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EU boldly fights ‘Afrophobia’

(Wednesday blog)

Our irrational fears

Let’s start with a dictionary definition – a definition of the word “phobia” (which can be used as a word or a suffix). A phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something”.

Now let’s look yet again at the chart I often use in my blog. This is probably the most important chart you will ever see.

It is, of course, the chart of the population explosion in (IMHO) poverty-stricken, slum-filled, hopeless, violent, war-torn, failed-continent Africa compared to the declining population in (IMHO) once scientifically-advanced, civilised, prosperous, democratic Europe. Some stupid people might find this chart frightening:

Some people might find the fact that Africa’s population increases by over one million a week worrying.

Some people might fret over the fact that, if Ethiopia couldn’t feed its 40 million population when Saint Bob did his BandAid thing, how Ethiopia can feed 100 million now and almost 200 million by 2050:

Some people might be concerned that Nigeria’s population is set to soar from less than 200 million now to around 300 million by 2050:

Some people might even start to imagine that the only way Africa will be able to handle its population explosion is by exporting tens of millions to Europe:

But, according to our leaders, these would be irrational fears – they would be what our rulers call “Afrophobia”

Hooray for the European Union

Fortunately for us, we have the glorious EU who have pledged to tackle their stupid, blighted, ignorant, plebby citizens’ Afrophobia.

Here’s a link to the EU’s great plan to deal with our clearly irrational fear of Africans rapidly multiplying and then invading our dying continent:

The document is an EU Resolution to deal with Afrophobia.

The Resolution falls into three main parts:

  • a “having regard to” section which just lists a mountain of EU conventions and resolutions and rules and procedures and other such bollox
  • a section organised by letters of the alphabet which puts the blame for the underachievement of Europe’s (officially) 15+ million (but probably 30+ million) people of African descent on white Europeans’ Afrophobia and at no point suggests that the good folk from Africa may also have played some part in their own failure to integrate successfully and thrive
  • a section numbered from 1 to 28 which sets out all the duties of EU countries and citizens to deal with their Afrophobia which clearly has been holding Africans back and preventing them reaching their full potential while living in Afrophobic Europe. These duties include paying reparations to some African countries for Europeans’ historical acts of aggression against Africans

Thank goodness we have the European Union to help stupid, bigoted, backward, patriotic European citizens to overcome their irrational fears of Africa and Africans – their Afrophobia. Soon we’ll all be living in a fantastic multi-culturally-enriched paradise once the EU has successfully crushed any signs of Afrophobia:

Soon every European citizen will realise that Afrophobia is a totally irrational fear as Africans are bringing all sorts of super benefits to our jaded mono-cultural countries:

Hopefully readers will feel a lot more positive about Europe’s future now they have seen the EU’s fine and bold Resolution on Afrophobia and now they know how actively our tremendous EU leaders are working to combat the evils of Afrophobia.

Hooray for the European Union!

6 comments to EU boldly fights ‘Afrophobia’

  • Hardcastle

    Afrophobia should be a highly rational fear given the history of post colonial Africa.Now you can argue that the European carve up of the continent did not always help because it often took little regard for tribal divisions etc.However tribalism has hardly advanced this continent and has in fact resulted in the kind of politics we have witnessed in Zimbabwe and other countries.The British ,I think,can on balance feel fairly positive with regard to their contribution to civilisation within the African continent.This is not always true of some European countries,Belgium and Portugal to name two,who’s record in Africa was less than benevolent.The British brought order and developed education agriculture irrigation,sanitation,healthcare and transportation infrastructure etc.This positive legacy has been largely decimated in many of our old colonies and neglect and corruption has flourished.Yes we exploited their natural resources for our own gain but we helped the advancement of civilisation as a result.If one talks to old people of these countries many yearn for the order of the colonial days!I often wonder how long it would take us to turn Zimbabwe around,given it vast natural resources.However the people who had the vision,drive,bravery,not just the ability,I fear,no longer inhabit these isles.We appear to wallow in self flagellation and guilt and have lost sight of the massive contribution the people of Britain and Europe have given to the World in the past two hundred years.Socialism is the main cause of this and like a cancer it eats away at all that is positive,honourable and patriotic.It now holds sway in all our institutions and it will take a violent revolution to overturn.It is sad to say but war is the only escape from this and history teaches us that this the logical outcome.

  • David Craig

    If Zimbabwe was recolonised by Westerners (whatever their colour) it would probably only take 3 to 4 years to rebuild the country and put it back on the path to prosperity. This would raise millions of people from extreme poverty. But one can’t suggest this as it would be politically-incorrect.

  • William Boreham

    I wrote this about Zimbabwe on an American forum a few years back – nothing much has changed since, other than the death of Mugabe which made little difference:

    If you want an illustration as to why Europeans are superior, as good an example is what happed to a part of the world I had some involvement in.
    (Interestingly, most Africans, in Africa that is, cheerfully accept the fact that we whites are naturally more capable and have no problem with us taking control in most circumstances.)
    It was an old colony of the British Empire, (named Rhodesia) under a white leader, Ian Smith, they declared ‘Independence’ from British rule in 65.
    Unfortunately for Rhodesia – it was independence under a white dominated government and, naturally, Britain, the UN, (everybody apart from the majority of the native population who feared the consequences) declared that unacceptable and introduced economic sanctions to the land.
    UN sanctions and a guerrilla uprising finally led to ‘free’ elections in 1979 and independence (as Zimbabwe) in 1980.
    Now – despite years of sanctions, this, from a booklet I possess produced in 1982 by the former British Overseas Trade Board as an aid to British companies intending to do business in the new Zimbabwe:
    “Despite the severe strains imposed on Southern Rhodesia during the last few years of civil war, and to a lesser degree by UN sanctions, the economy inherited by the first government of Zimbabwe in April 1980 was sound in infrastructure and resources. External trade was in a favourable balance; foreign debt, including pre-UDI commitments, was of manageable proportions; and the inflation rate, which rose steeply in 1979, was back to a single figure.”
    Exchange rate was Z$ 10 to the pound sterling.
    They were producing so much food from the white owned farms, not only was there plenty of food to feed the native population, they were able to export quantities to earn foreign exchange.
    Prior to black rule, it was well known that in Rhodesia, no mother or child went to bed without a roof over their head or on a empty stomach – Rhodesia was the envy of its neighbours.

    So what do we find now after decades of black rule?
    Well, the inflation rate was 12 million percent in 2010 and Z$100 trillion dollar banknotes were introduced!
    Poverty, barbarism, violence and cruelty is everyday life for the natives now and starvation and mass unemployment prevail.
    The now black owned farms are so run down, they produce little food and most of it has to be imported under aid programmes.

  • Jeff Palmer

    It would appear that the Chinese are now taking on that role in Africa, providing African people with the infrastructure they are incapable of building for themselves.
    I have seen a Youtube video in which a Chinese engineer expresses his incredulity at the amount of infrastructure that the white colonists had built and bequeathed to their successors, and at the fact that this infrastructure was subsequently just allowed to decay into disuse.
    It is instructive to compare the economic progress of, say, Kenya, since 1960 to the present day with that of South Korea for the same period. And one of the principal differences is that although many South Korean leaders were undoubtedly corrupt, their corruption consisted of creaming 10% off the top, while the roads, railways, hospitals, factories, bridges airports still got built. In Africa, leaders just pocketed 100%, and nothing got built. The former Southern Rhodesia is a prime example.
    Of course, it could be that African leaders were well aware that the likelihood of their own people being able to construct anything in the way of useful infrastructure by themselves was zero, so they might as well do something with all the cash which would otherwise have been totally wasted.
    Yet we are still taught to believe that African poverty is all our fault, and that we must all cough up to put even more money in the bank accounts of these scum who don’t care a toss about the welfare of their own people.

  • A Thorpe

    It is the title of the EU document that is important – The fundamental rights of the African people. Every government has taken away our fundamental freedom and rights and gives them back as it pleases and expects us to be grateful. This is socialism which fails everybody.

    Africa has resources as the comments above discuss. Their corrupt socialist, tribalist leaders keep the population in poverty. The west, after colonialism have ignored Africa, I suspect mainly because it has not been a military threat. Africa does not need more colonialism, it needs investment, but the corruption prevents that. China however is investing but only to get access to the raw materials. It is not interested in improving the continent.

    Nobody can blame Africans for wanting the better life they can see in Europe. What we are looking at is a failure of leadership everywhere. We saw this failure last night with Johnson and Corbyn. They are just squabbling over who can spend the most money with promises of increased dependence on the state using money the country does not have. Businesses will not invest here anymore than they will In Africa. Both think that climate change is the biggest crisis we face. The Green Party wants to spend £100 billion a year fighting a threat that does not exist. Astonishingly, Tim Berners-Lee also saw this as our biggest threat when he gave the Dimbleby lecture. The EU thinks it is better to bring Africa here than to sort out the problems there. At least the West is not sorting out Africa in the same way as the Middle East.

    We are governed by fools and that is our basic problem. We need to be free to take responsibility for ourselves and suffer the consequences of our own mistakes. We will soon learn how to live a good life, within our means, and with cooperation with each other.

  • Hardcastle

    Your last paragraph is spot on.However self reliance and taking responsibility for ourselves and suffering the consequences of our own mistakes have been slowly squeezed out of a sizable minority if not majority of people in this country.The infantilisation,narcism,worship of celebrity,dumbing down of education,encouraging foolish levels of debt,exposure to a media in thrall to the nonsense of the PC agenda.The absurd belief that we are all entitled to everything and anything regardless of effort and that Governments can provide.The demise of Christianity with its sound foundations of order and charity has also been a fundamental decline into the shambles of a society we see today.Financial collapse and or war are the only solutions I am afraid and at least one of these is a certainty within ten years.I fear for my children and grandchildren.I have grown to despise all the political parties who are responsible for this.

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