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I applaud them. But some people might feel they’re greedy traitors?

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The Chinese Covid-19 plague which was accidentally leaked from a Chinese research lab in Wuhan has highlighted how dependent most Western countries have become on the corrupt, dirty, lying, disease-ridden Chinese.

China takes over the world?

Under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, Chinese companies have completely devastated most Western manufacturing and high-tech companies by deliberately and methodically undercutting Western companies sector by sector. At the same time, Chinese companies controlled by the Chinese Communist Party have been aggressively buying up large parts of the Earth’s natural resources and ports across the world as China tries to monopolise the Earth’s natural resources and trade routes. I have previously shown how China has cornered the market in ‘rare earth metals’:

Moreover Chinese companies (basically the Chinese Communist Party) own stakes in 13 European ports:

In addition the Chinese Communist Party has managed to grab ownership of ports in Third-World countries by making loans to those countries that can never be paid back and so those ports’ ownership will be ceded to the Chinese Communist Party.

All this is part of the lying, dirty, corrupt Chinese Communist Party’s long-term strategy of controlling world trade through its new Silk Road programme:

Selling out Britain?

I have also shown how the dirty, corrupt, lying Chinese Communist Party has taken stakes in many major UK companies:

And now we find that Chinese companies will be building our new nuclear power stations and a Chinese company, Huawei, closely connected to the Chinese military establishment, will be providing much of our 5G network. As one US senator warned, allowing Huawei into the UK’s 5g network was like “allowing the KGB to build the UK’s telephone network during the cold war”.

While the four other members of the “Five Eyes” intelligence network – the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have (I think) all banned Huawei from their 5G networks, the UK has apparently decided to allow Huawei’s participation.

It should be noted that some quite influential Establishment figures just happen to be on the Board of Huawei UK. I think they are all wonderful people. But not everybody shares my opinion:

When he was appointed as Chairman of the Huawei UK Board, Lord Browne said: “It is an honour to serve as the first independent Chairman of Huawei’s Board in the UK. In a short period of time, Huawei has become a global leader in technology and one of mainland China’s largest investors in the UK. I have worked in China and with Chinese businesses for the past 40 years, and continue to be impressed by the corporate sector’s ambition and potential. I am delighted to be leading this Board as it supports Huawei’s next phase of growth.”

But there may be cynics who believe that Browne and his Huawei UK Board are selling out our country while filling their own pockets with Chinese money.

5 comments to I applaud them. But some people might feel they’re greedy traitors?

  • chris

    This is why Hydroxychloroquine is rubbished by our media. We used to feel horror at beagles used for lung cancer research, now NHS patients with will be the new human beagles. Lots of profit for Bill and Linda Gates and Wellcome. This stinks!$20-Million-in-Initial-Grants-to-Fund-Clinical-Trials

  • William Boreham

    I think the Yanks were more than surprised to find that China now makes more than 90% of their antibiotics, vitamin C, ibuprofen and hydrocortisone, 70% of acetaminophen, and 40% to 45% of heparin, (according to The New York Times.) The last American penicillin plant apparently closed more than 15 years ago.
    Here Nigel Farage has warned that Chinese interests are lining up to take advantage of the coronavirus crisis by buying vast swathes of our strategic and manufacturing industries: “What is happening right now is that Chinese companies and Chinese money are lining up for what they expect to be a ‘fire sale’ of British businesses,” Mentioning that Germany has put into law protections for German companies against foreign takeover during the coronavirus crisis, he continued: “I fear, we’re going to allow China in to buy up vast swathes of our strategic and manufacturing industries and it just can’t be allowed. “The problem is is the same mob that sold us out to Brussels are now happy to sell out our sovereignty once again to China and this needs a much bigger, higher, level of debate.” Last month, Chinese firm Jingye Group bought out British Steel. Former Prime Minister David Cameron and former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne allowed Chinese state-run companies to invest in British nuclear power plants.

  • A Thorpe

    I prefer to use the term socialism rather than communism. Academics can argue about the differences but in practice they don’t matter. Western socialists try to distance themselves from socialist/communist regimes by calling themselves democratic. This is just a cover for their real objective which is a one party totalitarian socialist state and ultimately a world government. We should not be deluded by the size of China’s economy, what matters is that because of the huge population the Chinese do not have a high standard of living and they do not have the freedom we value, and now we are finding out what it means to have it taken away.

    There is only one possible form of government that can work for everybody and that must be based on private ownership and a market driven economy. This is what Margaret Thatcher realised. We do not have this although many people say we do and discredit it by calling it capitalism. Capitalism is not the same as private ownership of capital. Businesses do not like competition and competition is essential for a market driven economy. Big business and governments work together to ensure we do not have competition. Nothing shows this more than our energy supplies. The Thatcher privatisation brought competition although it was slow to establish. However, the public sold their shares and government regulation of the large companies and climate policies effectively gave the UK government more control than the days of nationalisation and prices have sky rocketed to use Obama’s description of how socialists in the USA are also taking over.

    The accumulation of capital after WWII by working class families was the reason for the rapid increase in our standard of living in the west. But it was also a time of socialist union power and they stopped the markets working by forcing up salaries making the UK uncompetitive. This resulted in our jobs going to China and India, etc.

    Three factors are essential for a modern economy – tariff free trade, a competitive consumer driven market, and private accumulation of capital. This can only work with small governments that keep their thieving hands off our property. This has never existed in the west and the state encouraged consumer society, spending rather than accumulating capital, has resulted in the slow decay of western economies and given power to China.

    Democracy leads to socialism and socialism leads to poverty. That is the path we are on and we have just taken a massive leap down that path with the shutdown of western economies.

    Chris is right, and I pointed this out yesterday.

  • leila

    I had said I would update about the neighbour who had gallbladder surgery, followed 4 days later by fever of 40, shortness of breath and hospitalisation. After a short stay he was discharged on antibiotics although following an X ray medics said he did not have pneumonia!but he was very short of breath for days, despite testing negative to CV.(efficacy of tests??) Boris was reported not to have pneumonia either but was prostrate on arrival at St Thomas. Refer to where an bright young NY physician says the disease is viral induced but resembles oxygen deprivation similar to high altitude sickness Ventilation treatment is not needed in fact causes lung damage. Where are the questions from this government? the cry over the number of ventilators at enormous cost?
    The Germans call your saunas ‘hydrotherapy’ Recovering patients are told to take very hot baths and saunas for a month after acute illness with CV Few return with complications which can occur weeks after CV infection. Raising core body temp sounds good to me Lacking the luxury of a sauna I steam frequently and have driven away numerous flu like symptoms over the years.( together with Echinacea and Vit C.)

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