July 2024

Trump kicks ass at the Daily Telegraph (and the Daily Mail)

(Monday blog)

Apologies to those of you who have already seen this story. But I thought it was so brilliant that it would be worth mentioning it again here in case anyone missed it.

I have just read the most grovelling and humiliating apology by a newspaper I have ever seen. It appeared in the Daily Telegraph.

I don’t know the whole story. But what I understand is that the Telegraph features desk loathe democratically-elected US President Donald Trump almost as much as all the other London-based, self-regarding, politically-correct, narcissistic, mainstream media progressives and decided to do an article denigrating Trump. I’m sure the Telegraph could have written what they wanted about Trump – that he’s a Russian spy or an alien sent to destroy the Earth or whatever – and Trump would have just put it down to Trump Derangement Syndrome and ignored it. But, in their wisdom, the Telegraph features desk decided to do a hatchet job on Trump’s wife, Melania.

How they must have laughed and congratulated themselves at the Telegraph features desk when they published their hatchet job. Unfortunately for the Telegraph’s features desk and the Telegraph’s owners, the newspaper made a big mistake by attacking the President’s wife. Because Trump is no ordinary politician. He’s a real man and real men fight to defend their families.

And so it came to pass. It seems that Trump decided to send in the lawyers to kick ass at the Telegraph. Here’s the result – the grovelling, humiliating Telegraph apology:

Following last Saturday’s (Jan 19) Telegraph magazine cover story “The mystery of Melania”, we have been asked to make clear that the article contained a number of false statements which we accept should not have been published. Mrs Trump’s father was not a fearsome presence and did not control the family.  Mrs Trump did not leave her Design and Architecture course at University relating to the completion of an exam, as alleged in the article, but rather because she wanted to pursue a successful career as a professional model. Mrs Trump was not struggling in her modelling career before she met Mr Trump, and she did not advance in her career due to the assistance of Mr Trump.

We accept that Mrs Trump was a successful professional model in her own right before she met her husband and obtained her own modelling work without his assistance. Mrs Trump met Mr Trump in 1998, not in 1996 as stated in the article. The article also wrongly claimed that Mrs Trump’s mother, father and sister relocated to New York in 2005 to live in buildings owned by Mr Trump.  They did not. The claim that Mrs Trump cried on election night is also false.

We apologise unreservedly to The First Lady and her family for any embarrassment caused by our publication of these allegations.  As a mark of our regret we have agreed to pay Mrs Trump substantial damages as well as her legal costs.

The article, written by Nina Burleigh, who works for Newsweek as national politics correspondent, was an excerpt of her upcoming book Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump’s Women.

In April 2017, another British newspaper, Daily Mail, agreed to pay damages to Melania Trump over published allegations regarding her modeling career. The payout was around $3 million, according to the BBC

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Trump is amazing. He just keeps winning.

As for the pathetic Telegraph, they immediately went back on the attack against Trump with a story headlined #TrumpCaved: President slammed as ‘wimp’ by wall supporters after shutdown capitulation

It does seem as if Trump has backed down over the US government shutdown and funding for the border wall. And, of course, the Democrats will use the next two years to try to sabotage everything Trump does rather than trying to work with him for the benefit of the American people. But this sabotage may turn out to be disastrous for the Democrats should Trump decide to run for president again. It will expose them for what they are – hateful, self-obsessed, self-regarding, virtue-signalling, treacherous globalists with no interest at all in helping ordinary American voters.

Hopefully this will lead to another four years of one of the best presidents America has ever had.

3 comments to Trump kicks ass at the Daily Telegraph (and the Daily Mail)

  • stillreading

    The Daily Mail has lost most of its bite since its new editor, with his decided leftie/remoaner leanings, took over at the end of last year. As for the Telegraph, since they can afford to pay exorbitant damages as a consequence of having published libellous nonsense which they’ve been forced subsequently to retract, then they certainly don’t need potential readers to pay to access on line whatever dubious content is available only behind their pay wall!

  • William Boreham

    Wall or no Wall, compared with our politician’s pathetic inability control immigration and against an establishment that supports the likes of ‘sanctuary areas’ for illegal immigrants in the USA, Trump has made some steady progress.

    Here’s a list of accomplishments on immigration made from 20/1//2017 to 9/2018:

    •Pulled out of UN Global Refugee pact.
    •Reduced refugee resettlement by 75%.
    •Ended TPS program.
    •Increased immigration judges by 50%.
    •Ended “catch and release.”
    •150,000 less family visas were approved.
    •Reduced fianceé visas from 15,000 to 6,000.
    •Relative visas reduced from 70,000 to 9,000.
    •Reversed decline of unauthorized arrests.
    •Redirected $10 million from FEMA to ICE.
    •Signed executive order 13769.
    •Increased ICE arrests in key areas.
    •Reduced visa approvals from non-Western countries.
    •Increased visa approval from Europe.

  • leila young

    Trump is a beacon of hope. If only we had a Trump! The almost daily sight of a bloated overpaid parliament and ‘civil servants’ determined to undo a democratic Brexit vote reminds us Trump has donated his salary to charity taking only $1/month. BTW Josh Bernstein has an interesting take on Trump’s reopening of government (YouT)

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