May 2024

Give! Give! Give! To the BBC’s “Bureaucrats in Need”

Since writing my book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL, I have frequently blogged about the extraordinary number of supposed “charities” in Britain and suggested that the over one million charity employees and 945,278 trustees at Britain’s 190,00+ charities probably live very well indeed off the £80bn a year we give in donations.

I noticed that the BBC’s ghastly Children In Need is once again trying to pick our pockets. So I’ve been looking at the average employee costs of a few of the better-known charities and compared them to the salaries paid at the BBC’s Children In Need.

Most charities seemed to come in at around the same level – the average cost of an employee (full time equivalent) including salary, NI and pension contributions is around £26,000. Save The Children seems to be lower than the average. Oxfam is a fair bit higher.

But there’s one charity that really seems to be throwing donors’ money at its lucky staff, rather than at the people it is supposed to be helping. Yup, it’s none other than the BBC’s Children In Need – which last night squeezed over £46 million out of suckers thinking they were contributing to ‘good causes’.

At the BBC’s Children In Need the average cost per person when I wrote my book two years ago was an impressive £43,368 – a country mile above the typical salaries paid to employees at other charities at the time:

Since then, the BBC’s Children In Need has increased the number of people it employs and increased their average salaries to £45,385.

Nice work if you have the right connections to get you a job with the BBC’s Children In Need.

I wonder why the BBC’s Children In Need staff are paid almost twice as much as staff in most other charities and why their salaries keep rising each year when we’re supposed to be living in a time of austerity?

Could it be because everyone working on anything connected with our bloated, biased, immigrant-loving, leftist, *sl*mophiliac, treacherous, West-loathing public broadcaster is hugely overpaid and over-pensioned thanks to the enforced generosity of license-fee payers?

I have repeatedly argued that the BBC’s budget should be cut by 5% a year for the next 5 years and our clinically obese national broadcaster should be forced to stick to its charter – public service broadcasting – instead of spewing out blatant lefty propaganda and producing low-intelligence garbage in a pointless effort to compete with the increasing number of commercial channels.

Perhaps the inflated salaries and pensions of BBC Children In Need staff will further reinforce many people’s view of the BBC as a massive, self-serving, greed-ridden monstrosity that needs to be cut down to size.

And if you want to give money to charity, I’d avoid giving it to the wasteful overpaid, bureaucratic parasites at the BBC’s Children In Need. Instead give to small, local charities that aren’t packed full of useless, self-serving, overpaid, over-pensioned BBC bureaucrats.

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