July 2024

Every day the situation becomes ever more farcical/tragic

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Another month of mayhem and murder

There’s an organisation in the US called The Gatestone Institute which publishes quite a lot of articles about the many wonderful benefits we useless Westerners, who have contributed so little to human technical, scientific, medical and artistic advancement, are getting from the millions of fine people being imported from countries in Africa, the Middle East and places like Crapistan which have all contributed so much to human technical, scientific, medical and artistic advancement.

One of the articles they publish is called “A month of multi-culturalism in (country name)”. They’ve done several on Britain, Sweden, France etc. In these articles, the writer gives a day by day listing of the main contributions to that country by the multi-cultural enrichers. January’s article was “A month of multi-culturalism in Germany“.

It must be quite difficult researching these articles as the German media  (like the British and Swedish media) are quite coy about reporting what really happened when multi-cultural enrichers are involved. For example, in one of the incidents (on January 27), three German boys got into an argument with a gang from an enricher background. The German boys must have somehow insulted the gang’s honour as the gang threw the three German boys in the track of an oncoming train. Two of the boys were killed and one escaped with minor injuries. Most of the German mainstream media reported this as a “tragedy” and that the boys “fell” in front of the oncoming train. The fact that they were thrown in the path of the train by a group with a migrant background was carefully omitted.

The Gatestone article makes grim reading. Whenever the German police try to arrest an enricher, a mob forms and the police have to retreat. On the extremely rare occasion the Germans actually deport someone, the country refuses to take them and so they’re flown back to Germany.

It would be farcical if it wasn’t so tragic!

The unwritten agreements that make society work

Western society only functions due to unwritten agreements between the people and the state. Most people accept they should work to look after their families and pay taxes in return for schools, hospitals, roads etc and in return for the state looking after them should they fall ill or when they get old. Similarly, most people accept laws and the police as they know that without them there would be chaos.

But what we now have is a large and ever-growing group of people from the Third World who don’t accept these unwritten agreements. They don’t see why they should work when indigenous Europeans are prepared to work and pay taxes to support them. And they don’t respect our laws and police because for them criminality is a preferred way of life.

And the only way our rulers can deal with the increasing mayhem and murder caused by these people is to censor the media and persecute anyone who dares mention the increasing catastrophe our rulers’ uncontrolled immigration is causing

A month of mayhem and murder

Anyway, here it is – a month of multi-cultural enrichment in Germany.

Read it and weep for what our rulers are doing to our once great continent:

2 comments to Every day the situation becomes ever more farcical/tragic

  • William Boreham

    I’ve always thought that we here in Britain were the best example of a nation totally changing its character and backbone in a single generation, comparing the current snowflake generation to those who fought in WW2. Seems it’s even worse in Germany, what on earth happened to them? I suppose they lost an irreplaceable gene-pool of their bravest and best as they lost over 5 million of their elite troops during that conflict. If only a few SS Panzer Divisions could be resuscitated and set in motion, they’d go through all these immigrant communities like a dose of salts. It is now certain that by about 2100, the civilised West, as we experienced it, will be long gone. The situation today seems an inevitable and unavoidable consequence of our inexplicable and irrational decision to declare war on the one and only world statesman who considered the preservation of Britain and her Empire were essential for world stability.

  • Stillreading

    Individually we English apologise for everything. You know – some great lout barges into you in the street or supermarket, and YOU say “Sorry!” As a nation we are apparently still collectively apologising for WW2, which all our kids are now taught was the inevitable sequel to the reparations the victors, including us, imposed upon Germany after WW1. Furthermore, WW! wasn’t really necessary in the first place, according to modern teaching. Well, I’m not sure of that either way, but the message is that the whole lot, WW1 & WW2 was OUR fault. So collectively we must apologise and continue apologising, and demonstrate through our actions how contrite we are, which means rolling over to every aggressive invasion from a foreign country or an alien culture. As for Germany, they are actually still apologising for the Holocaust – to deny which is a criminal offence – so they dare do nothing but roll over as well. France never has the cojones to take independant action over anything important politically (for understandable reasons, given their geographical location and consequent vulnerability) and under Macron they’ve lost whatever backbone they had. Absent a Le Penn victory at their next election, they are effectively emasculated. So yes – the end for Western Judeo-Christian society, culture, way of life, freedom of religion or freedom to subscribe to no religion at all, is in sight. I’d give it not much more than another 30/40 years, as opposed to the 80 you are giving it William Boreham!

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