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The Strange Death of Europe

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I wanted to write about the rise in socialism in the USA and how one new US left-wing New York member of Congress managed to run a campaign which made Amazon give up their decision to start a new HQ in New York which would have created 25,000 new jobs and over $20bn in tax revenues. The stupid woman then claimed that her campaign to prevent Amazon creating these jobs was a victory for ordinary people against the richest man in the world.

I’d also like to write about the lies and dishonesty of our MPs. By preventing Theresa May from doing a no-deal Brexit, they’re deliberately taking away her last negotiating card. Now the EU has no need to offer any concessions. Instead the EU will make May push ahead with a plan which will be rejected by Parliament as it would make Britain a vassal state to the EU in perpetuity. This would be unacceptable to the members of the ERG. Once May has lost this vote, the EU will try to push Britain to a second referendum in the expectation that people will be so tired of the whole debacle that abstentions by Brexiteers will allow the Remoaners to win.

So much for our MPs’ promises that they would abide by the results of the 2016 referendum!

Unfortunately, I have to rush and haven’t the time.

So, instead, here’s Douglas Murray giving an excellent 5 minute summary of his book The Strange Death of Europe.

In this video Murray explains why our rulers have decided to hand over our continent to an invading army of people with much lower IQs than us and from inferior cultures who will destroy European civilisation turning our countries into the sh*t-holes these people have come from. Then Murray asks whether European citizens will accept the deliberate destruction of their way of life:

3 comments to The Strange Death of Europe

  • Lisa

    I might be the only one, but I never thought the British government was going to honor the election results, I’m not surprised that the deals have gone so bad, the leaders of your country don’t want out and will do anything they can to keep it that way.
    And I don’t think there is anything the average person can do to change that. It seems, from what I’ve read and following Tommy Robinson’s story that they will try and get anyone that speaks the truth and stands up to them, so then the average person has to really decide how far they want to go with their fight…seems like lose/lose all the way around.

  • Stillreading

    UK democracy died yesterday. It didn’t enjoy a gentle death, but was murdered by the outrageous U-turn of our duplicitous Prime Minister in her grovelling submission to the Tory Remoaners. Assuming she isn’t actually an imbecile, she (and many of the rest of the mendacious MPs we elected to Parliament) must know that to give away our greatest bargaining chip, the threat to walk away from the EU taking our £39 billion plus promise of future payments with us, has cut the ground from beneath our country’s feet. How Merkel, Tusk, Juncker, Macron et al must be laughing at us and relishing our shame! But I suppose in the longer term scheme of things none of it matters much. Within 50 years UK culture as we have known it will be gone for ever. Keep people ignorant and you ensure they remain malleable in the hands of leaders, be they political or religious. Education is being relentlessly dumbed down in State schools. Only today we hear of the astonishing reduction in the number of UK youngsters learning a foreign language. That’s in addition to the thousands who leave school at 18 functionally illiterate and innumerate. The precious years between 4 and 18 are being spent instead in indoctrinating our children in “political correctness”, multiculturalism and “gender fluidity”. A future adult generation in which increasing numbers of people won’t know whether they are male or female, who will only be able to function in “safe spaces” and whose lack of knowledge and understanding of history will render them bemused and intimidated in the face of any intellectual or cultural challenge which comes along, will be a push over for any aggressor. Which seems to be exactly what our political leaders want.

  • A Thorpe

    Socialism is a product of modern democracy. The idea that democracy puts people in control of their future is a delusion. Politicians have no respect for private property and gave themselves the right to take anything they want from us. We cannot refuse to pay taxes because we will be jailed. This is socialism and every elected government is therefore socialist by definition. Universal suffrage results in more support for a welfare state and so more power is transferred to the state At the start of the 20th Century state spending was around 10% and now is it over 40% in most countries. Immigration is encouraged because it increases state power through dependence of the state. The illusion of the masses being in control is furthered by equality and human rights laws which have effectively destroyed all moral basis on which our stable society depended. Children apparently know more about running the country than adults. We have the idiot Prince William asking is to come together for the common good. What on earth is he talking about? What is the common good? He should have told us. One look at Parliament and we see that coming together never happens. The political parties ensure that we will never come together on anything.

    Not only is there a decline in moral standard, intellectual standards are also rapidly in decline. It seems as if the human race is no longer capable of making sense of our vast knowledge. It cannot accept any uncertainty and will believe anything that makes the masses believe they are in control. We invented God to ensure that we had a set of instructions to follow and we either blamed ourselves for not following the rules or God being angry with us. Now we think we are Gods and can control the weather. Children certainly believe in this new God and have left the truth of science behind. They can have their future with their new genders. I just hope it isn’t fully implemented before I pass on.

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