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Sighted – some real journalism?

(Monday blog)

I don’t normally read the Mail on Sunday as I’m totally uninterested in endless Harry and Meghan stories and supposed ‘exclusives’ about various other publicity-desperate z-list celebs and their ‘amazing’ new diets or ‘fabulous’ homes or whatever. But yesterday the Mail on Sunday actually produced some real journalism.

In a “China in the dock” 5-page special, there were the following articles:

Finally, a mainstream media newspaper has mentioned the hitherto unmentionable – Did the virus leak from a research lab in Wuhan?

This is a story that the mainstream media has shied away from and which, up till now, could only be found on websites like The Durden Despatch and Snouts-in-the-trough. The laboratory leak theory was also mentioned in one Sunday Times article this weekend, but disappointingly the Sunday Times Insight team seems to have avoided the issue.

In another article the Mail on Sunday proposed that Britain and other countries demand reparations from the filthy, lying, corrupt, disease-ridden Chinese for the damage done to our countries by the Chinese Covid-19 plague:

But don’t hold your breath. Our cowardly leaders are terrified of upsetting the Chinese and many members of the Establishment have lucrative positions on the boards of Chinese state-owned companies.

Then there was an article exposing how we’ve almost allowed ourselves to become a Chinese colony totally dependent on stuff produced in China:

But if you want an example of a true Chinese colony, just go to Australia. You’ll be amazed at the number of Chinese in most of Australia’s major cities, the number of supposedly Australian companies owned by the Chinese Communist Party and the amount of Australia’s food industry under Chinese control. Moreover, in January a Chinese property company owned by the Chinese Communist Party bought up hundreds of tons of healthcare equipment in Australia – face masks, protective equipment, hand gel etc etc – and shipped the whole lot back to China before China admitted the extent of the Chinese Covid-19 plague. So when Covid-19 hit Australia, Australians were somewhat surprised to find out there was a shortage.

And even more satisfying, there was an article revealing how the Director General of the tragically-misnamed World Health Organisation, Ethiopian Tedros Ghebreyesus, was (as far as I could understand) a lying, devious, self-serving sh*t totally controlled by the Communist Party of China.

When he was Health Minister in total sh*t-hole Ethiopia, Tedros allegedly covered up three cholera epidemics in his home country. On becoming head of the World Health Organisation, the noble Tedros proposed that his chum, mass murderer Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, be appointed a goodwill ambassador for the World Health Organisation. And now it’s clear that Tedros Ghebreyesus’s  grovelling subservience to China has helped the Chinese cover up the pandemic, has slowed down the world’s response and has probably led to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths and massive unnecessary economic devastation. Meanwhile, China gets rich selling us the medical supplies we no longer make.

Moreover, under Tedros Ghebreyesus’s leadership, the World Health Organisation has made absolutely no attempt to investigate how the Covid-19 plague really started.

Congratulations to the Mail on Sunday.

7 comments to Sighted – some real journalism?

  • Gary

    What is needed is an in depth TV investigation programme into the man and the WHO and their inept and wrong attitudes

  • david brown

    Gary plenty of evidence on the man who fronts WHO on youtube he has no medical background he is a communist murderer. China voted him into office.
    How many western political figures are in the pay of China. Acting in its interests not that of their respective country.
    Most of the press, for some reason, do not want to question the Covid 19 real source and keep with the Wuhan wet market cover story.
    The viral lab a short distance way , why where the interested in a virus carried by a type of Bat. It was not going to produce for China anything of commercial value such as a cure for cancer.
    It only makes sense if they wanted to add it to there armory of biological weapons.
    The West is to decadent and will respond by joint action to sue China for the damage they have caused. Then if the refuse to pay sequestrate their assets in the west.

  • A Thorpe

    We may never know whether there is any truth in the virus coming from a Chinese lab. Our useless leaders must take much of the blame for our over dependence on China but we have all participated in the decline of British manufacturing. Imported cars were the first stage in the decline when Japanese cars arrived, and this happened because our own cars were unreliable, poorly designed and overpriced. The British have wanted cheap goods and our governments have given us what we wanted. We have demanded higher incomes for our efforts and the unions have made sure we are overpaid. We must all accept responsibility for the situation we are in. A high cost, low income, low growth economy which is now on its knees because of a totally unnecessary lock down, and perhaps more than anything a population that believes in entitlement to the best.

    We are not in any position to criticise countries taking advantage of us. Look back in time and the British government and business did not consider that there was anything wrong in generating wealth from the slave trade. In the time of the Empire we robbed other countries to bring more wealth into Britain. Perhaps only during the time of the industrial revolution did we generate wealth by our own efforts and that was because we had the raw materials – coal and iron – and the scientists that developed steam power. Now we expect immigrants to do the jobs we do not want to do, or do not have the skills to do.

    Britain does not have the raw materials to bring manufacturing back from China. We no longer have cheap energy which is vital for a successful economy. There is still coal in the ground which is now locked down more than we are. Oil and gas production is in decline. Our nuclear industry was an utter failure with complex designs that nobody wanted to buy. Renewables are expensive and unreliable, and present huge recycling issues at the end of their short lives.

    We are a country in decline. We cannot be self-sufficient, which sounds good, and can cause other problems. Even ancient Rome was not self sufficient in food and look at the Irish potato famine to see what happens when crops fail.

    We need trade with other countries to survive but trade should be market driven, that is, the consumer should be in control. Trade alone is not enough because people have to build up capital, and pass it down the generations. The lack of saving in the UK is a serious issue. We are becoming the Haiti of Europe. Trade is controlled by big business that does not like competition and by governments that think they should be in control of trade. Big business uses governments to regulate to their benefit and not ours and governments agree to it because they want to be in control. We do not have true capitalism, we have state controlled capitalism and our weak governments are no match for socialist dictatorships, like China.

    We have also allowed control of our country and lives to pass to organisations that believe in a one world solution. When it goes wrong it goes wrong for all of us, and it is just the same with our own government. We need to take back responsibility for own lives and have less government. As pointed out, the WHO is typical of the control over us, now with the first director with no medical qualifications.

    Perhaps this virus will wake us up to the problems every government has been creating for us for centuries. The period since WWII has since an increase in living standards for many and a reduction in world poverty. We like to think this will continue but all the signs are that this is coming to an end. Even China will not be successful on its own without the rest of the world trading with it.

  • William Boreham

    I see the coronavirus ‘disaster’ has so far had little effect on the greatest population explosion in this planet’s history.
    Approx 68,255 worldwide (Apr 5th) deaths from coronavirus so far.
    Net population growth worldwide this year so far – over 21 million.
    Mostly made up of you know who and all making plans for making a b-line for Europe and from there, across the Channel to the UK.
    Meanwhile, as usual with our public services, our incompetent and Bloated Heath Bureaucracy is making a pig’s ear of this crisis:

  • chris

    Where’s Boris ?

  • A Thorpe

    Now we have the news that the government bought millions of antibody tests from China and they do not work. The unreliability of all the tests has been in the news for weeks. I doubt that anybody knows what they are actually measuring. How can we have a government so utterly incompetent that they don’t evaluate the test before buying millions of them? At 100,000 tests a day, even if they achieve that, it will take almost two years to test all of us. It is difficult to understand why the tests are so important to controlling the epidemic.

    The biggest failure of the government and opposition, as mentioned in the links above, is they haven’t a clue what damage is being done to the economy or how to deal with it.

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