July 2024

It’s not just us filthy unbeliever infidels who will be killed

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

In my most recent blog, I featured a learned cleric from our most loveliest religion explaining that non-believers had four choices – convert, be oppressed, be enslaved or be killed. I even suggested that this cleric, who had probably studied the Koran for more than forty years, possibly knew more about his religion than British libtards desperately trying to come up with such a broad definition of Izlumophobia that free speech would be impossible.

I must apologise if this gave the impression that it was only worse than pigs and apes unbelievers who were targets for a bit of a bashing from the world’s most peacefullest religion.

For hundreds of years, a schism in Christianity left Catholics and Protestants torturing and murdering each other in quite a variety of unpleasant ways. Similarly a schism between Sunnis and Shiites has led to members of the peacefullest most tolerantest religion also slaughtering each other in fairly high numbers.

Just to illustrate, here’s a ‘heartwarming’ story from Sunni Saudi Arabia.

This is 6-year-old Zakaria Al-Jaber

Or at least this was Zakaria Al-Jaber. I imagine he doesn’t look quite the same since he was beheaded by a Sunni taxi driver.

Multiple sources provide conflicting reports regarding the details of the boy’s murder, but all are consistent in the claim that the child was beheaded using broken glass in front of his mother.

According to Shia Rights Watch, Zakaria Al-Jaber and his mother had taken a taxi to a shrine in Medina, and when they arrived an “unknown man approached them” and asked if they were Shiite Muslims.

The mother reportedly said “yes”.

Activists report that minutes after this conversation a car stopped by the woman and pulled the child away from her and attacked him with a broken piece of glass. Witnesses report that Zakaria Al-Jaber was beheaded from behind as mother watched and screamed.

Shia Rights Watch claims that no bystanders intervened. Whether this was because they were afraid of being hurt, were filming the beheading on their mobile phones or were quite pleased to see a Shiite getting murdered is not clear.

According “sources close to the family,” the perpetrator was the taxi driver who stopped the car and “forced the boy out near a coffee shop in the Al-Tilal neighborhood.” The driver then allegedly smashed a glass bottle to obtain a shard of glass, which he then used to slash the boy’s throat, and stab him.

The traumatized mother is said to have tried to stop the driver from attacking the boy but fainted.

Clearly the Saudi authorities have been learning from European leaders as they quickly issued a statement declaring that the boy’s murderer had ‘mental health issues’. Therefore, as the murderer had these ‘mental health issues’, the beheading obviously had nothing to do with any religion.

These ‘mental health issues’ really seem to be occurring ever more frequently in ever more countries.

I wonder why?

3 comments to It’s not just us filthy unbeliever infidels who will be killed

  • DoucheBank

    Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the CDU’s new leader, makes pointed comments about learning from Angela Merkel’s mistake.

    “We have made it clear that we will do everything we can to ensure that 2015 [when nearly 1 million refugees entered Germany] won’t ever be repeated,” Ms Kramp-Karrenbauer said on Monday.

    “We must make clear that we have learnt our lesson.”

  • Enoch was RIGHT.


  • Stillreading

    Now we hear that one of the schoolgirls who fled the UK 4 years ago to join ISIS has decided she’d rather like to return to England for a bit of NHS care while she produces her next mini-Jihad, the two she’s already produced having apparently already succumbed terminally to malnourishment and disease. And I suppose that, being the Libtard PC idiots we collectively are as a nation, we’ll let her back and pay for her “rehabilitation”. This despite her having already said she doesn’t regret what she’s done and speaks dispassionately about seeing decapitated bodies lying about and heads in bins!

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