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The 4 cultures of mankind – a glimpse into our future?

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The four cultures?

I recently received a comment sent by a reader which I didn’t publish because of my fear it could be considered ‘racist’ by my local plods. However, it did get me thinking about whether one could class humans into some clear and simple cultural groups. After all, while one cannot write about ‘race’ without being called a ‘racist’, it’s my understanding that it’s not illegal yet to write about different cultures.

So, I’ve come up with what I’ve called “The 4 Cultures of Mankind”. I’ve named these four cultures “builders”, “copiers”, “looters”and “destroyers”. Let me explain:

Builders: This is mainly a Western culture found mostly in Northern Europe and countries settled mostly by Northern Europeans – Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.  Builders have been responsible for most of the scientific, medical, political and social advances made by mankind. In Builder countries you’ll find high levels of healthcare, technological development, education and prosperity. Builder societies will tend to be reasonably democratic, have low levels of corruption and have social welfare systems that ensure weaker members of society are cared for. Most of those living in a Builder society accept that for society to function, the majority of  people have to obey certain basic laws and rules of behaviour otherwise criminality, anarchy and social breakdown will ensue.

Copiers: These are societies which have not achieved any great scientific, technological, political or social advances themselves. Instead they have created their prosperity from copying or stealing ideas and products invented by the Builders. Due to their low labour costs, they have been able to out-compete Builder societies in many areas thus taking jobs from Builder societies. One area most Copiers have not been able to replicate is the Builders’ ability to develop democratic, rule-based, low-corruption political and social systems. Thus most Copiers tend to have strong, undemocratic central control, high levels of corruption and draconian punishment for anyone challenging the power and control of the ruling elites.

Looters: These people often come from societies that have not developed at all for centuries. They don’t value concepts like education, science, hard work, honesty and living by an agreed set of rules. Instead they see life as being based around cunning, violence and the exploiting of the gullible and fools. Looters are opportunists who try to use every situation as a chance to take advantage of those less cunning or less violent than themselves. Looters don’t believe in things like law or morality. Looter countries are often poverty-stricken, backward, over-populated, excrement-covered, violent, war-torn hell-holes that will never develop. That’s why so many looters want to move to Builder countries. They see the opportunity to live well off what they see as the gullibility and cowardice of the hard-working, law-abiding Builder population. They consider Builder social welfare systems as a pot of gold offered by craven suckers to be looted and thus an open invitation for their own self-enrichment without having to do any work. They despise those who do work and pay taxes and they have nothing but contempt for the rules and laws that Builder populations mostly obey. Looters tend to be involved in criminality and, of course, they despise the policing systems of the Builder countries they invade as they know that they’ll seldom get caught breaking the law and, even if caught, will only receive laughably light punishments

Destroyers: Like Looters, Destroyers come from backward, undeveloped, over-populated, excrement-covered, violent, corrupt hell-holes. Like Looters, Destroyers don’t value things like education, hard work and obeying the law. But whereas Looters see Builder countries as pots of gold to be endlessly looted, Destroyers resent the fact that Builder countries have developed whereas their countries have achieved nothing at all except create centuries of destitution and misery. This resentment turns to envy and hatred as Destroyers will always blame Builder countries for their own failures. Many Destroyers want to move to the more prosperous Builder countries. But when they get there, they don’t try to integrate and get their children education to benefit from the many opportunities in their new home countries. Instead they envy and hate the hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding Builders and try to destroy everything the Builders have achieved. They try to turn the Builder countries into the ghastly, primitive cesspits of hopelessness they have come from.

The clash of the four cultures

Our future will be defined by the clash of these four cultures and by which of these cultures emerges victorious from that clash.

On the economic front, it’s clear that there will be a battle between the main Builder country (the USA) and the main Copier country (China) with Europe floundering between the two colossi.

On the societal level, the strangest thing is happening. For some perverse reason, the ruling and media elites in Builder countries have managed to portray the Builders’ extraordinary scientific, technological, political and social success as reasons to feel guilty rather than what they should be – sources of pride. In what can only be seen as an act of insanity the ruling elites in Builder countries have set about importing as many Looters and Destroyers as they dare in order to punish Builders for their success. Rather than protecting the achievements of the Builder societies, their rulers want to bring in millions who will trash everything the Builders have achieved.

The Builder societies are willfully committing suicide. That’s not a smart thing to do.

12 comments to The 4 cultures of mankind – a glimpse into our future?

  • Roy Hartwell

    As you’ve said, the Builder Societies have entered into a period of complacency, taking every advantage that has been built up by previous generations for granted. This has led them to levels of ‘liberalism’ whereby not only do they refuse to see the very obvious dangers but are apologetic about having the ‘advantages’ they now enjoy to the extent of offering reparations to those they feel had been oppressed centuries ago. Even the cult of ‘Climate Change’ is geared towards this collective guilt.
    I fear we have hit a ‘tipping point’ whereby only a complete collapse of what we now know as civilisation will occur in the not too distant future. That’s when countries like China will ride out the storm and come back as the new world.

  • leila

    The Builders are men of their word A handshake was honoured allowing the deal to proceed, the legal aspects caught up in time, the project by then well under way. The present destroyer in Zimbabwe is rumoured to be worse than Mugabe and yet Penny Mordaunt was dispatched with 5 million sterling of our money to give away to the new ruler after Mugabe was dispatched.

  • David Craig

    I would suggest that the gentleman ruining Zimbabwe is just a ‘Looter’ and not a ‘Destroyer’

  • dave h

    Perfectly explained …. and bloody true.

  • Stillreading

    Excellent non-racist explanation of the current state of the world’s cultures and consequent life-styles. Yes – the Builders are on the way out because, like all Builder cultures throughout known history, they have become too introspective and self-indulgent and consequently weakened, and so consumed with guilt at their own past success, that they are wilfully squandering the benefits of that success in attempts at appeasement. It’s the sheer hypocrisy and inability of many of the snowflake libtard lefties to look beyond their own navels that mystifies me. While they are now increasingly making their political presence felt amongst the Builders, thereby weakening that culture, and while they scream for “‘ooman rights” for the looters and destroyers, they happily purchase in enormous quantities the consumer goods without which they are unable apparently to exist for more than an hour (cheap throw-away clothing, mobile phones, “tablets”, gigantic TVs, ghastly plastic kids’ toys etc. etc.) from the very Copiers whose human rights record they deplore. And those Copiers are not and will not, regardless of anything any other culture may say in protest, hesitate to clamp down on all alternative cultures to which they take exception or which they see as a threat. We are seeing that in Hong Kong right now. There will be no ISIS or Al Qaeda threat in Copierland to divert energy or resources away from their ultimate aim to dominate the world’s supply of consumer goods. All Copier-resident Muslims are being relentlessly corralled into “corrective institutions” from which there is no chance of escape and where they are being “re-educated”. And seeing what’s happening in the tolerant Western world, who can blame the Copiers? So while the Builders’ ruling elite introduce ever more legislation to ensure “workplace rights” in every conceivable direction – maternity/paternity leave, benefits so generous that it pays many fit people not to work etc.etc. – all of which hike production costs, thus killing off the Builders’ ability to compete even in their own countries, the conscience-free Copiers are forging ahead. The only uncertainty right now is who will take over the Builders first, the Copiers or the Looters. When the chips are down, it’s fairly certain that neither will give any quarter to the Destroyers. Not a lot of cause for optimism, is there?

  • Hardcastle

    An excellent assessment of the situation from all above.I am afraid it is a natural development through which advanced societies progress until they disintegrate.History illustrates that all the great civilisations of the past became complacent, immoral and decadent and were easy meat for more focused,determined and mentally strong ethnic groups.The most obvious outcomes are civil wars which we are not at all likely to win or just continued gradual decline .Our generation sees the problem and knows what needs to be done but we are older and have no longer the power or the energy.The present generation seem unable to see what lies ahead and are too consumed with material nonsense and also unable, I think ,to endure the emotional and physical challenge required.

  • A Thorpe

    I haven’t read the decline and fall but I suspect this could apply to the Roman Empire and it is updated to our more advanced civilisation. But it surely cannot be wrong for the human race to share ideas which results in a better life for all. It is perhaps that ideas do not spread and get adopted quicker that results in the “four cultures”. Rome allowed its military to become weak and NATO seems to be the same. It only exists because the USA is still prepared to fund most of it. Our advanced cultures need energy, materials and skills. The UK was ideally placed to lead the industrial revolution, we had coal, iron and the ideas to industrialise. Now we don’t have the energy because of the ridiculous green agenda, we don’t have the materials and our education system is a failure. On top of that we are not self sufficient in food. We expect the good life to continue and everybody believes they are entitled to it as a right. We fail to accept that it has to be paid for and we cannot import what we do not have unless we have something to sell. Living on debt only works for a short time. Europe is failing because it expects to be paid more for goods that can be produced cheaper elsewhere. This is the challenge that modern civilisations have to face. Until quite recently most people saw little change in their lives. Change is now too rapid for failing countries to adapt and of course there are too many people wanting the limited resources.

  • Stillreading

    A very real problem is that the young – and by that I mean the majority of indigenous European residents below the age of about 40 – have no idea of what life used to be like before the “swinging sixties”. Most of us who were young adults in that era adults took for granted that unless we were amongst the very few sufficiently privileged to go to university (I was not one) or entered nursing training (when discipline, including what you did in your spare time, was draconian) we lived at home with our parents until we’d saved enough to establish our own home, either by taking out a mortgage or renting. We had no luxuries and very few indulgencies. The vast majority of us looked upon the antics of the “flower people” with their “free love” and their LSD with bafflement. In the main, even if we were not technically celibate, we avoided pregnancy until we were married. And there was no pill or contraceptive implant in those days! To have a baby outside marriage was an appalling disgrace, often resulting in ostracism from society and exclusion from the parental home. We and, in many cases, our children, are the tough generations. We look with despair upon the physical and emotional self-indulgence of our grandchildren’s generation. Very little we can say makes any impression, so we quietly despair as we see them actively conspiring to bring about their, and their children’s, downfall. Doubtless the seniors of previous flourishing but self-indulgent cultures – the Ancient Greeks, the Ancient Egyptians, the Romans – similarly observed, similarly condemned, and were similarly impotent. There’s nothing we of the older generations can do except observe despairingly and console ourselves as far as we are able with the knowledge that we probably won’t be around when the worst comes to pass. Because it will.

  • Julia Green

    Brilliant! And so bloody true.

  • Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace : 1958 (Full)

    When these visionary writers speak, they are palpably the opposite of egomaniacs.

    The linked YouTube video is an excellent example. US/UK TV no longer have interviews of this quality.

    Imagine someone with Huxley’s intelligence being allowed to discuss egalitarianism, racism, Islam, diversity, etc., on mainstream TV.

  • Eric Legge

    Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace : 1958 (Full) –

  • Judd

    Just read that superb analysis out to wifey, her reaction…’scarily accurate’, i agree.

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