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Dumb enricher threatens to leave Holland! Duh!

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Plastered as usual

First here’s a picture of the EU’s great leader taken during his latest meeting with our hopeless Theresa May:

As you’ll see – the Drunk is plastered as usual. It must be difficult shaving when you’re pissed as a newt most of the time. Though some people might think it’s a pity it was only his cheek he cut and not his throat.

And this is the man Adolf Merkel appointed to run her Fourth Reich!

Dumb enricher threatens to leave Holland

No time to write the blog I wanted to today about the great American actor Jussie Smollett (no I’d never heard of him before his latest caper) from the programme “Empire” (nope, I’d never heard of that either).

So, instead here’s a link to a jolly little video from Holland. In it we see a multi-cultural enricher getting more than slightly bothered when police tow away his car which was parked in a temporary bus stop,

The enricher does the usual stuff – calls the police “racists” and “Hitler” and threatens to kill them. But the best bit of the video is when he threatens to de-register – give up his Dutch nationality and leave Holland.

Um…..what to say?

Of course, the gentleman may be a highly-trained neurosurgeon or an astrophysicist and thus a huge benefit to Dutch society.

But I suspect the only contribution he has made is producing a few score mini-Jihadis with his several wives and the stupendous amount he is thus claiming in benefits.

Multi-cultural enrichers have never been famed for their grasp of logic.

HOLLAND: Police don’t seem to understand that “man-made” laws do not apply to Muslims

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  • William Boreham

    I follow topics in the USA and quickly zeroed in on the Jussie Smollett saga.
    An actor in some TV series, he claimed to have left home (in Chicago) at 2am in the freezing cold to buy himself a Subway sandwich (as you would) when he was approached by two white males yelling “Faggot nigger!“ They proceeded to assault him and poured an unknown substance on him which he presumed to be bleach. They then ran off yelling: “This is MAGA country!“ Odd, in very much black anti MAGA country. Oh, he was on the phone to his manager throughout the attack and he later found they put a rope noose around his neck! Get the connection – lynching, KKK etc. To a normal person, right away, his story stunk. But not to the USA anti-Trump media.
    Just a selection:

    Washington Post: “To many, the Smollett incident — and the political nature of the assault — is yet another reminder for many black gay Americans that this president’s vision of a ‘great America’ does not appear to include them.”

    CNN: “He had to deal with being black, gay anf famous – and now this abuse.”
    “This attack on Jussie Smollett is a hate crime and should be treated as such!”  “The actor had been a victim of a “racist, homophobic attack” and that “divisive, hateful rhetoric” is putting “lives at risk.”

    MSNBC: “If someone commits this kind of act under your banner, you should have the decency to publicly condemn them and say it’s not what you stand for. But I doubt Trump will.”

    Rolling Stone: “The brutal attack on him in Chicago appears to be yet another example not just of further moral decay, but of the brand of terrorism that still doesn’t seem to spark enough response by Americans.”

    The Atlantic: “I’ve met Jussie Smollett a few times at social events and he emanates warmth and joy. I’m just disgusted and appalled that he has suffered the unimaginable.”

    MSNBC: “The media is broken. If they can’t call the attack on Jussie racist straight up then they need to find alternative employment, apparent HATE CRIME? Sure maybe that has a legal definition. But to be clear pouring bleach on a Black person while you are yelling about MAGA = RACIST”
    More MSNBC: “Nooses never really disappeared as messages of a very specific kind of terror, but every time they’re used, my God, it’s chilling. Praying for Jussie’s full recovery. And for us all.”

    Washington Post (Editor) “Regarding the heinous attack on Jussie Smollett, yet another reminder that Trump’s ascendance and the resulting climate of hate has meant that lives have been increasingly at stake since 2015. Smollett could have been killed by those thugs screaming MAGA. Let that sink in.”

    Huffington Post: “Can we get anyone in the Trump orbit to condemn the 2 MAGA men who brutally attacked Jussie Smollett, a gay black man, and put his head in a noose while saying ‘This is MAGA country,’ so others don’t feel like your silence is legitimizing hate? How about you.?

    Of course, his whole story turned out to be horseshit, not the least, the two white men that assaulted him turning out to be a couple of Nigerian buddies he paid to act the part. Think the US media will recant and apologise? Think again, they are in the business of spreading fake news.

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