July 2024

How stupid are the Irish?

(weekend blog)

It used to be common for comedians to make jokes about the Irish being a bit thick. But I imagine an “Irish joke” now would be considered a supposed “hate crime”. So I’ll just stick to documented facts. Though in today’s politically-correct, snowflake world, criticising a group, even just using official reports and figures, probably also constitutes a ‘hate crime’ in the eyes of our useless police.

The Irish Plan 2040

The Irish Government has published a national planning strategy called “Plan 2040”. Here are some of the main objectives of this plan:

  • Guide the future development of Ireland, taking into account a projected 1 million increase in our population, the need to create 660,000 additional jobs to achieve full employment and a need for 550,000 more homes by 2040;
  • Of the 1 million extra people,
  • 25% is planned for Dublin, recognised as our key international and global city of scale and principal economic driver,
  • 25% across the other four cities combined (Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford), enabling all four to grow their population and jobs by 50-60%, and become cities of greater scale, i.e. growing by twice as much as they did over the previous 25 years to 2016, and
  • with the remaining 50% of growth to occur in key regional centres, towns, villages and rural areas, to be determined in the forthcoming regional plans – Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies (RSESs)

Some interesting issues arise with this plan. Firstly, most governments can barely plan beyond next week, so how can the Irish government plan for more than 20 years ahead? Secondly, there are general elections in Ireland every 5 years and presidential elections every 7 years. So what would be the point of one government or one president producing a 20-year plan? This would only make sense if the main political parties and the presidential candidates were almost indistinguishable from each other and if they were all pursuing almost exactly the same polices dictated to them by the Bilderberg Brussels bureaucrats. This would make Irish elections meaningless as whichever party or presidential candidate won would follow the same policies

The 2040 ‘population increase’

But the main problem with Plan 2040 is the expected increase in population of about one million people. The Irish birth rate is around 1.9 children per woman down from 4 children per woman in the 1960s and 1970s. The UK is at 1.8. But replacement level is 2.1 children per woman. So, the indigenous Irish population is actually declining.

Ooops! Where are the extra one million people going to come from? Hmmm, I wonder. OK, I remember now – the extra more than one million people will come from Africa, the Middle East and places like Crapistan. That’s 50,000 a year for 20 years – about 1,000 a week.

Of course, many of these wonderful people being imported by Ireland’s rulers may be highly educated, very Westernised and eager to roll up their sleeves and get to work paying taxes to support Ireland’s ageing population. On the other hand, most may be poorly educated, barely literate, low-IQ, violent, lazy, unemployable, West-hating, benefits-scrounging, deeply criminal human flotsam and debris who will impose a massive economic burden on the working Irish, destroy communities and strain public services like health, education and the police as has happened in so many other Western European countries.

How stupid are the Irish?

The Irish population is around 4.8 million. Let’s assume that the indigenous population will decline to about 4 million by 2040 because of the falling birth rate and a long history of native Irish emigrating to the UK and other English-speaking countries in search of new opportunities. Then, of the 5.8 million people who (the Irish government predicts) will be living in Ireland by 2040, around 1.8 million – almost one in three ‘Irish’ – will be from Africa, the Middle East or places like Crapistan.

Let me just repeat that – one in three Irish will be from Africa, the Middle East or Crapistan!

Am I really the only person who has realised what the Irish government’s plan will do to the country?

Ludicrously, the plan has nice pictures of rolling Irish countryside and happy white Irish families:

Perhaps photos of no-go, inner-city ghettoes with women dressed like Darth Vader on a bad hair day and the men screaming about their snackbar and demanding the introduction of Sharia Law would be more appropriate?

Most other Western European governments are following a similar strategy of white race replacement. But no other government has actually announced its plans so openly and so clearly. And yet nobody in Ireland seems to have objected to or even protested against this catastrophic destruction of their country and culture. Though, of course, now Ireland has signed up to the UN Compact on Safe and Orderly Migration, anyone daring to criticise mass migration will probably be committing a criminal offence

This brings us back to the question in the title of this weekend’s blog “How stupid are the Irish?”

I think the answer must be “very stupid indeed”

(if any reader has friends or contacts living in Ireland, perhaps they could send them a link to this weekend’s blog?)

5 comments to How stupid are the Irish?

  • Stillreading

    I don’t think the Irish government is necessarily any more stupid than ours; it’s just more honest in overtly stating it’s aspirations. All those of us who get out and about in our Capital or major cities know what’s now irreversibly destined for our nation, as exemplified by the three wonderful multicultural enrichers sent down yesterday for life for the utterly brutal murder by fire in Leicester of five shopkeepers. One of the women murdered was actually the girlfriend of one of the perpetrators. He chose to leave her to burn to death “because she knew too much”. A truly honourable UK citizen. Just the sort of person our nation needs.

  • chris

    Europe’s childless leaders(?)
    Germany’s Angela Merkel
    France’s Emmanuel Macron
    Britain’s Theresa May
    Italy’s Paolo Gentilon
    Holland’s Mark Rutte
    Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon
    Sweden’s Stefan Lofven
    Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel
    Switzerland’s Simonetta Sommaruga
    Ireland’s Leo Varadkar

    Many have no siblings 2 are openly gay. It’s no wonder these sociopaths can foist a dark hell of future on Europe

  • Stillreading

    Indeed yes. Those of us with children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren have a very different view from many leading politicians of what constitutes common-sense policy leading to an acceptable future for our own and other European nations. The fact that many of our grandchildren currently manifest snowflake characteristics merely demonstrates the extent to which they have been indoctrinated by “political correctness” and current Western libtard education policies.

  • FredTheShred

    “Sometimes you need to let customers hang themselves. You have then gained their trust and they know what’s coming when they fail to deliver. Missed opportunities will mean missed bonuses.” –2009 leaked Royal Bank of Scotland memo.

    Revealed: Gordon Brown entertained shamed banker Fred Goodwin weeks before collapse of Royal Bank of Scotland.

  • GotGold....?

    How Stupid Are The Socialists?

    Venezuela’s Hyperinflation Hits 80,000% Per Year in 2018.

    Venezuela’s economy has collapsed. This is the result of years of socialism, incompetence, and corruption, among other things. An important element that mirrors the economy’s collapse is Venezuela’s currency, the bolivar. It is not trustworthy. Venezuela’s exchange rate regime provides no discipline. It only produces instability, poverty, and the world’s highest inflation rate for 2018. Indeed, Venezuela’s annual inflation rate at the end of 2018 was 80,000%.

    As Mrs Thatcher said “Socialism is great till you run out of
    Other Peoples Money.”

    Who is worse Commie Corbyn or Globalist,EU New World Order Serfdom Puppet Treason May.Tough one to answer that!!!

    BBC’s Darling ,Marxist Zimbabwe..

    Hyperinflation – Zimbabwe’s Monetary Death Spiral

    President Mnangagwa’s pledge that Zimbabwe is “open for business” rings hollow. Indeed, many businesses in Zimbabwe are shuttered. An increase in government controlled fuel prices over the weekend has ignited simmering fury over what is in fact a currency crisis. In response, Zimbabwe’s security forces have launched a violent crackdown on protestors and opposition politicians. The crackdown has been done under the cover of a social media blackout. Yes, the internet is shuttered, too.

    On November 14, 2008, the annual inflation rate peaked at 89.7 sextillion percent every day, making Zimbabwe’s 100 trillion dollar notes worthless. In the end, the government was forced to scrap the Zimbabwean dollar, because Zimbabweans simply refused to use it.

    Gold is the only store of wealth for Inflation or HyperInfaltion.


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