October 2023
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Republican congressman kicks some lying Democrat ass

(Friday blog)

I must admit, I don’t really understand what the Democrats are up to by trying, yet again, to impeach Trump. But anyone following the UK mainstream media would be led to believe that Trump had committed some awful crime.

There are two main reasons for my confusion:

Biden did what they’re accusing Trump of doing

Trump is accused of blackmailing Ukraine’s President by threatening to withhold aid if the Ukrainians didn’t investigate Biden and Biden’s son, Hunter, for corruption. You’ll remember that (former drug addict) Hunter Biden was getting paid over $50,000 a month by a Ukrainian energy company despite having no experience of the Ukraine or the energy sector.

I have previously featured the video where ‘Honest’ Joe Biden boasts how he told the Ukrainian President that his plane was leaving in six hours and, if the Ukrainian President hadn’t sacked the prosecutor investigating the company ’employing’ Biden’s son within that time, US aid would be withheld.

Here’s the link to that video:

Does ‘honest’ Joe Biden belong in the sewer? Not the White House?

So, Biden has done exactly what they’re accusing Trump of – blackmailing a foreign leader by using the threat of withholding US aid. Yet none of the Trump-loathing UK mainstream media feels it is relevant to mention this.

Is this just another ‘Russia Collusion’ hoax?

Ever since Trump committed the ‘crime’ of beating the ghastly Hillary Clinton, the Democrats have been trying to impeach him. We had over two years of the Russia Collusion hoax during which all the mainstream media (except Fox News in the USA) assured us that there was firm and conclusive evidence that Trump had colluded with Putin to steal the US election.

Of course, that turned out to be a massive pile of lies cooked up by the Democrats and Trump-loathing media.

So, now the Democrats and their supporters in the mainstream media have rushed to yet another crazy conspiracy to try to bring down Trump like flies buzzing round a pile of fresh-laid sh*t.

Why are they doing this? Because the Democrat candidates for the 2020 election are so useless, that the Democrats and mainstream media are terrified Trump will win again.

So, while our media howl and rage yet again against Trump, here’s a Republican congressman on the Intelligence Committee exposing the Democrats’ corruption and lies.

You won’t see the BBC or C4 News reporting this side of the story:

1 comment to Republican congressman kicks some lying Democrat ass

  • Tomsk

    Hillary said that if Trump is elected that she and her cronies would hang. The Dems need to get rid of Trump because the whole pizzagate thing risks being exposed as he replaces a deep state judiciary with an impartial one. Politicians, actors, pop stars etc will be revealed as being involved. Inducements are waiting to be served. If it comes out it will shock the world. They will lie, cheat, manufacture anything they can to stop him. Check Liz Crokin amongst others.

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