May 2024

The results so far: Trump – 2: EU – 0

Readers will probably be aware that our great EU leaders gathered in Malta last weekend to try to work out what to do about Donald Trump being elected US President.

At the meeting there was a lot of huffing and puffing and the release of enough putrid hot air to increase global temperatures by several degrees. In the final statements, this bunch of cowardly Nazi-Germany stooges bravely announced that they were not going to be threatened and pushed around by President Trump.

The only problem is that Trump hasn’t threatened them. Nor has he tried to push them around. In fact, having been well briefed by Nigel Farage about the worthlessness of our EU elites, Trump seems to have completely ignored our EU rulers. And that’s perhaps what irritates them most – being ignored. The scum who lead the EU (towards disaster) claim to be horrified by Trump’s supposed waaacciiiissssm and sexism etc. But what really rankles is that he is just ignoring them.

While M*sl*m-cocksucker-in-chief Obummer went grovelling to ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel and even made his last leader-to-leader phone call as president to the treacherous, West-hating Merkel, Trump has sensibly wasted little to no time on the puffed-up, self-important fools who are destroying our continent.

What we do know about Trump’s attitude to the EU are two things:

A German racket to run Europe

Trump has referred to the EU as just a ‘German racket’ to take over Europe. This was met with the usual howls of protest by our political pygmy leaders. So, let’s test Trump’s claim:

Who decided to open Europe’s frontiers to unlimited invasion by violent, inbred, illiterate, misogynist men of military age? Merkel? Or EU leaders?

Who decided to tear up the Dublin Convention whereby ‘asylum seekers’ had to claim asylum in the first safe country they reached? Merkel? Or EU leaders?

Who rushed off to Turkey and did a supposed deal with the president of the goatbotherers to limit the flow of migrants to Europe in exchange for a massive amount of EU taxpayers’ money? The drunk from Luxembourg? Or Merkel?

Who runs Europe? The EU commissioners or Merkel?

A catastrophic mistake

The other thing we know is that Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that Merkel’s decision to open Europe’s borders to an invading army of West-loathing, subhumans was a catastrophic policy mistake. Of course, in the mainstream media we are constantly lectured about the wonderful cultural enrichment the Third-World garbage are bringing and our self-righteous, virtue-signalling celebs and luvvies are queuing up to tell us we need to take in more of those who hate us and wish to kill us.

And hardly a week goes by without some bunch of worthless libtards protesting about Trump’s supposed racism.

But I suspect that most normal people – people who have to get up each day and go to work to support their families – know that Trump is right and wish Europe had leaders with the courage to stand up for European citizens the way that Trump is standing up for his country.

2 comments to The results so far: Trump – 2: EU – 0

  • Moqi

    Spot on as usual David. Eu leaders with a few honourable exceptions are puffed up popinjays who believe in their own infallibility. All available evidence pints the other way.

  • chicago47

    Angela Merkel.

    Once lauded as a great leader of europe, not a bad transformation for a former east german jackbooted communist thug.
    After years of apparently decent stewardship of the german economy she inevitably reverts to type probably after yet another wine infused brainstorming session and her long term plan for europe and its hapless, downtrodden brainwashed populations becomes clear.
    At a stroke Merkel unilaterally destroys border controls not only in germany but across the entire european continent by declaring “Refugees Welcome here!”, all without a single word of consultation with either the leaders of europe or its captive peoples, an apparent declaration of “To hell with consent!”
    The predicted and resulting flood of people is catastrophic, not only in terms of lives lost during the march to europe, but also in terms of damage done to the societal structure of the european countries themselves, their national identities put in jeopardy and the glaringly obvious security considerations exposed all for the edification of the fat cessbag frau Merkel.

    Merkels response at every turn is to insist with her trademark rictus grin “we can do it!”, a cover meant to hoodwink people into thinking that by helping “refugees” then something good is coming their way but the reality turns out to be something rather less palatable, that the people of europe are going to be invaded, subdued by their own police forces and miltary, lied to by their complicit state controlled media outlets and eventually become subject to islamic rule whether or not they want it, sparking another european war into the bargain.
    Merkels subsequent statements regarding immigrant/muslim attitudes to women where she feigns knowledge of the entirely foreseeable problems such attitudes present, indicates someone unfit to fucking lead a dog, let alone a country or a continent.

    But for me, the biggest tragedy is the fate of the children, not the fake ones who the politicians and media insist are children but who are blatantly adults waved through with a nod and a wink, rubbing the noses of their populations in the grand multicultural plan and actively denying the real children access, what kinds of people are so selfish that theyd happily push aside a child and take their places? The same type of people who have no respect for women, the same people who make bombs and kill westerners because they live differently, the same type who insist on building mosques to project their power in their adopted countries of choice, the type who have zero tolerance for anyoneof a different sexual orientation, the types that kill people for drawing cartoons………welcome to your own Resident Evil.

    Its the real children, the toddlers and shell shocked infants who inevitably end up bearing the burden of Merkels selfish whims, either drowning, terrified and alone in the sea, abused in asylum centres by other so called “refugees”, disappearing without trace or simply being abandoned along the way so that young, aggressive immigrant men of military age can enjoy themselves comitting sexual crimes in such places as Cologne on a new years eve, or running people down in trucks in Nice with Merkels blessing and it seems encouragement, supported via a policy of victim prosecutions, police coverups, media dis-reporting and attempts to censor social media of reports of migrant atrocities towards the host european populace.

    Merkel must be removed from office, as must all those enablers across europe and the world who display such treasonous behaviours facilitating the destruction of lives for selfish invalid, outmoded ideological motives.
    Its time to get our countries back.

    The alternative is eventual rule by a viscious islamic dystopian ideology where women are treated like shit and no one is free, jsut as is displayed in the originating countires these people hail from.

    I cant speak for anyone else but I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees under the vile twisted religion of mindfucked muslims and their EU enablers.

    Wake up, NOW!

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