May 2024

Police visit my home to ‘interview’ me about my blog

(Weekend blog) Two short pieces today

1. Police try to ‘interview’ me about my blog

Apparently two members of our brave constabulary tried to visit me in my home recently to ‘interview’ me about something I had written in a blog a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, I was abroad at the time and so didn’t have the pleasure of interacting with those courageous coppers who are paid to maintain law and order.

It’s truly incredible. It’s estimated that over 200 illegal migrants are swarming into Britain every single day – and the police do nothing. Reports of child molestation in cities with large immigrant populations are now reaching record levels – and the police do nothing. Report a burglary – the police don’t even bother turning up. Report a burglar still in your house – the police probably still won’t turn up. Live on a housing estate that’s being terrorised by feral, violent gangs of migrant youths – and the police do nothing.

Why don’t the police do their job? They claim it’s a ‘lack of resources’.

But, when someone like me writes a pretty innocuous blog that displeases someone with connections and lawyers suddenly the police have unlimited resources to crack down on people like me for daring to criticise the treacherous, West-destroying policies of our rulers.

Heaven knows how many manhours the useless plods have spent reading my blog to try to find something incriminating so they can shut me down. And heaven knows how many plod hours will now be spent monitoring all my future blogs.

I suppose I was ‘lucky’ to just get off with a warning. Next time, I suspect I will be arrested, charged with some spurious, made-up crime, and sent to prison where I will die of a ‘heart attack’ (after an assault by whatever M*sl*m gang actually runs the prison). This will be confirmed by an obedient coroner as ‘death by natural causes’.

I used to respect the police as they have to deal with some pretty unpleasant people in difficult situations.

But the police have become so politicised that all they deserve from us is not respect, but just our contempt.

Shame on our Stasi police for betraying us, our culture and our country!

2. Murder of Coptic Christians in New Jersey – maybe not fake news?

On my Friday blog, I reported a story about a M*sl*m man murdering two immigrant Egyptian Coptic Christians and then cutting off their heads and hands before burying the bodies.

The point of citing this story was to show media bias. Had a white American Christian murdered and then mutilated the bodies of two M*sl*ms, then all the mainstream press would have been screaming about *sl*mophobia, the libtard protesters would have been out in force foaming at the mouth and setting fire to cars and shops. And, of course, the usual media traitors would have been blaming President Donald Trump for supposedly stirring up hatred and racial tensions and religious wars and the Third World War etc etc etc and demanding (as usual) his impeachment.

But, as the cuplrit was a M*sl*m and the two victims Christians, almost total media silence. No libtard protests. Nobody daring to criticise the Religion of Tolerance and Love.

Anyway, in response to this blog one reader claimed they had lived in New Jersey for 50 years and had never heard of the case and therefore it was just a bit of ‘fake news’ put out the nasty, Nazi, migrant-hating, Trumpist racists.

In response to the reader’s claim of this being ‘fake news’, I attach a link below to the news story as it was briefly reported on the local TV channel.

Fake news? Really?

9 comments to Police visit my home to ‘interview’ me about my blog

  • David Brown

    Would be interesting to know what specific article attracted their attention.Islam is not race specific so is not at the moment covered by so called hate crime legislation.
    People might recall the persecution of so called tram rant women,Emma West who was ruthlessly pursued by the corrupt CPS.
    After originally getting Emma West held in jail on the false pretext of being for her own protection, The CPS constructed a fake charge. Emma West had a child in her arms, the defence had eleven train passengers as witness to the actual events.The CPS did a deal with a large powerfully built Jamaican women re her immigration status. Ena May Eubanks. Eubanks who than alleged that Emme waved a fist at her. This enabled the CPS to create a second false charge.The famous blog is held on a US server and is not subject to uk legal restrictions such as reporting rich peoples privacy injunctions.

  • John Fields

    Sounds like the Gestapo have returned.
    I thought that freedom of speech was our basic right.
    English police are useless anyway. They never change.

  • NoMore

    Ah the favourite “crime” du jour – a hate crime – who decides if it is a hate crime? Why the offended party themselves of course, usually perma-victim Musl!ms, blacks or SJWs getting offended on their behalf.

    Being a law-abiding, middle-class tax-payer I see the police as an anti-British organisation now which is not to be trusted, part of the large Traitor Class.

  • Son of miner 71

    Oh dear, it’s seems they going to try and silence’s bloody disgusting muslims and the like can say and do what they want without any fear of repercussions, your blog must really make there blood dare a white English man exercise his right to free speech..anyway stay strong chap keep the faith..

  • brian

    I am sorry to hear that David. Quite why the establishment and it’s enforcement arm (the oh so non political police 🙂 ) act this way is beyond comprehension. Whilst not believing the conspiracy theories about the Kalegi plan or the antisemitism theory that it’s the Jews, I quite believe that the labour party saw unfettered immigration from the third world as a way to prop up their vote. Coupled with inate cowardice about Islam and it’s hair trigger violent reaction to any criticism we are left with this disaster.

    History has shown that the solution to any problems a country encounters is not more Islam – it’s a destructive force that has wrecked havoc throughout the globe.

    A living breathing example is Sweden – the so called humanitarian superpower. A very good article is here – which shows the disastrous effects of unlimited third world migration.

    I weep for what is happening – when growing up all the science fiction books I read forecast either a dystopian future run by large corporations/robots or an earthly technological paradise – not a world overrun by 7th century fanatics.

  • MEO

    David – I would just be sure you are not at home at 3am in the morning. Which I understand is the traditional time that such ‘appointments’ take place…

  • Andy in Toronto

    “Report a burglar still in your house–the police probably still won’t turn up.”
    They will to charge you with assault if you defended your family and property in any way. (That happens here too although they’re not arresting anyone over blasphemy… yet. Mind you, they are ignoring M*sl*ms making death threats against e.g. Jews.)

  • Kensington Chubb

    A bloody disgrace that this happened but not unsurprising and it’s going to take place more and more frequently after Sharia May has promised £60m to counter “far-right” extremist views and you can bet it’s the likes of us, the patriots, the free-thinkers, those who question or challenge authority, we who don’t accept the I5lamification of our country etc who are going to receive the knock on the door.

  • French Patriot

    Send The US President a tweet or facebook post pointing him to this page, at least itll be out there in the public and maybe strings will be pulled at some point to back these maggots down.

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