July 2024

If Sweden is the future – I don’t want it!

(weekend blog) Throughout the 1960s, 1970s and even into the 1980s Sweden was always held up as one of the world’s most successful countries. Whenever lefties wanted to show us the wonderful future we would have under their rule, they would point to Sweden – almost no poverty, excellent education system, world-class healthcare, virtually no crime, social equality and the state looking after you from cradle to grave. OK, the weather was lousy and taxes were high. But as compensation there was beautiful scenery, clean lakes, unspoiled nature and, of course, all those sexually-liberated blondes:

Then Sweden decided to be a world leader in taking in largely uneducated, often inbred, usually intolerant, mostly male, virtually unemployable, almost always misogynist refugees and supposed refugees – many of them claiming to be ‘children’ although clearly in their 20s and 30s. Sweden took in more ‘refugees’ per capita than any other country and soon the wonderful Swedish social experiment became an experiment in multi-culturalism and didn’t look so great after all.

There have been a few rather jolly stories from Sweden over the last couple of weeks which have exposed how far this once admirable country has fallen:

Microphones instead of police stations

Stockholm police announced a plan to place hundreds of microphones in the Järva area of Stockholm in order to automatically alert authorities to crimes in progress as they can identify screams and other sounds.

The project is the first of its kind in Sweden and will see hundreds of microphones placed in Järva, a heavily migrant-populated suburb of Stockholm considered to be a no-go zone by many.

The microphones will be able to automatically differentiate various sounds and when they hear particular sounds, like a woman screaming, gunshots or explosions, the microphones should automatically alert police in the area through text or email according to a Sveriges Radio report

Police expect that the system will be fully operational at some point in 2018 and claim that the new project could reduce their response time by an average of two minutes. Earlier this year it was revealed that the final remaining police station in the troubled area was forced to close its doors. Swedish terror expert Magnus Ranstorp said the move was a “disaster” and added, “They should open four more instead!”

Last December, migrant residents of the area protested the epidemic of criminality in the suburbs with many of them claiming that the real problem was “colonisation”. In other areas, like the suburb of Rinkeby, the government has put forward plans to build a new, and more secure, police station in the area but the plans have been hindered by the fact that no construction companies are willing to take on the job due to the danger of the area.

One in seven Swedish girls sexually molested

The number of Swedes who fell victims of some or all types of crime that are collectively defined as “crimes against individuals,” has sharply increased over the last two years, the National Security Survey (NTU) conducted by the Swedish Crime Prevention Council (Bra) says. Crimes against individuals involve assault, threats, sexual offenses, mugging, fraud and harassment under the Bra classification.

According to the survey, 15.6% of the Swedish population were subjected to some or all of these types of crime in 2016, which is more than two percent higher than in the previous year.

The 2016 crime rate is said to be the highest one recorded since the Bra started conducting its annual crime surveys. The report went on to say that the number of harassment, sexual offenses and fraud cases saw the biggest increase over recent years. Out of six types of offenses mentioned in the survey, five rose to their highest level on record in 2016. The number of assault cases reached its second-highest level over a decade, the report shows.

The number of victims of fraud rose from 3% to 4.3% of the entire Swedish population while the number of those who were subjected to threats or harassments increased from 4% to about 5.5% from 2014 to 2016. At the same time, the number of the victims of sexual offenses doubled from less than 1% to 2.5%.

“Young women aged between 16 and 24 is the group that’s most subject to sexual offenses, with 14% of young women stating that they were victims of at least one such crime during 2016,” the Bra said. It also added that most crimes recorded in the survey had not been reported to police.

The council said that sexual offenses and harassment were the least reported types of offense as only 11% of those subjected to such crimes reported the incidents to police. “The most common reason for not reporting the crime is that the victim does not believe the police can do anything,” Thomas Hvitfeldt, a unit manager at Bra, said, commenting on the issue.

The survey, however, “gives no answers” to the reasons behind the increase of these particular types of crime, the council said in a press release. It added that “additional analysis” is needed to better understand the causes of the trend. The survey is based on interviews with approximately 12,000 people aged between 16 and 79. It has been carried out annually since 2006.

Swedish rape victim kills herself when police drop their investigation

A Swedish girl committed suicide after finding out the police had closed the investigation into her rape by two migrant men from the Middle East one of whom lived on the same landing in the block of flats as her.

This is a translation of her last message, posted just before her death

Victims of rape! Those who do not want to know – don’t read this! He who raped me got a chance here in Sweden. He lives next door to me and a friend of his was there that night. Everything happened in my own house. Late one evening the doorbell rang and I thought something happened to my neighbour, who is seriously ill with cancer, but no… I was trapped in my bedroom, where he raped me while his mate was standing in the hall. Despite reports, interrogation, forensic investigation which found bruising/damage caused by rape, gynaecological investigation proving the same, technicians finding evidence in my home, etc. I still received a phone call from the police on my 30th birthday that he was released because of lack of evidence… His friend has been haunting me since that day, looking me up online under false names, and stalking me in real life. What does the police do? – NOTHING!!

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  • Stillreading

    Well, you know what they say; those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. Having just watched a TV programme about the Cambridge spies – Burgess, MacLean, Philby et al – what I learned for the first time was that they initially became enamoured of Russia not so much for its Communist regime as such, but because it was resolutely opposed to the rising Hitler and his thugs. According to one knowledgeable elderly speaker, many of the English youth of the 1930s could clearly see the threat posed by Hitler, whereas “these” (cut to grainy b/w footage circa 1935 of Downing St. politicians)could not and were determined only on appeasement. (With the exception of course of dear old Winston Churchill).
    Well, today many of the ordinary, older indigenous UK population can see the threat presented to our way of life by an alien “Religion”, “Cult”, call it what you will, only this time appeasement exists not only, in the name of multiculturalism, of encouraging the enemy to knock on your door (e.g. appear at your borders) but into actively inviting him into your living room (onto your territory).
    Of course, most of the UK’s young, Libtard, Snowflake generation have been taught no history, seem extraordinarily determined not to learn any, so haven’t the slightest idea of the lessons which may derive from a knowledge of it.

  • Julia Green

    Stunning post David, bravo.

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