July 2024

Zimbabwe – an ‘African Spring’? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

The ‘Arab Spring’ (sorry, I meant ‘Arab Winter’)

Remember the ‘Arab Spring’? Remember the BBC and C4 News and the rest of the mainstream media hyperventilating about a “new era” in the Arab world, about people just like us wanting freedom from their ruling dictators, about democracy sweeping across the Middle East?

Nobody talks much about the ‘Arab Spring anymore. Why not? Because the supposed ‘Arab Spring’ turned into an ‘Arab Winter’; because we now have civil wars in Syria, Yemen and Iraq; because the Arab Spring gave birth to the so-called Izlumic State (which, of course, has nothing to do with so-called Izlum which is a religion of peace):

because the ‘Arab Spring’ led to a new Izlumist (not ‘Izlumic’) uprising across the Middle East, Africa and Izlumist (not ‘Izlumic’) terrorism; because once secular Turkey is being turned into an an oppressive Izlumic (not ‘Izlumist’) dictatorship, because Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran will probably soon go to war against each other; because, when you give freedom to people who are ‘slightly’ less than civilised, slaughter ensues:

An ‘African Spring’?

When we first heard about the military coup in basket-case Zimbabwe, some idiot British journalists started blethering about “elections” and “democracy” and “freedom”. Thankfully nobody has yet been so foolish as to suggest an ‘African Spring’.

I sincerely hope the best for the long-suffering people of Zimbabwe. But the signs don’t look great: the senile Mugabe is still refusing to resign, Mugabe’s mates from the SADC and South Africa in particular have sent delegations to Zimbabwe to try to protect Mugabe’s position, the people trying to throw him out are the generals who all became rich under Mugabe’s and their thieving oppression and the man who will probably replace Bob Mugabe, Emmerson Dambudzo ‘the crocodile’ Mnangagwa was Mugabe’s murderous right-hand man for decades:

We’ll get fleeced again

At the time of writing, the situation in basket-case Zimbabwe seems unclear. But there are some certainties. One is that, with Zimbabwe being the former British colony of Rhodesia, British taxpayers will be told that we must contribute hundreds of millions to help promote democracy, freedom and economic development in Zimbabwe. We might even be told by the libtards that ‘Zimbabwe needs a ‘Marshall Plan’ to help it develop just like Europe got the Marshall Plan after WWII and it’s an absolute certainty that all the hundreds of millions we give to Zimbabwe will be stolen by the Crocodile and his mates while Zimbabweans continue to live in a poverty-stricken cesspit.

Can we really help Africa?

The holier-than-thou mob are always claiming Africa needs more money and even witter on about a “Marshall Plan for Africa”. But after WWII, under the Marshall Plan, Europe received $20bn a year (in today’s money) for just 5 years and this was enough to stimulate the complete rebuilding of our continent. Over the last 50 years Africa has received about $1trn in aid – $20bn a year. So for 50 years Africa has been given as much each year as Europe got for just 5 years and little to nothing has been achieved with all the money. In fact, most African countries are now poorer than they were in the mid 1960s when this deluge of aid started

Research by the Global Financial Integrity project indicates that African rulers steal about 3 times as much money each year from their countries as their countries receive in aid (please see the YouTube video I made – link below). So, if we could just cut the level of corruption in Africa by a half, Africa wouldn’t need any aid at all and would still be richer

None of this is ever mentioned by the libtards and the politicians and the charities. They know that if ordinary people in the West were aware of the truth of 50 years of their failure in Africa, we would stop giving and the gilded, usually taxfree lifestyles of our hundreds of thousands of charity workers – the Lords of Poverty – would end

After 50 years of giving, there are more Africans living in destitution than ever before in Africa’s history. Well done Oxfam and Save the Children! You should be proud of your achievements!

After 50 years of failure in Africa, it’s time to stop this foreign aid farce.

As for poor Zimbabwe, it’s likely that its suffering is very far from over as its murderous kleptocrats replace Mugabe with the Crocodile (Mugabe Mark II) and continue enriching themselves at their country’s and our expense:


5 comments to Zimbabwe – an ‘African Spring’? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  • Julia Green

    Superb analysis and blunt reporting, oh if only the BBC and the British MPs were forced to read Snouts every morning after a cold shower to wake them from their dreams.

  • William Boreham

    I wrote this a few years back during an argument with an American blogger:

    If you want an illustration as to why Europeans are superior, as good an example is what happed to a part of the world I had some involvement in.
    (Interestingly, most Africans, in Africa that is, cheerfully accept the fact that we whites are naturally more capable at any task and have no problem with us taking control in most circumstances.)
    It was an old colony of the British Empire, (named Rhodesia) under a white leader, Ian Smith, that declared ‘Independence’ from British rule in 65.
    Unfortunately for Rhodesia – it was independence under a white dominated government and, naturally, Britain, the UN, (everybody apart from the majority of the native population who feared the consequences) declared that unacceptable and introduced economic sanctions to the land.
    UN sanctions and a guerrilla uprising finally led to ‘free’ elections in 1979 and independence (as Zimbabwe) in 1980.
    Now – despite years of sanctions, this, from a booklet I still process produced in 1982 by the former British Overseas Trade Board as an aid to British companies intending to do business in the ‘new’ Zimbabwe:
    “Despite the severe strains imposed on Southern Rhodesia during the last few years of civil war, and to a lesser degree by UN sanctions, the economy inherited by the first government of Zimbabwe in April 1980 was sound in infrastructure and resources. External trade was in a favourable balance; foreign debt, including pre-UDI commitments, was of manageable proportions; and the inflation rate, which rose steeply in 1979, was back to a single figure.”
    Exchange rate was Z$ 10 to the pound sterling.
    They were producing so much food from the white owned farms, not only was there plenty of food to feed the native population, they were able to export quantities to earn foreign exchange.
    Prior to black rule, it was well known that in Rhodesia, no mother or child went to bed without a roof over their head or on a empty stomach – Rhodesia was the envy of its neighbours.
    So what do we find now after decades of black rule?
    Well, the inflation rate was 12 million percent in 2010 and Z$100 trillion dollar banknotes were introduced!
    Poverty, barbarism, violence and cruelty is everyday life for the natives now and starvation and mass unemployment prevail.
    The now black owned farms are so run down, they produce little food and most of it has to be imported under aid programmes.

    These are the facts – you can draw your own conclusions.

  • Baroness Bonkers

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  • Maturecheese

    Isn’t China up to it’s ears in Zimbabwe. I understand they have large investments in that country and didn’t a Zimbabwean general visit China shortly before the ‘coup’. This is according to the BBC mind so maybe I should fact check it. My point being that if there does need to be billions poured into that country to help it, surely the Chinese can do it. Ultimately it’s not really in our interests to let China run riot over Africa’s natural resources but there’s not a lot we can do about it.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Mauture cheese.
    You are right, there is a large amount of Chinese investment across the whole of Africa.
    But the great thing about the Chinese is that business is business and they don’t go around trying to impose politically correct beliefs on anyone. Unlike the naïve West.

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