July 2024

The 12 “Rules of Political Correctness”

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Today, I thought I’d plagiarise and adapt someone else’s work to bring you the 12 Rules of Political Correctness:

  1. Only white people can be racist. All Muslims are ‘Blacks’, all Christians are ‘Whites’. All non-white people are ‘black people’
  2. ‘White culture’ is inferior to ‘black culture’. There are only two races: Oppressors who are ‘white’ and victims who are ‘black’
  3. ‘White people’, being oppressors, are guilty, selfish and arrogant from birth. ‘Black people’, being the oppressed, are innocent, good and unselfish from birth.  ‘White people’ always exploit ‘black people’. ‘Black people’ cannot exploit anyone. Anyone confused about their sexuality is a ‘black person’ and therefore a victim of white oppression
  4. All social ills and wars are caused directly or indirectly by ‘white people’. If ‘black people’ appear racist or violent or do wrong, it is because of mistreatment by their oppressors – ‘white people’
  5. It is impossible to be left-wing and a racist or fascist. Anyone who is not left-wing is a right-wing fascist and racist even if they fight against racism
  6. Upsetting someone’s feelings if they are a ‘black person’, however innocuous your comment, is as offensive as physically injuring them. ‘White people’ being oppressors have no feelings and therefore whatever you say about them is justified, however offensive or threatening your comments are
  7. All people are not equal. Some are more human than others. A Hierarchy of Human Worth based on guilt and oppression applies, going from the most guilty and least worthy of social respect, legal protection and status. The hierarchy automatically reflects the degree of fault and incorrectness in anything said by each grade going from total fault and worthlessness (‘white people’) to the absolutely correct and valuable (non-white people). It represents a sliding scale of human worth from the least human to the most worthy and best type of human.
  8. The people lowest down on the Hierarchy of Human Worth are:
    a. Old white male
    b. Middle aged white male
    c. Young white male
    d. Old white female
    e. Middle aged white female
    f. Young white female
    g. White female child
    The above are all white oppressors, guilty and racist and fascist from birth. Questioning this hierarchy or any of its precepts is an oppressive, racist act
  9. The Hierarchy of Human Worth is absolute. Guilt, racism, dishonesty and a wish to oppress is in the genetics of all white people. Criminal guilt depends on where you are on the Hierarchy of Human Worth. For example, the offence of rape is considered very serious if any white is accused. But if it is by a ‘black’, including any Muslim, things like culture and their superior human worth automatically reduce the nature of the offence and, in some cases, eliminate laws that must apply to racist, oppressive, inherently evil whites. Justice is flexible depending on your position on the Hierarchy of Human Worth
  10. Whites, particularly males, claiming discoveries or achievements are fraudulent. As oppressors the credit for their claims belongs to blacks.  All pictures, statues and false commemorations of whites must be replaced with rightful displays of respect to black people. 
  11. Where necessary, history must conform to the new PC reality where everything done by whites is oppressive and racist. Where these rules are contradicted by reality, ignore reality. Censorship or oppression to ensure the higher wisdom of PC is correct. Ignorance, where it promotes Political Correctness, is a virtue
  12. Unquestioning obedience or compliance to these rules do not automatically make you a good and pure person. If you are a ‘black person’ you are already good, by definition. If a black person appears bad this is the fault of ‘white people’. Black people cannot be guilty or responsible for anything because they are victims of ‘white people’. All white people are guilty of oppression and racism however politically-correct they are unless they work for the BBC or the Guardian

(Maybe I’ll add one more: Anyone buying a book written by David Craig or caught reading his blog – snouts-in-the-trough – is a right-wing racist fascist and is automatically guilty of a ‘hate crime’)

7 comments to The 12 “Rules of Political Correctness”

  • Julia Green

    Brilliant David! You have nailed it. But you had an automatic advantage writing this being white, rich from past slavery and getting a good education off the backs of the less fortunate.

  • Stillreading

    Superb! And unfortunately true. I, being an old white woman, am now, along with my peers, universally disregarded and even despised by the self-styled “intellectual elite” with whom I not only have nothing in common but who are I firmly believe bringing disaster upon our once great nation.
    I am neither idle nor an ignoramus; from age 16 I worked all my adult life until retirement, whilst raising my children as a single parent, after escaping a violent marriage. I never lived off benefits. I do not and never did class myself as a victim. My marriage was simply a grave error from which with difficulty I extricated myself and went on to educate myself to degree level (the OU, at my own expense)and rebuild my life. I know many women – and yes, they are white – who did similarly. We didn’t weep and whinge and bewail our fate and demand “safe space”. A knowledge of history demonstrates incontrovertibly what befalls nations, empires, cultures which become first great, then self-indulgent and dissolute. The ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks, the Romans, each once all-powerful, brought about their own destruction by their behaviour. Without doubt the White Judeo-Christian West is going the same way.

  • Dave H

    I agree fully with both of the above and I applaud you

  • americanman

    Sounds like the rantings of a “poor white boy” paranoid with a severe persecution complex. If you lived in the U.S. you could easily add one regarding the Second Amendment. Didn’t think about that one, did ya?

  • David Craig

    No, it’s just the reality of life in today’s Britanistan.

  • Barry Foster

    Can anyone remember the order of I.Q.? I think it was:
    East Asian

  • zx80

    Christ on a bike! Im worthless! However ill wear it as a badge of honour and say a hearty F*ck You! to all proponents of PC.

    The truth is the polar opposite of what they say it is and like always, the truth will out, no matter how deeply these traitors attempt to bury it.

    And May and the EU can all F*ck Off! an all.

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