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Let’s all grovel to the Greenies

(Tuesday blog)

C’mon baby light my fire

Aaaarrrggghhh!!! The Amazon rain forest is burning! The Earth is on fire! The Earth’s lungs are being destroyed! We’re all going to die!

And it’s all our fault ‘cos we in the West are eating too much beef. Thus spake a greeny eco-loon from Greenpeace on the BBC News yesterday morning much to the approval of the two dumb-ass, woke, holier-than-thou, libtard, BBC presenters.

But hold on a minute? Isn’t there something the can’t-think-for-themselves, brain-washed, BBC eco-ass-holes seem to have forgotten? Isn’t there something they haven’t mentioned? (Regular readers will know what’s coming next)

Yup, here it is – a graph of Brazil’s explosive population growth:

In 1960 there were around 50 million Brazilians. By 1980, there were over 100 million. By 2010, there were about 200 million. Now there are around 210 million Brazilians. By 2050, there could easily be 400 million Brazilians!

(I’ve only been to Brazil twice. First as a tourist when I was mugged and robbed twice on my first day. The second time I was there on business and wasn’t mugged or robbed as I had an armed guard)

Anyway, while the population of the developed West is declining and meat consumption is actually going down, the meat-eating population of violent, corrupt, Third-World dump Brazil is exploding. And tens of millions more Brazilians eating more meat inevitably leads to pressure to cut and burn down more forest to bring more land into cultivation.

Umm, so maybe it’s not really our fault in the West after all? Maybe it’s the Brazilians who are to blame? But to suggest that a rapidly-increasing Brazilian population is actually to blame for the rain-forest destruction would be politically-incorrect. If anyone did dare mention this , they would immediately be branded by the BBC and C4 News as racist and colonialist and neo-colonialist and fascist and imperialist and white-supremacist and fascist and a few other ‘ists’ I probably haven’t heard of yet.

Thus there is total silence. Nobody in the mainstream media dares contradict a Greeny eco-loon when they are interviewed. Instead the Greeny supposed ‘experts’ are encouraged to paint the worst possible scenario in order to terrify us ignorant plebs into submission. Thus nobody dares suggest a little bit less f**king and a little more birth control in Brazil. To suggest this in today’s Big Brother environment of political correctness would be career suicide.

The real inconvenient truth?

Again, regular readers will know what comes next. Yawn, yes here it is again – the graph of slow population decline in advanced, wealthy, prosperous Europe vs explosive population growth in blighted, poverty-stricken, excrement-covered Africa:

As Brazil and Africa and many other utter sh*t-holes have shown – rapid population growth leads to massive environmental destruction, poverty and crime. This, in turn, leads to millions trying to flee the hell-holes their own stupidity and ignorance have created. And where will they flee too? Of course, they’ll flood into the developed West which they will then reduce to the same excrement-covered hell-holes from which they have come.

Silence from Saint Greta

Isn’t it wonderful. Saint Greta – patron saint of scientifically-challenged, brainwashed snowflakes – is somewhere in the Atlantic on a multi-million dollar yacht and so we haven’t heard any of her garbage for over a week now. Talking of Saint Greta, here’s a picture a reader alerted me to:

The picture is called Dulle Griet (in English that would be Dull Greta or maybe Stupid Greta). Dull Greta was also known as Mad Meg and is a figure of Flemish folklore who is the subject of a 1563 oil-on-panel by Flemish Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The painting depicts a virago, Dulle Griet, who leads an army of women to pillage Hell.

Of course, there is no resemblance at all between Saint Greta the Crazy and Dull Greta (Mad Meg) in the picture.

5 comments to Let’s all grovel to the Greenies

  • A Thorpe

    It isn’t just the media grovelling to the green agenda, it is the politicians as well. Paxman is telling us why our politicians are so crap next week. Should be interesting. The media refers to wildfires in Brazil but a majority are human caused but have become out of control.

    It seems to me that it is not just population growth, it is because it is coupled with a belief in an entitlement to the best life can offer without having to work for it. This applies everywhere. Somebody else is expected to pay.

    The greens want us to limit our consumption but how many future generations do they expect will need to share our resources and how much can we consume. They don’t seem to know. I am watching WW2 in numbers and it is astonishing to see the number of planes, tanks and warships produced together with the number of people involved in their production. The economies were booming. There was no limit to production and a government demand for products, but in peace time there has to be a demand for goods at a price that people can afford and are prepared to pay. Automation is reducing jobs when we need more. The consumer economy is not working for our increasing population. It is fine for those at the top but not for those with the entitlement for immediate gratification and they are now the largest in number and coming to take what they want.

  • William Boreham

    The population of white folk is declining in every country where they were once either the sole inhabitants or overwhelming majority. Whether it’s the USA, Russia or Europe, the disastrous state of affairs is the same. A new and permanent Dark Age is approaching fast and our grandchildren will experience the beginning in their lifetimes. All this became inevitable when Britain and France decided to start a world war by giving an utterly foolish pledge in March 39 to come to the aid of Poland, a military dictatorship we had no historical connection with and a pledge we had nether the will or means to honour

  • Roy Hartwell

    Interestingly, Up to 800,000 hectares of the unique Chiquitano forest were burned to the ground in Bolivia between August 18 and August 23. That’s more forest than is usually destroyed across the country in two years.
    This hasn’t been reported (at least in the same depth as Brazil) in the MSM. Why ? It surely can’t be because Bolivian President Evo Morales happens to be a socialist and darling of the Eco-fascists !

  • Stillreading

    How wonderfully informative this blog is! Even I, “Climate Change” sceptic as I am, was nevertheless outraged by news at the weekend of the current burning of of the Amazonian forests and its very real potential for upsetting the world’s carbon balance, attributing it almost entirely to greed on the part of industrial farmers in response to the developed world’s demand for soya, mainly for cattle feed. Irrespective of the carbon issue, to destroy on this scale an area of the world so rich in vegetable and animal life is unforgivable and inexcusable. I was totally ignorant of the exponential growth of the Brazilian population, which adds a totally new dimension to the issue, one which as you say, the media have chosen not to discuss. Interesting comment too from Roy Hartwell on the radio silence with regard to Bolivia – thank you. An incidental – just been listening on R4 to a fascinating discussion on the evolution of the English language and how it came to include so many words of Saxon (German) origin. The point was made that invasion need not be violent – the invaders merely come in sufficient numbers to take over unchallenged and impose their own laws and mores on the indigenous population. Lesson to be learned anyone? Sounds very like population replacement to me!

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