July 2024

How the mainstream media lied to us about Mnangagwa

Although there is a lot of scepticism in the British media, there was also a lot of excitement about Emmerson ‘The Crocodile’ Mnangagwa’s first speech on his return to the hopeless ruined, looted basket case of a country, Zimbabwe.
The English bit

When speaking in English his message seemed to be targeted at those listening in from the international community. He declared that Zimbabwe is open for business and he’s going to bring “jobs, jobs, jobs”. He pledged to reach out to the international community to canvass their support in rebuilding the economy. “I pledge myself to be your servant,” he said.

Yes, he really said “I pledge myself to be your servant”. Stop laughing you at the back!

How reassuring. The Crocodile, while grinning, says he’s not going to eat you:

He went on to say “I appeal to all genuine, patriotic Zimbabweans to come together, we work together. No one is more important than the other. We are all Zimbabweans. We want to grow our country. We want peace in our country. We want jobs, jobs, jobs!

Then he went to to possibly reveal some of his true agenda “We need also the cooperation of our neighbours in Sadc, the cooperation of the continent of Africa, we need the cooperation of our friends outside the continent. That we shall achieve. I am already receiving messages of cooperation and support for us to grow our economy.”

A cynic might think that there’s so little wealth left to steal in Zimbabwe, that The Crocodile has realised that only if there’s a huge inflow of aid and investment from gullible Western countries can he become as rich as his predecessor Robert ‘I stole $3bn’ Mugabe. Mugabe now conveniently has immunity from prosecution which is presumably what The Crocodile will be expecting when he has finished looting all the money we give to Zimbabwe to help it recover from the thieving of Uncle Bob Mugabe.

The Shona bit

But what most of the mainstream media ‘forgot’ to mention was what The Crocodile said when he switched to Shona at the end of his speech. Then his message was quite different. When he spoke in Shona, Mnangagwa’s message was more along the lines of ‘if you’re expecting democracy then you can go whistle’.

When speaking in Shona he told the Zanu PF Party faithful that those outside the party can “bark and complain” but the ZANU-PF train is moving forward. “Let them bark while we carry on ruling this country,” he declared.

Umm, to someone rather dim like me, this rather suggests that The Crocodile is in no hurry to cooperate with the Opposition and have anything resembling free and fair elections. Instead he is resolved to make sure his bloodthirsty, oppressive party clings to power with the support of the multi-millionaire generals in the army who served Mugabe so well. No wonder Zimbabwe’s supposed ‘parliament’ were so delighted that Mnangagwa would be taking over and they could carry on stealing.

As for any Zimbabweans who feel inclined to take to the streets to protest for freedom over the next few months – they should expect to be beaten, imprisoned and even murdered. That’s democracy African style.

As the Who warned us in “Don’t get fooled again” – “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”


6 comments to How the mainstream media lied to us about Mnangagwa

  • Joe Schmo

    I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Rhodesia in 1979 in Salisbury. It was a beautiful city.

    Here are a few photos:-

    As for the crocodile…….well just like the leopard, they don’t change their spots.

  • Tom

    The UK Ministry of Smoke & Mirrors ( MSM ) lies for a living, giving half truths whether it be left or right in its approach. There should be no left or right media but only factual media, it should not be who is first with the story but who has the correct balanced story. They did the same with Yarser Terrorfat when he spoke in English he was lauded and they gave him a Nobel prize but when he spoke in arabic it was a different story. The Nobel prize lost all credability when they gave him one and then Obama. I have not purchased a UK newspaper for years now, I wont fund them, I cancelled my tV licence and dont watch live TV rather than fundd the anti British lefty BBC. I go to ‘alt’ news now to get facts but the elites are trying to shut ‘alt’ news down now because they are telling us whats going on. YT and Facebook/Twitter are blocking anything that is truthful yet protecting the lefts free speech, the far left have proventhemselves in history to be more dangerous than the far right, Kitler/mao/Stalin/Gueva etc etc.

  • Alan Thorpe

    Interesting comment Tom. But the Nobel organisation lost credibility before then with the joint award to Al Gore and the IPCC who have imposed the biggest scientific fraud on the entire world, but only with the help of our governments. Like you I stopped reading newspapers and watching TV news this summer.

  • Shameonme.

    Why is anyone surprised that these lot out in africa/zimbobwe/namibia/uganda/congo etc cant run a piss up in a brewery?
    Its obvious why theyre so effing useless but we arent allowed to openly say cos any criticism is waaaciiist! Wahhh!
    We can however continue to think it.

    Heres to many more years of utter uselessness, ineptitude, greed, murder and vile petty behaviour from the same favourite load of arseholes, they deserve what they get, retards.

  • Tom

    Ah, yes alan, i forgot about that one. God call. One of the biggest money making control freak scams of history and the useful idiots are lapping it up. Any sceptic is barred from media/academia and denied a platform whilst those on the globalist agenda are given funding and a platform and da yoof suck it all in, too thick to see whats going on. I tell them that the Romans were growing grapes on hadrians wall in my homeland and that 3 subs surfaced at the north pole in 1958 cos there was no ice but its like talking to a brick wall.

  • Tom

    Jo, they are lovely pics mate, I remember hearing about Rhodesia as a kid, their Rhodesian Light Infantry were highly rated on the world stage. Sadly like SA it has turned into a banana republic, beautiful farms/breadbaskets reduced to small plots etc. Would be nice to see those same pics taken today for contrast.

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