July 2024

The great Brexit betrayal

(Tuesday blog)

I’m currently working on my own video about the Great Brexit Betrayal.

But it seems the wonderfully eloquent Pat Condell got there before me.


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  • Stillreading

    Superb! Should be compulsory viewing for all the leftie libtard Europhiles!

    On an unrelated topic, we hear this a.m. that in one part of the UK police plan to ride around on the top decks of double-decker buses in order to identify and prosecute motorists using mobile phones while driving. Although use of a phone – including in my view hands-free – distracts the driver and therefore is likely to contribute to an accident, surely Plod would be better employed getting to grips with so-called low-level antisocial behaviour and crime, activities which if disregarded by Law Enforcers inevitably lead to more serious crime?

  • chris

    From Robin Tilbrook on the Judicial Review of TM’s unlawful agreements with the EU:

    “As a result of the generous support that patriots have given us, we have now been able to instruct Counsel to draft a comprehensive and devastating response to the Government’s ‘Grounds of Resistance’.

    Curiously, the Government’s Grounds of Resistance were drafted by James Eadie QC, who is the same QC that the Government used in drafting their Grounds of Resistance to the Gina Miller case.

    It was interesting that in that case too Mr Eadie’s Grounds of Resistance wildly inflated the strength of the Government’s position. He even claimed that it was unconstitutional for the court to consider Gina Miller’s case! Needless to say, the court disagreed with his Grounds of Resistance at every opportunity.

    I think that the court should also disagree with Mr Eadie’s Grounds of Resistance in our case. Interestingly he did not even attempt to deal with some of our case’s strongest points!

    This case now becoming known DESPITE the national media blackout on it. It was mentioned on Question Time this week.

    We have now pushed for an early preliminary decision on the case and will push for the earliest possible hearing date. I think it helps to remember that in the Gina Miller case, from where we are now, it was about five weeks before the court heard the case.

    So, we have a limited time to raise the sums necessary to fight the case if we are to save the democratic mandate of 17.4 million people. The future of this case and our country’s sovereignty is reliant on your support and contributions.

    We have at last, a chink of light at the end of this very long Brexit tunnel so let us not blow it and allow the treacherous politicians off the hook through lack of money. Weaponise your anger by donating and really fighting back.

    As things stand, this case is the only realistic chance of getting us out of the EU. It is now crystal clear that left to herself, Theresa May will eventually get her fake and traitorous withdrawal “deal” through Parliament.”

  • A Thorpe

    He’s right of course. Our servants are our masters. We have always been slaves, to monarchs, war lords and dictators. Democracy is a complete sham. The suffragettes should not have campaigned for a vote, they should have campaigned for our freedom from the state. The state will always control us. It has to do because it needs our money to achieve its ideological aims. Universal suffrage gave the state more power because the masses have become addicted to state support. Humans thrive on independence. We need a small state and freedom in the libertarian sense. Some might call it capitalism and object because of the issues described in the video. We have state controlled capitalism. They encourage large companies which limit competition. True capitalism is based on competition. There is no point in voting the present lot out as suggested. They will only be replaced by more of the same. We need to get rid of the lot of them. But as always we are where we are and getting rid of them is a big step to take.

  • QuizlingsAllofem

    It seems the Dirty Snakes that have taken over the UK in their sly coup have been up to all sorts of tricks with our military,intelligence services and our money, disgraceful that our politicians are part of this..

  • The Agenda 2030 Of Death

    For the globalists to implement Agenda 21, the general public must be tricked. Here are 6 lies that are necessary to be believed for the populous to go along with Agenda 21, Agenda 2010 or Sustainable Development. Everyone should understand how these lies spell the demise of freedom and usher in a subhuman life of sameness and ignorance.

  • FreedomLost

    “Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished.”
    Lord Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) in his book The Impact of Science on Society (1952)

  • QuizlingsAllofem

    The Globalists HATE BREXIT everything will be used against us:
    They demand mass IMMIGRATION to destroy our identity, we cannot be allowed Sovereignty. We that support Brexit must be destroyed. In their own words:

    Donald Tusk: “Special place in hell for Brexiteers without a plan.”

    Mr Tusk has it the wrong way round, he is the Godless Cultural Marxist not me.

    ‘2030 Agenda’: Latest UN Plan for World Government

  • TreasonMayisRevolting

    Even Piers Corbyn’s brother is for BREXIT , come on yes even the Labour Party supporters are getting behind BREXIT.

    #NoDealBrexit is becoming #ManagedWTObrexit
    – because the EU, various EU governments, the UK govt and
    port authorities have already taken steps to deal with and solved many post-Brexit issues in line with WTO rules. The EU may or may not agree a UK-EU deal (which could be a rubber stamp of the practical steps those, like the port authorities, who actually do useful work have done). Right now we’re heading for a #WTOBrexit which is good.May’s Deal is #BRINO=Brexit-In-Name-Only, imprisoning UK in EU diktat.
    WTOBrexit is DEMOCRATIC – LeaveEU was agreed in Referendum.
    WTOBrexit keeps OUR Laws, Borders, Money and Rights
    WTOBrexit saves UK £39bn pa payments to EU (~£2kpa/£40pw per family)
    WTOBrexit removes EU tariffs & brings down a lot of food and other prices.
    WTOBrexit means UK keeps our fish from EU plunder
    WTOBrexit means we can break out of the EVIL #EUTS – EU Emissions Trading Scheme – designed to destroy and asset strip UK industry.

  • loppoman

    Well done, Pat.
    Beautifully summed up.
    You’ve hit the bullseye again.
    Please don’t give up.

  • GoodNews

    Judge declares Brexit delay illegal.

    The government has agreed to extend “exit day” to 12 April or, if the Withdrawal Agreement is passed, to 22 May 2019. In trying to force Parliament to agree to this unilateral act, taken without prior parliamentary approval, it may be that the government has acted illegally.

    What is the legal status of the UK government’s apparent agreement with the EU to postpone “Brexit date” until 12 April or 22 May 2019 under Article 50(3) of the TEU? Its acceptance of postponements of the Brexit date places it in a highly unsatisfactory legal position.

  • TonyBliarRealtyFundsandsons

    Uk Military Testing kills 50000 animals, testing Bio and Chemical weapons.
    Where is the RSPCA and PETA the Animal Rights nutcases on this . Oh yes I forgot they are just Globo UK ,US Govt. front organisations out to persecute and beat us down when its not the Govt killing and to filch as much out of us as they can for the huge fake Charity Industry.

  • Don’t vote for any candidate put up by the three main parties. Vote for the most respectable independent candidate. Nothing short of draining that swamp will suffice. The only worthwhile campaign is to get rid of this fixed party system.

  • john bull

    UK Globalists betraying Venezuela..

    We are seeing the last, desperate efforts in a saga that shames the US, EU and U.K. Solidarity with the Venezuelan people against a US backed coup.

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