the world?

Under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, Chinese companies have completely devastated most Western manufacturing and […]

Fever and other bits and pieces

(Friday blog)

I don’t have any ‘big story’ today. So if you haven’t already read it, I propose that you look at yesterday’s blog about the coming Chinese takeover of our economies as that’s quite an important story that hasn’t been mentioned on any mainstream media

Can simulating a fever help protect against the Chinese […]

Beware the coming Chinese smash, grab and takeaway!

(Thursday blog)

As we struggle to survive the Chinese Covid-19 plague, we might risk failing to prepare for some unwelcome consequences.

One of these is that many Western companies will emerge from the lockdown on their knees or even bankrupt. This will present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone with cash to buy up these companies […]

Maybe we crazy conspiracy theorists were right after all?

(Wednesday blog)

What to say about the Chinese Covid-19 plague that hasn’t already been said a thousand times by a thousand experts and supposed ‘experts’?

Is hospitalisation almost a death sentence?

First the numbers. We know that comparing the total number of cases by country is meaningless as it depends on the amount of testing […]

Does Britain’s bungling bureaucrats’ mind-boggling bloody-mindedness kill?

(Tuesday blog)

Normally I like to base my blog on firm facts and figures – often facts and figures that media like the UK-hating BBC and C4 News never report. But today’s blog is purely based on speculation.

Public Health England (PHE) clowns not funny

Last week, we were told that Public Health England was […]

Sighted – some real journalism?

(Monday blog)

I don’t normally read the Mail on Sunday as I’m totally uninterested in endless Harry and Meghan stories and supposed ‘exclusives’ about various other publicity-desperate z-list celebs and their ‘amazing’ new diets or ‘fabulous’ homes or whatever. But yesterday the Mail on Sunday actually produced some real journalism.

In a “China in the […]