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Will battling Boris biff and bash the useless HS2?

(Thursday blog)

Nein, nein…….vielleicht

Remoaners must be tearing their hair out. Boris was in Germany with Merkel yesterday and the sore loser Remoaners (plus the europhiliac BBC and snarling, UK-hating idiots at C4 News) expected Merkel to give Boris a very firm “nein, nein, nein” when Boris insisted the Irish backstop must be scrapped. But, to the utter amazement of the craven, surrender-monkey EU-adorers, Merkel didn’t do her “nein, nein, nein” act. Instead, she intimated that another solution to the Northern Irish border issue could be found.

Today Boris will meet the (IMHO) arrogant, self-important, necrophiliac Macron who will, of course, say “non, non, non” much to the delight of the Remoaners, the BBC and treacherous West-loathing buffoons at C4 News. But poseur Macron is just Merkel’s French poodle:

So, despite his public heroics and well-practised intransigence, Macron will probably eventually surrender (as the French have always done throughout the ages) and do whatever his German boss tells him.

Bollox to HS2?

But Brexit isn’t the only area where our new invigorated PM is making his mark. He has also launched a review of the extraordinarily wasteful and unnecessary HS2 rail project.

I’ll make this part of my blog today simple so, were any politicians to be reading it, even they might understand.

France is a big country – about 640,000 km2. The UK is a small country – about 242,000 km2. England is an even smaller country – 130,000 km2. France has an extensive high-speed rail network – the TGV. It makes sense to have high-speed trains in a large country. It doesn’t make sense to have high-speed trains in a small country.

Now let’s go a bit deeper. The French train route from Paris to Lyon to Marseilles can probably be seen as comparable to the UK train route from London to Birmingham to Manchester in terms of how it connects major cities. But the differences in distances are huge. Paris to Lyon is 292 miles, whereas London to Birmingham is only 128 miles. And Lyon to Marseilles is 488 miles, whereas Birmingham to Manchester is just 86 miles.

The much greater distances in France justify a high-speed rail network. But squandering over £100bn on cutting just a few minutes off the train time from London to Birmingham and then even fewer minutes off the train journey from Birmingham to Manchester is utterly ludicrous.

There are many better things the Government could do with £100bn+ than the ridiculously unnecessary HS2 project.

She felt at home in Bradfordistan

And now for something completely different. Here’s a Crapistani movie star telling reporters how visiting Bradford was just like being in a “mini-Pakistan”.

Hmmmm – hooray for diversity and multi-culturalism!!!!!!


3 comments to Will battling Boris biff and bash the useless HS2?

  • Stillreading

    HS2 is about the most disgraceful, wasteful, unjustifiable project launched by a UK government of recent years. We all knew when estimated costs were announced at its commencement that they would double or triple. I was inclined to hold a private party of celebration when hearing the news yesterday that Boris is seriously considering cancelling it. Eight or nine years ago, for a time I regularly drove through some of England’s most beautiful heartland, green, lush, productive country where farmers’ properties were set to be bisected and their occupants’ ears bombarded 24/7 by the racket of HS2 trains careering past their homes. All to knock about 20 mins. off travel between London and Birmingham for the few questionable politicians and “business people” with deep enough pockets to pay for the privilege. Homeowners had placed placards by the roadsides, encouraging passing drivers to sign the anti-HS2 petition – which of course I did. So good news hopefully. Well done Boris! As for Brexit etc. etc. etc…!!! as David Davies has just said on R4, the end will not be until a few moments before midnight on 31st October. Macron will indeed, of course, do as Merkel tells him and just the tiniest bit of bending in that not-so-iron lady is maybe is starting to manifesting itself? (Had Traitor May, a not-so-closet Remoaner, not given away at the start our strongest bargaining chip, a willingness to leave without a deal, all this could have been done and dusted a couple of years ago of course.)

  • William Boreham

    Now the EU have exposed their detestation and hatred of the UK during May’s laughable Brexit negotiations, what sort of person would cravenly accept the EU demands and crawl back into the EU with our tails between our legs; ready to accept the punishment they devise for us daring to escape from Stalag 29? Seems nearly half the population would – what happened to the character, pride and spirit of a nation in a single generation?

  • A Thorpe

    There is an excellent piece in the Spectator by David Gunnlaugssson, ex-PM of Iceland. He suggests we become a temporary member of the EEA which will give us free trade with the EU and keep the Irish border open. The transition would be smooth. We will be out of the EU and can negotiate trade agreements for ourselves. We would have to implement some EU regulations whilst a member but will have time to resolve issues before we leave the EEA.

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