December 2023
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Poor, oppressed Palestinians get ……….. a fantastic new shopping mall!

(Wednesday blog)

A question for you

Here’s a shiny new Western-style shopping mall which opened just a couple of months ago:

It’s called the Lacasa Mall. But can you guess in which peaceful, prosperous town it has been built?

Yup, you’re right. It’s in Ramallah on the West Bank.

The lefties keep screaming and howling about how the Israelis oppress and impoverish the poor downtrodden Palestinians. But it seems that the Dubai investment company that built this brand new shopping mall knows a bit more about what is happening in the West Bank than dumb-ass, brainwashed, snowflake, Western, Israel-loathing, anti-semitic lefties. I rather doubt the investors would have built the mall if the West Bank was an impoverished, bombed-out sht*t-hole like the lefties claim.

And, while we’re on the subject of dumb-ass, brainwashed, snowflake, Western Israel-loathing, anti-semitic lefties, here’s a nice photo of the “Squad” – the four (IMHO) Jew-hating, West-hating, white-hating congresswomen Trump labeled the “four horsewomen of the Apocalypse”


Who has killed the most Palestinians?

Here’s another question for you. In the last 8 years, who has killed the most Palestinians – Israelis or other Arabs?

As lefties and the UN and all other such groups have been busy issuing one poisonous statement after another against Israel, a report released by the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria revealed that 250 Palestinian children have been killed in Syria since the beginning of the civil war in 2011.

According to the report, 128 children died under shelling; 15 were fatally shot by snipers; 11 were gunned down; two children were tortured to death; 22 drowned at sea while fleeing Syria; 22 others were killed in car explosions, and 35 died due to the blockade and medical neglect. Another 14 children died of other causes, including burns, suffocation, run-over accidents, and abduction.

The group pointed out that the total number of Palestinians killed in Syria since 2011 now stands at 3,989.

This 3,989 Palestinian deaths is slightly higher than the 3,529 Palestinians killed by Israelis over the same period. Ooops – another inconvenient truth that the lefties would rather that people didn’t know.

But there’s an important difference between the 3,529 Palestinians killed by the Israelis and the 3,989 killed in Syria. From what little I understand from the news and videos (on a website I dare not mention), the Israelis killed Palestinians while trying to defend their tiny country from total annihilation, whereas the Palestinians killed in Syria were killed because gentlemen from our favouritest religion rather enjoy killing each other.


Welcome to the Lacasa Mall

Anyway, here’s a very brief video of the opening of the Lacasa Mall. I don’t think we’ll see the BBC News or C4 mentioning the opening of the Lacasa Mall. They’re too busy hurling abuse at Israel and bleating about those poor oppressed Palestinians…….

2 comments to Poor, oppressed Palestinians get ……….. a fantastic new shopping mall!

  • Julia Green

    You couldn’t make it up.

  • tomsks

    Thing is mate, like the geezer who claimed a Palestinian genocide by Israel, I proved to him how much the Palestinian population had grown since 1967 thus ridiculing his genocide claim, they just dont want to know, the truth is inconvenient, they are not interested in it. They just hate Israel and the jews and they dont want to change, it would be a sign of weakness to change, what would their friends think, its also spiritual I think, a satanic hatred within their hearts. They proclaim boycott BDS but they may boycott tomatoes and soap but non throw away their iphones or other Israeli tec. genius, mediactions etc, they are simply useful idiots who when not needed anymore should it get that far , be thrown off the roof of a building.

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