July 2024

How do you negotiate with a useless drunk like Juncker?

(Monday blog)

I don’t have any stories today, so here are a few excruciating examples of the absurd behaviour of the useless drunk who currently rules over about 500 million Europeans.

Sometimes, I feel a bit sorry for the lying, treacherous hopeless May. After all, how can you negotiate anything with a useless drunk like Juncker? And then there’s the added difficulty that Juncker is just an impotent puppet of Germany as the EU is really run by European Commission Secretary-General Martin Selmayr whose grandfather was a high-ranking Nazi officer deeply involved in the slaughter of about 20 million Russians.

Then there are further complications. Most of May’s supposed ‘negotiating team’ want to fail so they can keep Britain in the EU. That’s why they tricked May into signing up for the ghastly Irish Backstop which effectively keeps Britain as a vassal state to the EU in perpetuity. But this great plan by the UK-hating British civil servants and Eurocrats like Selmayr, Tusk and Verhofstadt may be backfiring as it has been rejected by the UK Parliament. But having backed May into a corner with the Irish Backstop, the Eurocrats have also backed themselves into a corner and cannot give ground without losing face.

Moreover, our UK-loathing Remoaner MPs are trying to undermine May’s pitifully limited negotiating position by excluding the possibility of a No-deal Brexit.

What a mess!

And there’s a final complication. The Eurocrats don’t care if a No-deal Brexit results in thousands or even tens of thousands of job losses across the EU. Their only concern is preserving their own jobs and privileges and forever expanding their great EU superstate’s power and control.

Anyway, to brighten up our Monday, here’s the man that 27 EU leaders thought was a fit person to rule over about 500 million Europeans.

Look in particular at how he treats women. If Trump had done anything remotely like Juncker, millions of howling, mouth-frothing, pussy-hat-wearing lefties would be demanding his removal. But when a worthless, drunkard, globalist puppet like Juncker sexually denigrates women, nobody says anything and our mainstream media don’t even mention the incidents.

2 comments to How do you negotiate with a useless drunk like Juncker?

  • John G Fields

    We are certainly living in exciting times. You could not have written a better film script. The EU is led by a drunk whose boss is Adolf Merkel, the Chancellor of the Fourth Reich. Here we have a deceitful, treacherous woman as Prime Minister. To top it all off we have the Labour Opposition led by a terrorist lover. He calls them freedom fighters who have, and in the case of Hamas and Hezbollah still do, blow the arms and legs of babies and children. Do you realise that this man could become Prime Minister. What a ghastly thought.

  • Al Thorpe

    I know we have disagreed about your attitude on one issue, but here is something for you to investigate.

    When I heard a report about this it was presented as disinformation being a threat to democracy. It is an attempt to stop all discussion of ideas not approved by the government. We are heading to a totalitarian regime and the EU is leading the way.

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