July 2024

How the liberal “sore losers” are trashing democracy

(Tuesday blog)

It’s a bit early in the morning to think deep thoughts. So instead, I’d just like to touch on something that I find deeply troubling but probably won’t explain terribly well.

Extraordinary things are happening in both the UK and the US. And they are both very similar. The progressive, virtue-signalling, liberal elites in both countries are refusing to accept that they lost the argument in 2016 and are prepared to totally trash democracy and make their countries world-wide laughing stocks in order to overturn election results they didn’t like.

UK – Brexit never meant Brexit

In 2016 we had the EU Remain/Leave Referendum. The Leave side won by 17.4 million votes to the Remain’s 16.1 million. In a democracy, it’s normal for the losers to accept the result with good grace and to move on. Of course, this is not what happened. Instead the Remain sore losers started screaming that the result was unfair (because they lost). Then we were bombarded with a huge turgid pile of excuses of why the result was unfair:

  • the Leave side lied to the voters
  • the Leave side spent more money than allowed
  • people didn’t know what they were voting for
  • older people shouldn’t have been allowed to vote
  • the Russians interfered in the vote
  • we need another vote in case people have changed their minds
  • etc etc etc

These excuses totally ignored the fact that the Government spent £9 million of taxpayers’ money trying to rig the result by sending pro-Remain propaganda to every household in Britain:

Moreover, the Remainers ran a constant Project Fear campaign vomiting lie after lie after lie about the economic disaster and hundreds of thousands of lost jobs that would follow a vote to leave. The Remainers also enlisted Saint Obama to threaten us with dire trade consequences if we dared to disobey the orders of the ruling elites by voting to leave the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic, globalist EU.

We were promised the Government would implement what we voted for:

But it was all lies – the progressive, globalist, liberal elites never intended to let us leave the EU and have successfully waged a 3-year campaign to sabotage Brexit and keep us in the EU.

Of course, you all know this. But what is perhaps more worrying is that we see an almost mirror image of this situation in the US.

USA – Clinton was meant to win

Again, let’s go back to 2016. The US presidential elections. Everyone assumed Clinton would win. After all, every single mainstream media in the US and abroad backed the Establishment candidate, Clinton, and she spent (I think) about 5 times more on her bid than Trump could manage.

But when Trump won (as with the Leave side winning in Britain) the sore-loser liberal elites immediately started screaming that the result was ‘unfair’. Then the US public were bombarded with a huge turgid pile of excuses of why the result was unfair:

  • Clinton won the popular vote
  • the only people voting for Trump were bigoted racists (the deplorables)
  • older people voted Trump and destroyed the future of young Americans

But the biggest excuse of all was, of course:

  • the Russians interfered in the vote

The Clintonites, naturally, chose to not mention the many millions poured into the Clintons’ already bulging bank accounts by the Gulf Arabs and what they expected in return for their generosity. They never mentioned that it was the Arabs, rather than the Russians, who actually interfered in the campaign.

Then, just as in Britain, we had a massive 3-year campaign by the sore-loser (misleadingly named) ‘Democrats’ to overturn the result of the election. In the US this consisted of a witch hunt trying to establish that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian Government to interfere in the presidential election. For 3 years the mainstream US media were howling “collusion, collusion, collusion” to try to overturn an election result they didn’t agree with.

But now, that it has been proven that there was no collusion, the liberal elites still can’t accept that they lost the argument in 2016. So, instead of accusing Trump of collusion, they’re going for “obstruction of justice”. Incredibly, they’re claiming that Trump somehow broke the law by allegedly preventing an investigation into a crime that never happened. We are moving into a mad world that only someone like Kafka could have imagined

It’s the same the whole world over

So what? Why have I just wasted several minutes of your lives with this?

It’s because I believe we have entered a new era in politics. This is an era where Democracy is dead because the progressive, liberal, globalist, bureaucratic elites believe that only they know what is good for us deplorable, bigoted, narrow-minded, racist ordinary people. Therefore they are convinced they have the right to ignore and/or overturn the results of any elections that don’t go their way.

Whether it’s about immigration, Izlumification, economics, globalisation, the environment or whatever, the progressive, globalist, libtard elites feel they can ignore the views of ordinary voters.

That’s a very dangerous situation which could lead to a massive and possibly violent (as we see in France with the gilets jaunes protestors) backlash from those ordinary people the elites despise so much for their ‘wrong-thought’ and ‘wrong-votes’.

4 comments to How the liberal “sore losers” are trashing democracy

  • Julia Green

    Not for much longer, the wheels are coming off the globalist caravan everywhere, as long as we keep up the good fight!

  • chris

    Remainers in the UK and Democrats in the US offer no positive benefits for their point of view. Why would anyone vote for them? Now the EU is gearing up for a trade agreement with the US. I suspect it will not end well for the EU and unless we Leave the EU it will be bad for us too. The German car industry is already in trouble. The US is a very big export market but France wants to protect its agriculture from US manufacturers. I hope you’re right Julia

  • Alan Thorpe

    I agree with the theory but it is not just the liberal elites that are trashing democracy, it is the masses. This has come about initially because of universal suffrage. The masses understood that democracy is a system to give them representation and a means to make a decision which they have to accept. This has been changed to a belief that democracy gives them the right to have what they voted for. Social media has given them an additional voice to strengthen their vote. The media and in particular TV gives them another voice. Saying something on social media and TV now makes it true. How many have appeared on Question Time and denied the statements made in Camron’s leaflet that you reference above?

    The liberal elites also do not respect democracy. They never have. They have used it to maintain power over us for well over 150 years and universal suffrage increase that power because they tricked the masses into believing that they had a say in decisions.

    All governments give in to protesters when they think it does not matter which is why equality and human rights has become important. The protesters have the high moral ground and governments give in rather the face unrest.

    In the case of Brexit, the majority of MPs did not support it and did not believe we would vote for it. They would never have allowed the referendum had they thought we would vote leave. Their hypocrisy has now been revealed. They say they respect a democratic vote because they have no option since to say otherwise is a message saying they have total power over us. The support they have from the masses who also do not respect democracy has encouraged them to prevent Brexit but the result is complete chaos because not one of them can yet say they do not respect the vote because that would reveal they believe in a dictatorship. They support the EU which is effectively the same a dictatorship.

    In parallel with this we have the climate change nonsense where a majority of the population do not have a clue about science and will believe a 16 year old girl or an old fool on the BBC.

  • david brown

    A slight dissent from this. Since the end of World War the vote has changed things such as the Attlee Labor government which set up the NHS. The Thatcher government reversed Britons economic decline. Its removal of exchange controls enabled the City of London the become the worlds biggest global financial center.
    A former governor of the Bank of England said in the 1970 we had an economic crisis now we have a constitutional crisis.
    This became about because Treason May set out from the start to sabotage Brexit. I posted many times in 2017 early 2018 on Telegraph that on this premise all her actions make perfect sense , nine months to send notice of leave giving time for legal challenges. Up to hear attempts to conceal the Irish back stop and customs union would keep us subservient to the,
    When Trump was here as can be found on BBC website he told Treason May against her 39 billion so called deal with the EU we should make a counter claim for the damage they did to our agriculture and fishing grounds – sue them for trillions.
    As to Trump winning against all odds maybe Franklin Graham , soon of Billy was right when he said “God had a hand in this election”

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