May 2024

Are we too stupid to realise that Chinese plague deaths in the UK have already peaked?

(Tuesday blog)

If you’ve watched any of the UK Government’s daily briefings, you’ll be aware of the Government’s agenda – scare people into remaining in their homes. One of the ways the Government does is this is to present a daily chart showing the cumulative number of deaths in hospital from the Chinese Covid-19 plague:

We keep being told that we are on a similar trajectory to Italy, France and Spain.

This is probably meant to terrify us into obedience.

The Government also announces the number of daily deaths. But what it never shows is the daily trend. Given that the Government keeps telling us that they can’t relax any part of the lockdown till deaths peak and then start to fall, you’d have thought that the most important figures we should be shown are the daily trends in hospital deaths?

Here are the deaths in hospital figures for April so far:

April 1 – 563: April 2 – 569: April 3 – 684: April 4 – 708: April 5 – 621: April 6 – 439: April 7 – 786: April 8 – 938: April 9 – 881: April 10 – 980: April 11 – 917: April 12 – 737: April 13 – 717

Looking at these daily figures, one could start to think that the peak for deaths was on April 10 (980 deaths) and that the deaths figure has been falling since then – 980 to 917 to 737 to 717. But, of course we would need at least another week’s figures to confirm if the last four days do constitute a trend.

The Government’s problem is that, if it were to admit that deaths might have peaked four days ago, people would start to relax and stop obeying the lockdown rules. So instead, the Government keeps telling us that we haven’t yet reached the peak and that we have to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

Meanwhile, arithmetically-challenged journalists, who all seem to have studied on the same mathematics course as Diane Abbopotamus, haven’t noticed the downward trend because they’re too busy trying to throw merde at the Government for not acting fast enough, for not providing sufficient PPE, for not buying enough ventilators and for not possessing the 20/20 hindsight that our brilliant journalists have.

And, of course, none of the journalists putting questions at the daily briefings ever mention the filthy, lying, corrupt Chinese government’s lies, cover-ups and responsibility for this global catastrophe. They’re much more interested in trying to discredit the UK Government.

5 comments to Are we too stupid to realise that Chinese plague deaths in the UK have already peaked?

  • A Thorpe

    I’ve stopped listening to the news and don’t read newspapers. The governments and media between them have created fear and panic, but they have no idea how they are going to end it because that was not part of their plan. If they end it too soon it could come back. They don’t know. But when it does end the governments have the even bigger problem of the damaged economy and we will have the deaths in perspective with all other deaths to judge their action.

    There is huge uncertainty in all the data at this stage. Apparently the average of 17,000 deaths from seasonal flu looks like bring zero this year. This report claims the Covid19 death rate is low and about the same as seasonal flu:

    We have the nonsense of clapping and rainbow pictures. It is no different to trying to ward off evil and witches in medieval times. The Tory party can now say it has saved the NHS and kept its election promise. After accepting they can control the climate, the masses have again demonstrated their willingness to be controlled. There is always good news in every crisis. Our idiotic Prince William says we are at our best in a crisis, so with that logic we can expect more.

  • twi5ted

    I think we have peaked although the daily figures are retrospectively adjusted each day though so it takes a week or so to be sure they are final. More important is capacity in the NHS because that is the purpose of lockdown and that data is very hard to come by – mostly anecdotal and snippets at the daily briefing. But seems the NHS is well inside existing capacity let alone the increased levels now available.

  • chris

    Our local NHS general hospital has had 153 CV deaths in total ( i.e. in 6 weeks). Info courtesy of employee. I wonder how many patients are in the Nightingale units.

  • david brown
    this article might be propaganda given a worse picture so they can claim credit. China caused it now they stand to profit by buying our assets at knock down prices.

    these links might not work but you can find the articles on respective sites.

  • mark sadler

    Woth a watch, The Origins of the Chineese virus

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