June 2024

Putrid, corrupt WHO praised North Korea – no signs of obesity

(Monday blog)

Until the outbreak of the Chinese Covid-19 plague, none of us thought very much about how the utterly corrupt, putrid World Health Organisation (WHO) spends the billions it receives from us every year. But now, the WHO has been rightly ridiculed for its worse than pathetic reaction to the Chinese Coronavirus plague.

In mid-January, approximately six weeks after the virus had been discovered in Wuhan, the WHO repeated the dishonest claim from the lying, corrupt Chinese government that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission. On 21 January, as countries outside China were reporting their first cases, the WHO retreated to its comfort zone and put out a long Twitter thread about the dangers of vaping, including pseudo-scientific claims about e-cigarette fluid burning people’s skin and secondhand vapour posing a mortal threat to bystanders.

In early February, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged countries not to close their borders to people travelling from China because it might “have the effect of increasing fear and stigma”. Weeks later, he was still insisting that “our greatest enemy right now is not the coronavirus itself. It’s fear, rumours and stigma.” Tedros said nothing about the stigma of travel bans on 28 March when China sensibly closed its own borders to prevent a new outbreak, although he did manage to take a phone call from Lady Gaga.

As late as 27 February, the WHO was still claiming that “there does not appear to be widespread community transmission“, and it was not until 11 March that the WHO officially declared a pandemic. Tedros had previously resisted using the word because he feared it could create “unjustified fear and stigma”. Moreover, WHO officials have praised the lying, corrupt, totalitarian Chinese government for being “remarkably transparent” and have asserted that the world owes China “gratitude and respect” for its response to the outbreak.
Here’s our friend Tedros grovelling to his boss China’s ruler for life Xi Pingpong:

No doubt they were meeting to discuss how to cover up China’s guilt in unleashing the Chinese plague from one of its Wuhan research labs and how to blame the USA instead.

I could go on about how the WHO has grovelled to China and taken its orders from its Chinese master when failing to deal with the Covid-19 plague. But I’ve found an even better story of the WHO’s bias and incompetence:

Margaret Chan, is a Chinese-Canadian health expert. She was Tedros’s predecessor and served as WHO Director-General from 2006 to 2017 while being the Special Representative for China (or something like that). When returning from a two and a half day visit to North Korea (China’s BFFL), Chan praised North Korea for its medical services and for not having the levels of obesity that were a growing problem in many other Asian countries. In particular she attacked an Amnesty International report which criticised North Korea calling it “unscientific and outdated”

Chan also claimed that North Korea’s health system was “the envy of the developing world”. Perhaps the noble Ms Chan ‘forgot’ about the at least three million of North Koreans who have died of starvation and the eleven million North Koreans out of a population of about 22 million who are suffering from malnourishment and thus stunted growth?

In fact, I think there’s only one North Korean – the Great Leader himself – who ever gets more than enough to eat:

But as North Korea is China’s BFFL, you could hardly expect the WHO to do anything other than heap praise on the ghastly hell-hole that is North Korea.

The WHO is utterly corrupt, self-serving and a glove puppet of the lying, dirty, disease-ridden Chinese. Quite rightly, President Trump has proposed withholding funding to the WHO. In the same week, the useless UK government announced it was sending the WHO an extra £200m to help fight the Chinese plague that the WHO’s grovelling subservience to China was responsible for turning what should have been a minor outbreak into a massive worldwide catastrophe.

7 comments to Putrid, corrupt WHO praised North Korea – no signs of obesity

  • A Thorpe

    We have democratic elections for our politicians, they listen to the corrupt UN, and the UN takes its instructions from totalitarian states. How did we get to this situation?

  • William Boreham

    While accepting China’s major role in this worldwide crisis, if it was part of a diabolical plot against the West, it’s certainly coming back to haunt them.
    From today’s Telegraph:

    “China faces uphill battle to restart economy in wake of coronavirus crisis
    Beijing grappling with the enormous challenge of getting hundreds of millions of people back to work while curbing new infections
    Construction worker Ding Huansen was last on the job seven weeks ago in China, where the world’s second-largest economy has largely ground to a halt while the government battles the coronavirus outbreak.  Chinese authorities are eager for a return to normal, but that’s not possible as the many migrant workers, like Ding, who power factories and construction sites, remain stranded due to travel and quarantine restrictions. Unlike white-collar employees, they cannot work remotely.
    “We should have been working for a month now, if it were normal times,” says Ding, 27, from his village in Inner Mongolia. “I can’t even leave home – how am I supposed to make money?” 
    Much of China still sits in silence, with global supply chains for everything from Jaguar Land Rover to Apple disrupted. Plenty of retail shops remain shuttered, and consumers are either barred from or afraid to leave their homes over virus worries. The Chinese government is now faced with a massive challenge: restarting the economy – already suffering before the epidemic – while continuing to curb new infections from the coronavirus, which has sickened almost 80,000 and killed 2,800 in the country.” 

    Think it’s killed a darn site more than 2,800, maybe that many every day.

  • David Craig

    I have never suggested that the Chinese Covid-19 plague was some dastardly plot against the West. What I have claimed is that 1. The virus was accidentally leaked from a Chinese virus research lab in Wuhan. 2. The Chinese tried to cover up and deny the existence of Covid-19 by threatening any doctors who tried to warn what was happening 3. When the Chinese admitted there was a new viral disease, they put huge pressure on the WHO to downplay the seriousness, to deny human-to-human transmission and to keep international travel open. 4. While restricting travel within China, the Chinese allowed people to travel from China thus spreading the disease 5. The Chinese will manage to exploit the devastation their carelessness and lies have caused by buying up Western assets at fire-sale prices.

    Is that now clear?????????

  • A Thorpe

    Every dictator tries to expand their empire and we have many ordinary people in the free world who believe a world government is the answer.

  • david brown

    A Thorpe – Machiavelli said Romantics or Realists. Those who view the world as they want it to be and those who view it as it is.
    The decadent west has to many Romantics. The Chinese government are realists. They are now going to be able to buy up western assets at discount prices.

  • chris

    Keeping track of of CV stats. Since 9th April daily reported deaths are 881, 980, 917, 737, 667. So the 10th could be the peak. However, today’s stats show only 118 deaths in the last 24 hours, the rest are ‘catch up’ from March and early April when those deaths were omitted for some unexplained reason. So the trend is downward and whilst the total of deaths might be correct it is misleading because the actual daily figure today is 118. Meanwhile the MSM try to frighten us with the total figure and ignore the fact that there is a strong downward trend and few new deaths. The infection rate has halved in the same period from 8681 to 4342 today. These stats are good news but you wouldn’t impression from the MSM.

  • david brown

    Talk Radio Peter Hitchens 13/04/20207
    “Estimate of cost of shutdown 2.4 billion a day . For that each day we could have six new state of the art mega hospitals.
    For comparison 30 billon was total of all spending cuts 2010-2019.”

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