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BBC loves broadcasting Democrats’ lies and lies and lies and ………

(Wednesday blog)

If we were stupid enough to believe the UK mainstream media, we’d think that the Democrats had a strong case for impeachment and that Trump was toast.

The worst offender in the “get Trump” witch-hunt has, of course, been the BBC, especially a dreadful fake news programme called something like “After 100 Days” which features two (IMHO) smarmy, Trump-loathing, lefty, progressive, Democrat-loving congenital …………. (censored). That’s just my opinion, so please don’t sue me!

The much-reported ‘bombshell’, that would supposedly sink Trump, was provided by a certain Gordon Sondland – the US ambassador to the EU. As the Ukraine is not in the EU, I’m not sure what relevance Sondland had to the proceedings. Moreover, I don’t think Sondland was even on the infamous phone conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian president.

Sondland apparently confirmed that “everyone knew” Trump was withholding military aid as a quid pro quo for a Ukrainian investigation into probable corruption by the Bidens. But when questioned, Sondland admitted that this was just an “assumption”. When further questioned, he struggled to explain why the fact that he had no evidence and only assumptions was not included in his 23-page submission (prepared by his lawyer who had contributed over $100,000 to the Democrats).

An assumption is good enough to start a witch-hunt:

But it’s not a sufficiently solid basis on which to impeach a president.

My prediction is that the Dumbocrats won’t dare to move forward with impeaching Trump for three main reasons:

  • their case against him is about as solid as a lemon sorbet in the Sahara
  • if this goes to the Senate, then the Republicans can call Biden and his (IMHO) disastrous, ex-druggie son, Hunter, as witnesses and that would be more than embarrassing for the dumb Dems (while the Congress hearings were taking place, the Dumbocrats didn’t allow the Republicans to call any of their own witnesses)
  • several Dumbocrat congressmen and congresswomen are already getting cold feet after seeing what a biased farce the impeachment hearings were – a real shifty Schiff Sh*t-show

And, of course, the Republicans are in a majority in the Senate. So the mouth-frothing, Trump-loathing Dumbocrats would be unlikely to get the two thirds majority they need for impeachment.

Over the next few days expect the Dumbasscrats to rapidly and ignominiously backpedal from their “impeach the motherf*cker” crusade as they’re realising this is hurting Democrats more than it’s hurting Trump. The Doomocrats’ hate-filled obsession with destroying Trump to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election, rather than using their years as a majority in Congress to pass legislation that could help US citizens, looks like costing the dumb Dems an awful lot of votes in the 2020 presidential election. Instead of impeachment, the Congress Dumbocrats will now try to save face by censuring Trump so they can still claim that they had a case against him. Get ready for all the Dumbsh*tcrats’ dumb-ass excuses for not moving forward with impeachment.

If you want to see how pathetically weak the Democrats’ case against Trump is, please watch the short (4 minutes) video below in which a Republican congresswoman eviscerates two of Democrat Adam Shifty Schiff’s supposed ‘star witnesses’.

Naturally, none of the British mainstream media seems to have thought of reporting how the anti-Trump crusade is falling apart and how Trump’s approval ratings have risen by about ten points since the Dumbocrats’ ludicrously-partisan, biased, corrupt impeachment circus started:

3 comments to BBC loves broadcasting Democrats’ lies and lies and lies and ………

  • Jeff Palmer

    Trump on trial for what ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden did, and not only did but boasted on television about doing. So the Democrats want to impeach the man who asked about the crime, and elect the one who committed it. Right, got it.
    The Dems have spent the entire time since the last Presidential election attempting to find a way of overturning the result of that election. They have done, quite literally, nothing else. Their extreme monomania has been quite something to see.
    So instead of performing the proper function of an Opposition in a democracy – that of inspecting the Government’s measures and holding that Government to account – they have acted exactly like the Opposition in a Latin American ‘Banana Republic’.
    It is very disturbing to see, and makes you wonder about the future of democracy in the world at large. Democracy relies for its very function, on the losing side being willing to accept the result of a democratic vote.
    In one way, it’d be poetic justice if the Republicans acted in exactly the same way in the event of a Democrat win at the next Presidential election. But I suspect that they would act rather more responsibly.

  • leila

    The bravery of Trump withstanding these horrendous attacks is wonderful to behold especially when compared to our cowardly mps. They allowed that traitor may, despite her pathetic showing as Home Sec to walse into the role of handling Brexit. That turned out perfectly predictably, Robbins + pension off to GoldmanS in NY, Sedwill still in post. Bad news is that 3M voters registered last night, mostly students and members of the ROP. God help us.

  • Tomsk

    Here is my prediction. The deep state/Demonrats want rid of Trump because he like Brexit in the UK are an obstacle to the further building of a NWO. Also because of Trumps ongoing crusade that is rarely mentioned for obvious reasons of exposing those involved in Pizzagate. Politicians, celebs etc. But at the same time they need to crash the economy. They wont do that under a Demonrat government as they need to make it look like Conservative, Christian’s etc are the bad guys.

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