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Who dares criticise Saint Greta?

(Bank holiday weekend blog)

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So here, instead of a thousand words, is a picture (well, actually two pictures):

You have to admire the genius of the eco-fascist Nazis. They’ve tried to terrify us into submission by warning of supposed “Man-Made Global Warming“. But then the Earth stopped warming for about 12 years. No problem, the eco-fascist Nazis dropped “Man-Made Global Warming” and replaced it with “Man-Made Climate Change”. So, whatever the weather, the eco-fascist Nazis could howl and yell about impending disaster and nobody could really contradict them.

But the climate didn’t actually change and we ordinary people weren’t really frightened enough to adopt the eco-fascist Nazis’ lunatic policies of total de-industrialisation and the destruction of Western civilisation. No problem. The eco-fascist Nazis just replaced the insufficiently frightening “Climate Change” with the more shrill “Climate Crisis” and even went as far to scream and yell about “Climate Breakdown” and even the totally ludicrous “Extinction” as if the increase of a trace gas, CO2, in the atmosphere by 0.0002% a year could have the slightest influence on the Earth’s climate.

But the real genius of the eco-fascist Nazis was to copy the example of their favourite role models – the German fascist Nazis – and front their campaign of terror and control with a young girl in pigtails:

And so we got the world’s greatest ever climate scientist – Greta Thunberg – who doesn’t even bother going to school:

Saint Greta – the patron saint of brainwashed, selfie-obsessed, scientifically-illiterate, moronic snowflakes – is the perfect poster girl for the eco-fascist Nazis because we can’t attack her indoctrinated bollox for two key reasons:

  • she is a young girl
  • her parents claim she has almost every psychological problem known to mankind

So, to criticise Saint Greta would be seen as adults bullying a vulnerable child. But even worse, now we have politicians and media grovelling at Saint Greta’s every word:

And so the crazed Saint Greta is off to New York to save the world from a totally imaginary threat and she’ll be fawned over by our political and showbizz elites as they fly around the world in their private jets while passing new laws preventing us worthless, taxpaying plebs from travelling by plane or soon maybe even by car.

Hopefully such brave eco-warriors such as Harry the Prince of Hypocrites and Emma ‘First-class-flights’ Thompson will jet off to New York to hear crazy Saint Greta’s increasingly unhinged rantings.

But while the West swallows mad Saint Greta’s total and utter garbage, our competitors are building coal-fired power stations to fuel all the industries we are closing down in the West and thus moving mainly to Asia:

China has 2,363, building 1,171 more… Total 3,534

South Korea has 58, building 26 more… Total 84

Japan has 90, building 45 more… Total 135

Turkey has 56, building 93 more… Total 149

South Africa has 79, building 24 more… Total 103

India has 589, building 446 more… Total 1,036

Philippines has 19, building 60 more… Total 79

That’s 1,865 new coal powered plants being built in just 7 countries.

Britain has 0, building 0 more… Total 0

And our elites and mainstream media believe the crazed, robotic, carefully pre-programmed Saint Greta that by committing economic suicide we’ll save the planet. Our competitors must be laughing at our stupidity.

This would be comic if it wasn’t so tragic.

10 comments to Who dares criticise Saint Greta?

  • dave h

    On a rare occasion i was having a conversation with my wife recently and i stated that global warming is a myth which isn’t really happening, which could be proven with facts etc ( see James Dellingpole ) ….. to which she replied ” well a lot of people are saying it’s true so there must be something to it ” …. exactly the type of reasoning they want…
    I chose not to reply.

  • David Craig

    You’re very brave to discuss ‘Climate Change’ with your wife and very wise not to contradict her.

  • A Thorpe

    A great piece and summed up perfectly in the last sentence. If you look up Tony Heller on YouTube he regularly posts on climate change and his most recent is “Greta’s Dire Straits” . It is worth watching. He ends most of his videos by saying we must stop this, but how? The comment from dave h illustrates the problem.

    I was reading the BBC Science Focus in a hospital waiting room a few days ago and it had an article on human extinction. When talking about volcanoes it said that “they go off on their own”. Who could have known this without the BBC telling us, but climate change also came into it. I spoke to the consultant and he said he was sceptical but mentioned his concern about the environment. This is the other problem. The environment is a concern but it has nothing to do with the fake human caused climate change and the two are viewed together. The problem is that money, research and government policy is diverted to pointless climate actions and the real issues are ignored.

    It is not just ignorance about the details of the science, which is understandable, but is general ignorance about the scientific method. It is astonishing that huge numbers are influenced by the consensus argument. Consensus has nothing to do with science. Science is about experiment and evidence and this should be obvious from Galileo to Einstein. This year marks 100 years since the famous observations during a solar eclipse to observe that gravity bends light. Einstein always believed he was right but as a scientist he wanted the evidence to prove it and significantly two separate teams made the observations. Everybody should know that evidence and not consensus is the basis of science. Eduction is wasted.

  • Roy Hartwell

    The MSM have been having an absolute orgy of commentary on climate change / global warming over the last few weeks. Channel 5, for instance, has suddenly ‘discovered’ it and are almost wall to wall doom and gloom. Someone somewhere is obviously co-ordinating this push.
    The problem is that there are no longer any real inquiring journalists willing to put head above parapet and challenge with FACTS the garbage being spouted. this leads to a downward spiral where truth no longer counts and science has become just another belief system.

  • loppoman

    dave h – my wife’s the same. “People are worried about it so it must be true”. Like many people, she can’t figure it out by herself.
    Life on this planet will be affected by:
    1. Population explosion in Africa and Asia resulting in drought, starvation and poverty. Large movement of people to the wealthier parts of the globe resulting in conflict/warfare. Wealthier areas will become poorer.
    2. Pollution of rivers and the oceans.
    3. Large scale deforestation.
    That’s how I see things developing, the rest is just bull***t.

  • William Boreham

    I swear there isn’t a sane politician in Westminster as far as common sense regarding our energy policy is concerned. Crazy May decreed we will be 100% carbon emission free by 2050, which means by then we will be enjoying the same living standards the average Zimbabwean benefits from today. . Britain already has one of the maddest energy policies on earth, taxing the poor to subsidise windmills and solar farms that don’t work most of the time, blowing up viable coal-fired power stations so they can never again be used even if we run short of volts and watts, relying on French nuclear power, gas and even diesel to fill the gap, and hoping somehow to avoid electricity cuts. And apart from we poor consumers, who will freeze to death, what happens to our dwindling industries, who rely on plentiful supplies of low cost energy? Naturally, they’ll up stakes and gravitate to counties with cheap energy and who pump CO2 into the atmosphere without a care in the world, Paris Agreement or no Paris Agreement.

  • A Thorpe

    Here is a link to a website that I am proud to have been banned from commenting. respond
    Today it claims that MSM is giving an unfair voice to climate deniers. It is a site that gets more ridiculous by the day.

  • Philip

    I’m not an expert on anything. But if MSM promotes it, I’m against it. That’s logic for you.

  • Doty Thew

    If you repeat a lie enough eventually it will become the truth. Joseph Goebel nazi minister of propaganda.

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