May 2024

Support race replacement – you know it’s good for you!

Our Government has just decided that it’s going to spend £60m of borrowed money with the advertising giant M&C Saatchi “to tackle racist myths perpetuated online by the far right”.

Apparently, the dangers posed to Britain by continental Europe’s growing far-right movement are also being monitored by a secretive anti-subversion section of Whitehall, as part of Theresa May’s £60m fight against extremism. A government insider explained that the government would challenge “people who read Breitbart and stuff like that, the conspiratorial media”.

Of course, there are people (deluded fools) who believe that the mainstream media is the source of most propaganda and lies and that the only places we can now find the truth are websites like Breitbart, TheReligionOfPeace and even my own modest little Snouts-In-The-Trough.

Furthermore, there are even some idiots who are convinced that the European elites’ policy of replacing educated, hard-working, tax-paying, peaceful, tolerant white Europeans with illiterate, violent, unemployable, parasitic Third-World scum could lead to disaster – probably a Europe-wide civil war.

Anyway, even though nobody in Britain has been harmed by the supposed ‘right-wing extremism’ and over 100 Brits have been killed by followers of the Religion of Peace, I fully support my Government’s brave initiative to tackle the non-existent right-wing threat while totally ignoring the real threat to Western civilisation.

So I would like to ask all my readers to repeat the following 20 times every morning and every evening:

“Third-World immigration is good”

“Uncontrolled Third-World immigration is even better”

You could even make this a fun family event where you all get together and chant this. And when you’ve finished, you could all scream “I love my snackbar!!!”

Then after a few months or years, you might start believing it and then, think how happy you’ll be as your neighbourhood is turned into a suburb of Mogadishu or Damascus!!!

In the meantime, hopefully, our Government’s £60m ‘information’ campaign will help people understand that videos like the one below are full of lies, lies, lies, lies, lies and that the truth about everything can only be found on the BBC:



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