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Maybe we crazy conspiracy theorists were right after all?

(Wednesday blog)

What to say about the Chinese Covid-19 plague that hasn’t already been said a thousand times by a thousand experts and supposed ‘experts’?

Is hospitalisation almost a death sentence?

First the numbers. We know that comparing the total number of cases by country is meaningless as it depends on the amount of testing done in each country. However, the emerging rule of thumb seems to be that of every 1,000 people struck down by the Chinese plague, about 200 will have to be hospitalised. Of the 200 hospitalised around 66 will be able to leave after treatment, while the other 134 will have to go on ventilators. Of the 134 on ventilators, around half will die and the other 67 will be discharged after 8 to 10 days on a ventilator. But many of those who survive ventilation will have suffered major damage to vital organs like their lungs, heart, kidney etc. So, if you or anyone you know goes onto a ventilator, you have a greater chance of dying than if you placed your money on red or black on a casino roulette table.

Don’t mention Taiwan

One of the more sickening aspects of the Chinese plague is that nobody dares mention one of the countries which has been most successful in containing the virus – Taiwan. In fact, on the maps shown by World Health Organisation (WHO) bureaucrats, Taiwan doesn’t even exist. Why? Because China has a stranglehold over the WHO and China, of course, claims that Taiwan is part of China and not an independent country:

Trump was right again and again and again……

Here’s a bit of good news. Donald Trump is considering withholding American funding to the WHO because of the WHO’s grovelling submission to Chinese interests. When the WHO was claiming there was no pandemic and therefore no need to reduce international travel, Trump already put a ban on flights from China. At the time all the media started howling and screaming “racist” and “xenophobe”. But now it seems Trump (as usual) was right all along:

Don’t expect the truth from the BBC or C4 News

From what I can see, the BBC and C4 News try day after day to find some group which has supposedly been “let down by the government” during the Chinese plague crisis. But they never show any interest in issues like finding out how the Chinese plague really started, how the Chinese government lied and lied and lied and covered up thus losing the world the opportunity to control the Chinese plague and whether we should be demanding reparations from China for all the damage done to our country.

You’d have to go to Sky News Australia for that:

4 comments to Maybe we crazy conspiracy theorists were right after all?

  • William Boreham

    I see Taiwan has all of 5 deaths so far from the virus, less than the average cruiseliner!

    I’ve been following this chap, Michael Burry, who seems to talk sense.

    And the somewhat ‘callous’ Prof. Dr. Knut Wittkowski – Is social distancing and lockdown on COVID-19 the wrong approach?

  • david brown

    check out this documentary on youtube

    COVID 19 CROSS ROADS with Joshue Philipp

  • A Thorpe

    Thanks for the information on hospitalisation, but it is only relevant in relation to other causes of death, and in particular seasonal flu. For known cases the death rate about is 6.7% but the death rate for known cases of seasonal flu is said to be about 10%. The media and government never give us this comparison. For the population in total the fatality rate is very low for both. It is also true in both cases that people are mostly dying with the disease, not from the disease. Therefore, I can see no reason for the government policy. We should have been given the responsibility to decide what to do, which is basically the Swedish policy. Our problems are a government own goal and the biggest problem will be the damage to the economy and the likely larger number of deaths in future years. They will of course spin it to show they took the correct action.

    Regarding China, it could have been natural, an accidental release or a deliberate release. I don’t care much since we cannot turn back the clock and China will never admit to the last two. If deliberate why release it in China, and why release something that is not that serious? Even if natural, China now knows that western leaders are utterly useless in a crisis and the masses can be controlled to do anything, without force. They know the western economies are in tatters, but they cannot avoid the consequences. Has China got a long term plan to dominate the world? Which western country is thinking how get the economy working again. Not one. They can destroy but not build. They want us to protect the NHS, but it should be protecting us and the Cygnus exercise proved that it could not protect us from an epidemic. It is western failure that concerns me.

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