February 2017
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A tale of two ‘punishments’

Today, I just wanted to compare the ‘punishments’ handed out by judges in two separate cases.

Thirty years for arson in which nobody was injured

An ex-convict, who investigators say confessed to setting fire to a Florida mosque tied to the Orlando nightclub shooter, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Thirty-two-year-old Joseph Schreiber […]

I am guilty of ‘hate crimes’. I might as well admit it

Apparently my insignificant little blog now has a new set of readers – members of the police who seem to think that snouts-in-the-trough is engaged in deeply criminal activity.

So, I confess. Yes, I am guilty of that wonderful new catch-all offence – ‘hate crimes’.


For many years I’ve disliked chicken. This dislike started […]

Police visit my home to ‘interview’ me about my blog

(Weekend blog) Two short pieces today

1. Police try to ‘interview’ me about my blog

Apparently two members of our brave constabulary tried to visit me in my home recently to ‘interview’ me about something I had written in a blog a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, I was abroad at the time and so […]

Trump is right about media bias

Did you hear about the M*sl*m immigrant who cut off the heads of two Christians in New Jersey? Didn’t think so. The story didn’t make it past the local New York/New Jersey media, which is President Donald Trump’s point about all the M*sl*m terrorist attacks that don’t get national media attention.

Yusuf Ibrahim (above), […]

Support race replacement – you know it’s good for you!

Our Government has just decided that it’s going to spend £60m of borrowed money with the advertising giant M&C Saatchi “to tackle racist myths perpetuated online by the far right”.

Apparently, the dangers posed to Britain by continental Europe’s growing far-right movement are also being monitored by a secretive anti-subversion section of Whitehall, as part […]

“When I’m punching Nazis”

Giving myself the day off today.

But here’s a reasonably good new video by the person(s) who brought you the utterly brilliant YouTube video “Join Islam”


The results so far: Trump – 2: EU – 0

Readers will probably be aware that our great EU leaders gathered in Malta last weekend to try to work out what to do about Donald Trump being elected US President.

At the meeting there was a lot of huffing and puffing and the release of enough putrid hot air to increase global temperatures by several […]

They are at war with us! Perhaps we should be at war with them?

I wanted to write about the recent meeting of EU political pygmies where they all hid behind Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel’s fat ass and then occasionally jumped out to shout insults at America’s democratically-elected President before rushing back again to hide behind the bloated Nazi cow’s voluminous rear.

But a reader sent me a link […]

An apology to the people of the United States of America

(Friday/Saturday/Sunday blog)

On behalf of all real British people, I would like to apologise to the people of the United States of America and to their democratically-elected President, Donald Trump.

When I write “on behalf of all real British people” I don’t include the millions of Third-World, inbred, illiterate, parasitic freeloaders who have flooded into […]

The Religion of Peace and Murder’s fatal flaw?

I’ve found it. Maybe. The fatal flaw within the teaching of the Religion of Tolerance, Peace and Indiscriminate Murder.

Once our dear Religion of Peace and Hatred friends understand the fatal flaw within the teachings of their supremacist death cult masquerading as a religion, they’ll all give up violence and become nice, educated, hard-working people, […]