July 2024

An apology to the people of the United States of America

(Friday/Saturday/Sunday blog)

On behalf of all real British people, I would like to apologise to the people of the United States of America and to their democratically-elected President, Donald Trump.

When I write “on behalf of all real British people” I don’t include the millions of Third-World, inbred, illiterate, parasitic freeloaders who have flooded into Britain to live off welfare while screaming how much they loathe British society and values. Nor do I include the greedy, treacherous, self-serving, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling elites who would willingly hand over control of Britain to a new German Empire because they despise ordinary British people, their history and their way of life.

“All real British people” means the tens of millions of hard-working, law-abiding British citizens who respect Britain’s laws and culture and who feel pride in their small country’s great achievements.

On behalf of all real British people I would like to abjectly apologise to the people of the United States of America, and especially to President Trump, for:

  • the way our elites, sycophantically supported by our disgracefully-biased mainstream media, have waged a campaign of scorn and insults against Donald Trump and those who sensibly chose to vote for him
  • the way our elites, supported by a grovelling, politically-correct mainstream media, did everything they could to help the loathsome, crooked Hilary Clinton in the recent US presidential election
  • the way our sneering elites laughed and mocked when American voters had the courage and intelligence to vote for Donald Trump – the only candidate who put American interests first
  • the arrogant, supercilious sense of superiority shown by our ruling classes when Trump won the presidency.

Further, I would like to apologise for the overblown, manufactured, fake outrage of our ruling elites and their mainstream media poodles at President Trump’s sensible and legal Executive Orders to temporarily restrict travel to the USA from seven countries even the Obama administration classed as a risk to the American people.

I would like to apologise for all the mentally-retarded, self-important, virtue-signalling, idiotic liberals who have protested against President Trump’s actions, who have falsely called the Executive Orders a ‘ban on M*sl*ms’ and who have disgustingly compared your President Donald Trump to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s idol – Adolf Hitler.

On behalf of all real British people, I am ashamed of these shallow, self-serving, ignorant, publicity-seeking fools.

I would also like to apologise for the way our cowardly rulers have handed over our country to a new German Empire – the supposed ‘European Union’. For the third time in one hundred years, we cowardly Europeans have allowed Germany to take over our continent. And, as usual, the Germans are hell-bent on destroying what they have conquered – this time by flooding Europe with an invading army of illiterate, inbred, military-age, violent, West-loathing, subhuman, Third-World scum.

As Europe falls under the control of the invading armies and all critics of the invasion are branded ‘racists’ and silenced, I express our admiration (and even envy) for the way that your President Trump has correctly identified the catastrophe that is happening in Europe due to the stupidity of the European ruling elites and has pledged to do all he can to protect your great country from making Europe’s dreadful mistakes.

Once again Europe has fallen under German control and is committing cultural and civilisational suicide. And once again we will need the great people of the United States of America to rescue us from our folly. And I’m sure America will save us from ourselves as you have done in the past at the cost of hundreds of thousands of American lives.

For this and so much more, I apologise to the people of the United States of America and their President, Donald Trump.

I feel nothing but shame at the way we British and Europeans have behaved and hope you Americans will forgive our stupidity, arrogance, selfishness and blindness.

14 comments to An apology to the people of the United States of America

  • John Fields

    Thank you Mr Craig for a great blog.
    I am one of those that you are apologising for.
    How things have changed.
    I remember as a young boy I believed in everything and
    trusted most people.
    Now, as an old man, I am suspicious of most things,
    and think that I live in a world of lies and deceit, mainly
    caused by the BBC, politicians, the media and financial

  • Baroness Bonkers

    My sentiments entirely.

  • Col

    Rather OTT. I’m deleting this from my favourites

  • NoMore

    I fully concur – America of course has its own similar issues with free-loading immigrants, snowflakes and Traitor Class so hopefully Trump and the patriots who voted for him understand that the above do not speak for us.

  • Chris

    Absolutely agree

  • Son of a miner 71

    Here bloody here!! Keep up the blog fella, look forward to reading everyday..methinks you put into words what the silent majority dare not speak..

  • Isabella Coracez

    Very good, slightly ranty, should be shorter but 8 out of 10.

  • Lawrence Hare

    Excellent piece,its the usual unwashed that protest over basically everything,an incredible number of people support Trump and his policies

  • Judd

    Couldn’t agree more, Trump is the right man at the right time.

    I suspect you are apologising for relatively few people but a few with big mouths and big money to curry favour and media coverage, because almost everyone i meet and speak to about this are chuffed to buggery with Brexit, and, like me, envious that those marvellous Americans were able to elect a decent patriot to lead them.

    Unfortunately in Britain at the general election it was a choice between tweedledum and tweedledee, neither Cameron or Milliband worth the time of day, not as their replacements are anything to write home about.
    One can forget the Libs, who are anything but liberal anyway.

    Many of us would have loved to have seen Sir Nigel Farage as our PM, sadly our country lags a long way behind the USA, so we still have a Remainer as head of state, in charge overall of negotiating our withdrawl, what could possibly go wrong?

  • chris

    I am very concerned that the constant undermining of Trump and Brexit is legitimising a hate campaign upon which the likes of Soros and the unseen super rich pour more petrol. It is perfectly obvious to those who see through the EU and elite ‘controlled’ media agenda that liberalism is the new facism.

    Are the journalists, particularly in the BBC, so stupid that they can’t see they are being played for fools and patsies by the rich and powerful to undermine real democracy. I saw a video of Obama and Branson cosying up in Necker Island which i thinks speaks volumes. Obama’s reward for his treason and betrayal of the peoples of the USA will be to hob nob with his benefactors and be paid fortunes for sinecure employment. Like Osborne, Cameron, Blair, Mandelson and countless more fifth column politicians they soon sell out their country for thirty pieces of silver. Trump has no need of the filthy bribes because he is already a billionaire. Therein lies his strength but also makes him dangerous to those who would corrupt to get their way.

    The Mexican drug cartels corrupt people in public office using the threat of ‘plata O plomo’, silver or lead. What would Trump say to that?

  • zx80

    Watching what passes as news vomited forth by the MSM had me thinking about whats gone wrong with our country and the US.

    Ive concluded that for the last 30 years at least we have had a core of left wing ideologies being implemented at every level of society, in the judiciary, the police, industry and of course politics by our oh so liberal authoritarian types that have ensconced themselves into positions of power.
    You see ive often wondered why soft sentences were being handed out to obviously dangerous and violent people and why victims are routinely punished, its all backwards yet as I said many years ago, its not by accident its by design.
    Its why we only get left wing arseholes giving us their inane biases on the 24hour so called “news” channels.
    Its why we hear NOTHING but pro climate change views despite there being many more scintists ( real ones) saying the opposite but arent reported, its why the police have no balls anymore, its why soldiers are persecuted for shooting some rat faced taliban scumbag in a war zone by a bent solicitor, its why common sense has descended into the asinine safe spaces for precious ikkle snowflakes who cant bear to have any other opinion other than their own heard, just like the true bigots they are.
    Its why fascist left wingers are smashing up city centres and stamping on other peoples rights to vote for whoever the hell they want to.

    Theres a war going on here, its a war being waged by the rotten, corrupt left, the corbynites, the no borders shiteads and and other assorted anarchists to control what you think by what youre shown.
    If you want to call time on the left wing nazis then turn off the main stream media, cancel your sky subscription, dont pay the Bullshit Broadcasting Companys licence tax, refuse to buy into any of the papers as theyve been faking the news for years, its nothing new and get your news info from as many other sources as you can.
    By marginalising the MSM you cant be influenced by them.
    They can still send their shit out over the airwaves but when no ones watching?……no more influence.

  • NoMore

    Gramsci’s Long March through the institutions has certainly borne fruit (and what sour, evil, poison-tree fruit it is too).

    Don’t forget the most important institution the cultural Marxists have taken over… Here’s a quote from the General Secretary (very Soviet title that!) of the NUT at the latest Scum Parade yesterday. “Kevin Cunty (sic), General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, told the crowd that every British teacher should be involved in the campaign against Trump.”

    We need a kind of reverse Cultural Revolution where all the lefty scum infesting our institutions are forced out of their schools, universities and NGO offices etc. to pick turnips in Cambridgeshire in the rain while their jobs are taken over by patriots.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Well, that great institution (Not !) the BBC has just spent it’s whole 30 minute Sunday lunchtime news in an anti-Trump tirade. The only ‘balance’ was a couple of brief interviews with some essex football fans, carefully chosen to show what ‘waascists’ they were so not worth listening to. The usual ‘intelligentsia’, comrades Corbyn and Bragg, rolled in to decry anything Trump but NO explanation where Trump’s travel ban actually originated and why. No mention that Obama started it (would there be these protests if he’d instituted it ?) I fear that the fight to get truth out there is going to get harder as the MSM and it’s paymasters kick back against popular will. they will be determined to keep control.

  • NoMore

    The odds on my ever voting Tory again have gone from unlikely to never after the Speaker’s disgraceful conduct today.

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