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Let us give thanks to Saint Bob of Africa

(Thursday/Friday blog)

All hail Saint Bob

I know you’ll all be as excited as I was to hear that Saint Bob Geldorf of Africa has just been awarded an honorary doctorate by that great and prestigious academic institution – the University of Limerick. In a press interview following the receipt of his obviously well-earned doctorate, the Southern Irishman Geldorf graced us with his opinion that the UK should stay in the EU.

Here’s our Saint Bob looking every bit like the world-famous academic the world-famous University of Limerick apparently believes he is:

As regular readers will know, when Saint Bob the Yob did his BandAid song there were only about 40 million poor, impoverished, starving Ethiopians. Now, thanks to getting food from us and no birth control, there are about 100 million poor, impoverished, starving Ethiopians:

By 2050, there will be over 200 million poor, impoverished, starving Ethiopians.

This massive and uncontrolled population growth is, of course, great news for the well-paid charity bosses and their kiddy-fiddling workers as it will give them an excuse to demand ever more of our money year after year after year after year to feed poor, impoverished, starving Ethiopians.

Again as regular readers will know, pretty much every other miserable African sh*t-hole country is also doubling its population every 20-25 years:

The population of Africa increases by well over a million a week – more than 50 million a year.

So, where will all these poor, impoverished, starving Africans find food and shelter? In an economically-flourishing Africa? No chance! They’ll head for Europe, of course. But even if we take say 10 million of them each year, this will totally destroy European civilisation and yet hardly make even a tiny dent in Africa’s population explosion.

What a total unmitigated disaster!

It’s Limerick time

As I’m sure you can imagine, I felt inspired by the University of Limerick’s honouring of Saint Bob the Yob. To celebrate this unique and important occasion in human history, I’ve slaved away for hours to write a tasteful  and poetic limerick in the great Saint Bob’s honour:

A washed out old popstar called Bob

Got honoured for doing a saintly job

But our millions in cash

Vanished in a corrupt flash

Saint Bob you’re just an effing knob with a big gob.

As for Saint Bob’s famous song – Do They Know It’s Christmas? – here’s my version which suggests what really happens with the billions in aid and charity we throw at hopeless, basket-case Africa:

4 comments to Let us give thanks to Saint Bob of Africa

  • John Fields

    Is this man southern Irish? If he is then he should keep his big mouth shut regarding Brexit. I was under the impression that Eire was a foreign country. As a seaman in world war 2, sailing out of Liverpool, I remember that
    German bombers bombed the docks and used the lights of Dublin as a navigational aid.

  • FastBoatToTheMoneyTree

    Well there will be 10s if not 100s of millions looking for a home here soon,you ain’t seen nothing yet,nothing…

    2018-2019 Pop Goes The Debt Bubble.

    Today’s crisis will be even more devastating than the Great Depression. In 2018, currencies are no longer anchored to gold as they were in the 1930s. Not only will economies collapse, so, too, will fiat paper money.

  • Philip

    Not many people have a personality similar to their appearance. Dishevelled,rancid, and toxic.

  • leila

    Last month the Zimbabwean Police and Army have been awarded the only 2 cannabis growing licences by the Manangagwa govt. This is a land of farmers! although it could be argued that both those state organisations appropriated enough land to be classified as farmers.The same two state organisations shot dead tribesmen who discovered and were mining the diamond fields, then appropriated those for personal use. Not a bleat from the West. Penny Mordaunt was sent by our appalling government to hand Manangagwa ( Mugabe’s henchman from decades ago)a 5 million pound cheque within the last year.

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