July 2024

Maybe only Boris can save the Tories from electoral oblivion?

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To paraphrase Lady Bracknell: “To commit political suicide once is unfortunate, to commit political suicide twice starts to look like carelessness”.

But incredibly, that’s what the useless, infighting, self-immolating Tories seem to be doing.

Political suicide Number 1

The worthless, scheming Tories’ first attempt at committing political suicide came from promising to implement the result of the 2016 EU Leave/Remain Referendum and then spending 3 years deliberately sabotaging Brexit in order to keep us in their beloved German-controlled Fourth Reich (aka the EU). The Tories lied and lied and lied and lied to us. Theresa May promised over 106 times that “no deal was better than a bad deal” and then abandonned any pretence of leaving the EU on WTO terms. Most of the other Tory scumbags kept saying they would “honour the result of the Referendum” while doing everything in their power to block Brexit. You know who you are – liars and traitors

But enough of that. You all know the details of what happened and how the Establishment betrayed the votes of 17.4 million people.

Following their lies and betrayal of their Brexit promises, the Tories are loathed by millions of former Conservative voters. The pointless Tories hope that fear of Mad Jeremy Corbyn and the extraordinary Diane Abbott will coerce voters to hold their noses and vote Conservative at the next election. I believe they have seriously misjudged widespread public fury and that millions will never forget and never forgive. I believe the Tory Party truly has committed political suicide.

If I was Crazy Jeremy Corbyn, I’d already be surfing the Internet for new curtains and furniture for Number 10.

Political suicide Number 2

There is, however, one slim hope for the Tories. That would be to replace the ghastly, incompetent, ever-capitulating Theresa May with a new charismatic leader who could attract voters. Looking at the contenders to be the next Tory leader, one is hardly excited about our country’s future:

Of course, there’s also Michael Gove:

A (IMHO) lying, self-serving, untrustworthy, scheming political rat who is about as inspiring and charismatic as a cow fart.

And not forgetting the Mekon:Some Tories apparently believe that if they choose the Mekon, they’ll get the Religion of Peace block vote of at least three times as many votes as there are Religion of Peace voters. Sorry to disappoint Tory strategists, but the Religion of Peace block vote of possibly 10 million votes from 3 million voters will stay firmly with Israel-hating, Hezbollah-loving Labour.

But there is one contender who stands head and shoulders above this bunch of twopenny-halfpenny political pygmies. That’s Boris Johnson:

Twice Johnson won the mayoral election in strongly Labour London where only one in three voters is ethnic white British. That’s an incredible achievement. And Boris Johnson won because he is positive, charismatic and radiates optimism. Of course, he often blunders. But he can guard against this by surrounding himself with intelligent advisers. However, looking at the Tory candidates for PM, Boris Johnson is (IMHO) the only one who could possibly go against someone with Nigel Farage’s personal appeal.

Of course, you may not agree with me. But let’s just assume for a moment that Boris Johnson is the only hope the worthless, dishonest and incompetent Tories have of avoiding oblivion at the next general election, what are the Tories doing about getting him into position?

Ah yes, I remember. The risible Tories are plotting a “stop Boris” campaign. They’re actively looking for ways to prevent their only credible candidate from becoming Tory leader. They’d rather have a charisma-free nonentity than Boris Johnson, probably because they’re all charisma-free nonentities and are envious of Johnson’s popularity.

And that’s the Tories’ second act of political suicide – deliberately preventing their most electable candidate from becoming the next PM.

Bye Bye Tories – you’ve really done a double clusterf**k and hopefully you’ll be deservedly consigned to the dustbin of history at the next election.

Oh, and here’s another prediction I’ll make: if Corbyn does win the next election due to the Tories’ double self-immolation, Labour will lower the voting age to 17 or even 16 thus ensuring they get the schoolchildren’s snowflake vote and remain in power in perpetuity or at least till they’ve reduced once great Britain to the Venezuela of Europe. Then we’ll really need someone like Farage, who believes in Britain, to rescue us.

To cheer us all up

Americans aren’t great at satire. But here’s a reasonable attempt. Enjoy “The Day Collusion Died”:


7 comments to Maybe only Boris can save the Tories from electoral oblivion?

  • Stillreading

    Wonderfully accurate summary of current politics in the UK. It’s unlikely any of the contenders named, given as they are to delusions of grandeur and their own capabilities, will endorse Boris as Tory leader. There must be millions of the electorate who feel, as do I, utterly betrayed by Treason May and for whom Boris, with all his faults, represents the sole step out of a malodorous mire of the Party’s own making but it seems they still can’t see it. Barring, therefore, a miracle from Nigel Farage we are inevitably condemned to a decade or more of the Commie Corbyn/Abbott alliance, by which time our once proud nation will have sunk virtually without trace or any chance of ever re-surfacing. What a disgrace to our country Corbyn is! We hear this morning that he’s declined an invitation to dine at the Palace when our Monarch entertains Trump during his State visit. This from a man who has associated with and eaten with representatives of known terrorist organisations. Yet the ill-educated, screen-obsessed, selfie-taking, teenage snowflakes, with no experience of real life, will vote for him in their hundreds of thousands when, as you rightly say he will, he reduces the voting age to 16 or 17.

  • david brown

    1984 IRA Brighton bomb kills five was intended to kill Prime Minister Thatcher.A few days later Corbyn invited Gary Adams key player to meet him at the House of Commons.
    This Easter Sunday Corbyn was talking about the plight of refuges code for saying Labor will bring in large numbers of none EU migrants.

  • Stillreading

    I chatted this morning in the High Street with a Tory candidate who was canvassing for the local elections, a pleasant man whom I know tries to do his best for local Council Tax payers. I was happy to promise him my vote but said that I couldn’t possibly vote Tory in a General Election, given Treason May’s deplorable performance. He could only agree and readily acknowledged that the Party will suffer a wipe-out at the next General Election. He holds May and the rest of those who have failed to deliver on a democratically won Referendum totally responsible. No doubt he was merely reflecting the views of thousands of Tory candidates throughout England.

  • sandyl

    Forget Boris he too is a Shill just as bad as Theresa May if elected. Scrap the Tories, I will never vote for them again,never they have shown their true colours.Once bitten twice shy? how about 100o bites , how many times do we let the Toryies stab us in the back. Not me never.

  • chris

    The Tories have been useful idiots for EU despots and Globalists. TM does not care what happens to the Tories, her own future is assured in the EU (and outside the UK) and, for her, real success will be the annexation of the UK directly to the EU, no vote no voice. The intention is to asset strip. First the Military because we have Trident, Porton Down, Intel withe 5 eyes (although that might be jeopardised now) and a lot of expensive militart hardware to inject into the EU Army. Second; industry, BAE and a lot of IT capability. Third; fisheries. Finally, The City. I believe the UK is the world’s 5th largest economy. In my view, theft of our nation’s assets is prize driving TM.

    So. Instead of arguing about how to rearrange the Titanic’s deck chairs (Conservative vs Labour vs Brexit Party), how about a re-focus on what might get us out of this ‘Leave’ mess?

    Robin Tilbrook has made an formal legal application for a Judicial Review o Theresa May’s unlawful handling of the first Art 50 extension. If the case is successful we will have already left the EU on the 29th March 2019.

    Barry Legg of the Bruges Grouphas similarly applied to the Court for a Judicial Review of the 2nd Art 50 extension. These people are unsung heroes and their applications need public support.

    These legal cases are the real hope for our future outside the EU but MSM has been instructed not to report it, perhaps because another stitch up is planned by the establishment. I suspect even Google is diverting searches. Just search for Robin Tilbrook. The Mail and Express stopped reporting on this 2 weeks ago but the Case is very much alive.

    Both cases are strong but will the judiciary buckle to political pressure? Will we have an unbribable judge? Or a judge with no secret peccadillos?

    Unfortunately the MSM black-out will also just make it easier for an unjust outcome.

  • John Bull

    Johnny Mercer should be our Prime Minister, he has lifted the lid , he is OUR MAN.See below what he has let us know.

    As Theresa May deflects our attention, she is quietly committing British Defence Forces to the EU Defence Union

    George Soros, Ed Miliband at the Munich Security Confrence,
    Deutsche Bank,Saudi and China!!!!.No members of Parliament except creepy Milliband and May they are all puppets doing what they are told.They control our Defence Policy.
    Just what the HELL is going on.
    Who else was there . Joe Biden,Special ops Mossad,George Osborne,Polish F.O. Raytheon, Airbus,Dutch F.O. Morroccan F.O. BBC, Goldman Sachs,Nato,Stoltenberg,

  • John Bull

    I have tried to post the above article about the Munich Security Conference in the main stream online newspaper comments section, all were deleted .So they are all under control same as our politicians.

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