April 2024

Turning Japanese, whooping and don’t believe the BBC gloating about France

Just some random thoughts today.

Turning Japanese

Hopefully some readers know what is meant by ‘turning Japanese’. But, apart from male orgasms, there could be another interpretation of the phrase ‘turning Japanese’.

I remember that in the 1960s (I think) there was a TV programme which presented clips from the most absurd TV around the world. (Perhaps a reader could click on the title of today’s blog and remind us of the title of the programme?) If my memory serves me correctly, one of the repeated themes was how ludicrous and downmarket Japanese TV was. To show this, we were presented with short sequences from Japanese TV competitions where some goofy-toothed idiot was showered with insects or had to eat live worms or something ridiculous and disgusting like that.

Ha-ha-ha-ha, how we all laughed at the stupid Japanese!

Now spool forward about 40 years and we find that one of the most popular programmes on British TV is none other than “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” (IACGMOoH) with over eleven million viewers. And what happens in IACGMOoH?


Yup, contestants are showered with insects or have to eat live worms or something like that – just like those Japanese TV competitions we all thought were only for slanty-eyed idiots.

It really does seem as if, forty years later, we’re all ‘turning Japanese’.


I have a terrible confession to make. I know how to shout. And I suppose I could scream. But I don’t know how to whoop. Yet it seems that nowadays, for even the slightest thing, the immediate reaction is shouting, screaming and whooping. Watch any TV programme nowadays and whatever the ‘celebs’ say or do, the dumbed-down audience always erupts in a cacophony of shouting, screaming and, most importantly, whooping.

I’m terribly saddened by the fact that the modern world is leaving me behind. I’m terribly saddened that I don’t know how to whoop.


If I don’t know how to whoop, how could I ever be in the audience for the X-Factor or some Dancing Bollox or even any inane talk show inevitably hosted by some prancing, lube-anused Mandelsonian or heavily-built, high-testosteroned, mustached rug-muncher?

It’s not possible. If you can’t whoop, you’re a nobody.

Don’t believe the BBC gloating about France

It’s pretty certain that the final stage of the French presidential elections will be a contest between the conservative Francois Fillon and the National Front’s Marine Le Pen.

Moreover, it’s even more certain that the French establishment will come together to ensure Marine Le Pen gets nowhere near the presidency, just as the American establishment thought it would block Trump.

But when Le Pen loses, she will also have won. Like Farage, Le Pen will have won because her policies will be adopted by Fillon as he knows that’s the only way to defeat her.

How the BBC and Channel 4 News and the bankrupt toilet paper called the Guardian crowed and laughed and gloated when Farage lost his bid to become a Westminster MP. But Farage was the ultimate winner. He, almost single-handedly, got Britain on its way out of the corrupt, failing, undemocratic, German-controlled EU superstate. If Britain ever gets proper border control, Farage will have prevented a British civil war between the inbred, violent, intolerant, supremacist followers of the Only One and True Religion and the rest of us.

Farage will have saved Britain

Likewise in France, Fillon will be forced to crack down on the Religion of Peace invasion of his country, to oppose the creation of a Greater Germany run from Brussels, to stop trying to create a phony conflict with Russia and to stand up for French national interests against the self-serving, elitist, globalist scum trying to destroy European countries’ national identity.

Marine Le Pen will lose next year. But in fact, her policies will have won.

5 comments to Turning Japanese, whooping and don’t believe the BBC gloating about France

  • NoMore

    As the j!hadis have the impulse control of a teenage boy in a whorehouse, a couple more Bataclan/Nice level atrocities may direct the French to finally follow the Way Out sign rather than the weathervane.

    Been watching The Fall boxset. Although it is enjoyable as it goes, being funded by the BBC and EU they just cannot keep from using it as an agitprop tool largely to promote feminazism. If I put the “They Live” sunspecs on, the subliminal messaging would be constantly flashing “Men Bad, Women Good”. The female characters are all strong, competent(ish) and either utterly empowered, or brave victims and the men are all weak, corrupt, bumbling or misogynistic (one cop manages to be all 4!). The usual “progressive” themes run throughout: sexually aggressive women, subtle attacks on the concept of family, paedo-priests, Jellyby-esque “think of the poor refugee children not our own” throwaway remarks and so on.

    Senator Joe – come back all is forgiven – your work is not done.

  • Chris

    It seems every aspect of popular media is propaganda. Designed to dumb down, control and empty bank accounts.

  • MGJ

    With all these supposed ‘Rights’ the beneficent EU showers us with, one would think we’d have the right of free speech and free association without having first to finance the political project known as the BBC.

  • zx80

    Well I for one am both glad and utterly proud to be left behind by the stupendously retarded programming of todays so called entertainment.

    If youve ever seen a film called The Running Man, the parallels between it and todays offerings to the ill educated mouth breathing cabbages that pass for audiences is quite simply staggering.
    So, in the true tradition of the types of gormless, goofy spackers I propose a few progs of my own to amuse the wide eyed but mostly unconcious masses that lap this kind of idiocy up.

    1st up, a variation on Celebrity this that or t’other.
    Celebrity shotgunning, where a few well known celebs are set free in a field and have to escape without being blasted to bits by 40 hunter types.
    Should be quite bloody and will set us up for the next one…..
    …..which is Politician Pinata.
    In this game of skill a politician, ( Id vote for the fat bastard Diane Abbot) is to be hung upside down and then a bat is liberally ( liberals can also partake) applied whilst the said trougher has to contain 600 quid in coins in their thieving mouths for 4 minutes, which is donated by the BBC for her or their appearance fee, as is the usual arrangement.
    Any dropped coins will add an extra 1 minute to the test.
    The purpose of the said test isnt purely for specatacle, although the sight of an upside down walrus choking on her appearance fee would be idyllic, the true test is to see how long a scumbag can keep their lying, thieving mouths shut for.

    Lastly we should have a “Who can make the biased media disappear competition”, based along the lines of lots of wire cutting and firing of presenters and tv execs, who are then whisked off to a desert idland and forces to eat bugs and stuff and…. and …..has that been done already?

  • Col

    The Japanese show was called Endurance. It is still a higher quality than our equivalents.
    Remember, the public want these shows!! It’s just the Roman philosophy of giving the plebs their “bread and circuses “

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