April 2024

I am guilty of ‘hate crimes’. I might as well admit it

Apparently my insignificant little blog now has a new set of readers – members of the police who seem to think that snouts-in-the-trough is engaged in deeply criminal activity.

So, I confess. Yes, I am guilty of that wonderful new catch-all offence – ‘hate crimes’.


For many years I’ve disliked chicken. This dislike started when I saw a documentary claiming that, as they live cooped up and unable to move, battery hens only use about 30% of the energy in the food they are given. So, to keep feeding costs low, farmers (according to the film) take the birds’ excrement, add in about 30% more foodstuff and then feed this delightful mixture back to the battery hens. I don’t know whether this is true. But it did put me off chicken. However, this was more a dislike than a hate crime against chickens.

But about 5 years ago I was hospitalised for food poisoning after eating chicken cordon bleu in a restaurant. And after a painful night with needles and drips and injections, I really started hating chicken and have never eaten chicken since then. Ever since then I have hated chicken with a vengeance. I hate chicken! I really, really hate chicken! So, I am guilty of a ‘hate crime’. I am guilty of ‘poultryphobia’.

But to make things worse, I love turkey – nice big slices of gleaming, white, juicy turkey breast. So, not only am I guilty of ‘poultryphobia’, but I’m also guilty of discrimination – of discriminating against chickens in favour of turkeys.

So, in today’s politically-correct Britain, that’s probably another crime.


Having spent the last 10 years writing books about the greed, stupidity, wastefulness, hypocrisy and lies of the ruling elites, I have a very strong dislike (possibly hatred?) of quite a lot of people.

These include governments that take us into illegal wars; governments that borrow and waste billions that our children will have to repay; MPs who voted 6 to 1 to allow us a referendum on EU membership because they couldn’t imagine we would dare defy the orders of the mainstream media to vote ‘Remain’ and are now intent on sabotaging our decision to leave the EU; overpaid, overpensioned hospital bosses who cover up the unnecessary deaths of thousands in order to preserve their own careers; EU bosses who are intent on destroying democracy in order to gain complete control over us; the ruling elites who are pursuing a disastrous policy of race replacement which may lead to a European civil war; police and local politicians who spent decades ignoring the gang rape and sadistic torture of at least 40,000 underage white girls because they were terrified of a certain group within our society; greedy charity bosses who fill their own pockets with our money; and many other such scum.

As I explain in my book GREED UNLIMITED, I believe there has been a complete collapse in morality as the generation, who fought in the war or were influenced by those who fought in the war and had some ideals about public service, have been replaced by the Blair/Cameron generation who are only in it for themselves.

I intensely dislike all these scumbag cnuts who have betrayed us, our country, our continent and our civilisation. Maybe I even hate them? I’m not sure. But, if I do hate them, what shall we call this new ‘crime’? How about ‘cnutophobia’?

Yes, I admit it. I think I may well be guilty of ‘cnutophobia’.

OMG, OMG, OMG! I am a self-confessed cnutophobe!!!!

5 comments to I am guilty of ‘hate crimes’. I might as well admit it

  • dave

    Another good one they’ve thought up is ” non violent extremism ”
    what a little beauty that is.

  • Alan Howard

    Well said, Sir. I completely agree, but then I must be from the same mold.

    By the way, I am a great fan – I have all of your books – also some on kindle to re-read. I have also sent some of your books to friends, who are also part of your fan base.

    I live nearby (6 miles from Bournemouth), so would love to buy you a drink sometime after my imminent op.

    Best wishes

    Big Al

  • DrPPL

    ‘Hate crimes’ is but two words. The result, not the cause. Obviously there are neurotic forces at work deep within; a paranoid persecution complex, for one.

    – P.P.L.

  • nick

    Hello silly police people, stop looking at a screen worrying whether someone (shock horror) said something you don’t like, and try getting out of the cop shop a bit more often and, oh, I don’t know, catching some criminals? Just a thought, as I think that’s what we’re paying you for.

  • anthony

    You bad man you. If you lived in S*****k – you’d be all right – round here the police are as thick as mince – wouldn’t be surprised if half of them can’t read or write and as for getting your home address from your website – their heads would explode. Perhaps you ought to put up adverts for slimming supplements (round here half of them seem to waddle – they travel everywhere by car) and colouring in books (so they have something to do as they sit in their cars)- if you have gained a brand new attentive audience. You might make a mint ?

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