June 2024

Political correctness prevents me writing this weekend’s blog

This weekend I wanted to write about the two attacks on mosques (in Nigeria and Egypt) which killed over 350 innocents and badly injured at least 150 more. The title of my blog for this weekend was going to be – “Do Moozerlum lives matter – to other Moozerlums?”

But I probably can’t write that as it would be seen as “Izlumophobic”.

When Izlumists (who are Moozerlums but who, of course, have nothing to do with Izlum) attack markets and tourist buses and concerts and whatever, the libtards and Izlumophiliacs and our political leaders always try to explain this away as being the work of a few “militants” who have misinterpreted the Izlumic Holy Book which preaches only peace, love and tolerance:


But when these Izlumists (who are Moozerlums but who, as we all know, have nothing to do with Izlum) attack mosques, explaining this away becomes a little more difficult. After all, with attacks on markets or tourist buses or whatever, it’s not obvious that the Izlumists (who are Moozerlums but who, as we all know, have nothing to do with Izlum) are targeting any specific group. But when these Izlumists (who are Moozerlums but who, as we all know, have nothing to do with Izlum) attack mosques, it’s more than obvious who they are trying to slaughter – other Moozerlums.

And this is why one could be tempted to ask the question “Do Moozerlum lives matter – to other Moozerlums?”

In the last 10 years (and remember, 2017 isn’t over yet) there have been over 25,000 Izlumist attacks killing around 162,123 innocents and severely injuring another 214,473. Probably over 80% of those killed and injured have not been evil, Izlumophobic, scum of the earth infidel pigs like me and probably you. No, most of the killed and injured have been Moozerlums.

So, given that Izlum is a peaceful and tolerant religion, why would those who take it rather too seriously be so enthusiastic about slaughtering other Moozerlums?

I don’t know. Or rather, political correctness prevents me from proposing an answer to the question I dare not ask.

Of course, there are some idiots who think they know the answer. But that’s just because they are stupid Izlumophobes who know nothing about anything – so here’s a little quiz for you:


4 comments to Political correctness prevents me writing this weekend’s blog

  • A-Bird-In-The-Hand

    Many parties in the West have turned socialist or communist in latter years, and this trend will continue as the climate deteriorates. With the ruling party desperately fighting for its own survival, their task becomes increasingly impossible as there is no money left in the coffer and printed money no longer has any value. Opposition parties will promise solutions to all the problems and will have no difficulty becoming elected. But as they get into power they will also fail desperately. In most Western countries there will be left wing parties ruling but we might also see far right leaders emerging due to the anarchic situation.

    All this sounds totally draconian and unrealistic in today’s “civilized” society, but anyone who doubts that these measures could happen only needs to study history. There are endless examples of confiscation of wealth. Often it is linked to periods of excess and decadence with major gaps between the rich and the poor, just as we are seeing today. During the French Revolution in 1789 , the aristocracy not only lost much of their wealth, they also lost their lives. It was the same way in the Russian Revolution in 1918 when both wealth and lives of the aristocracy were extinguished.

    We could easily reach a state of anarchy due to the suffering of the masses. At that point they would turn against banks, governments and the wealthy. leading to major violence as history repeats itself. Anything representing wealth will be despised by the masses, whether it is houses, cars, jewelry, clothes or other luxury assets. The flaunting of wealth that we see all over the world today could be very dangerous or even fatal at that time.

    This week I was contacted by a person who went to his bank in Zurich — one of the two largest in Switzerland — to get his physical gold out. He had seen my KWN article on the subject. The bank, one of the biggest Asset Management banks in the world, told him that he couldn’t have his own gold because of new rules within the bank.

    But this man did not give up that easily. He asked for a letter from the bank confirming that they refused to hand his gold to him. He told the bank that he would take this letter to the police. The bank clearly got scared and after three hours wait, the gentleman was told by the bank that they would hand his gold to him. So very generous of the bank to hand the client’s asset bank to him.

  • timkent

    How Times Have Changed – Russia Has over 20,000 Tanks, the UK Has 249.

  • Stevie N.

    The decade from the last credit crisis has been wasted, with no steps taken to ensure either it doesn’t happen again, or alternatively, when it happens we will not face the systemic collapse that was so frightening last time. Ten years was a reasonable time to change market and public expectations and to gradually move towards a more stable world, time that was utterly wasted.

    Here, for any government prepared to listen, are the minimum policy changes required to escape from the credit-fuelled merry-go-round that will end up destroying us all.

    Accept that another nation’s business is not your affair. Cease all military spending, other than required for purely defensive purposes. The resources and technologies released by this move would be redirected by entrepreneurs for the service and benefit of consumers.
    Stop colluding at the supra-national level to follow common monetary and economic policies. G20, G8 meetings only promote interventionist groupthink, to the exclusion of a proper understanding of policy errors.
    Embrace the benefits of free trade, removing all tariff barriers. If a foreign manufacturer wishes to dump excess capacity into your economy, let your consumers reap the benefit.
    Deregulate, making it clear that individuals must look out for themselves. The state is useless at protecting the consumer. Companies that plan to prosper will realise their reputations for fairness and honesty are paramount, instead of hiding behind regulations.
    Encourage family cohesion, instead of automatically expecting the state to look after your elderly, your handicapped and your children. Socialising family values is not the business of the state, which cannot deliver welfare services effectively.
    Reduce the state’s role in the economy with a long-term objective of absorbing less than 20% of GDP.
    The state should be banned from running deficits. Tax must match state spending. Capital loaned to the state will no longer be drained away from productive use in the private sector.
    Re-introduce sound money, by means of a currency-board arrangement tied to physical gold, which is deliverable on demand to all-comers.
    Make it clear to the banks and their customers there is no lender of last resort, and no deposit guarantees. Deregulation of financial services and the removal of this safety net will force banks to stop speculating in financial markets and be conservative in their financial gearing, to protect their reputations. Interbank loan rates will penalise financial aggression.
    Sack all government economists, and close all government statistical offices. At best, they serve no constructive purpose, and at worst they are repositories for bad advice, as growing economic and financial instability attest.
    Close the central bank, and replace it with a currency board with one purpose: to regulate the issuance of the currency convertible into the national stock of gold.

    We can but dream. These ten bullet points would set the clock back to when the gentle deflation of prices, which fostered genuine economic progress, improved the human condition more effectively than at any other time in the history of mankind. All the improvements since have come not from governments, but from ordinary people, despite governments.

    Do not forget that the strength of a liberated economy in the decades after the Napoleonic Wars allowed the British government to pay down levels of debt significantly higher, relative to the size of the economy, than it has today. This is the practical alternative to the belief that debt should be inflated away.

    Governments are on a diametrically opposed course, which will end up suppressing free markets entirely. It is the path towards the ultimate failure of the state. We criticise Venezuela and Zimbabwe, because their mistakes are obvious to us. But we fail to realise the only difference between them and us is the speed of their failure compared with ours.

  • americanman

    Gee, what do you think would happen to a politician who stated that Islam was our adversary and Muslims were violent and intolerant people?
    Ya don’t think that said politician would get very far, do you? Ya don’t think that maybe the native Muslim population would smile and embrace people with such mindsets? Ya reckon that maybe this would splinter the population and inflict violence?

    Vinegar or Honey?

    George W. Bush and other Repuglicans are on record for saying that Islam is a “beautiful religion.” Guess it’s OK for them to be political every once in a while. But when Libertards do it, it’s their true inner nature.

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