May 2024

Aleppo – honestly, who gives a toss?

(Going to be awfully politically incorrect today)

I almost can’t bring myself to watch the supposed ‘news’ nowadays. The more people rebel against the false, liberal, progressive gods of the Man-Made Climate Change scam, rule by the corrupt, NWO, unelected elites and the destruction of Western civilisation through uncontrolled Third-World immigration/invasion, the more mouth-frothingly biased the mainstream media news becomes.

There seem to be three ‘big stories’ at the moment:

1. Brexit will destroy Britain

First we have the Project Fear liars using every tiny event to claim that Brexit (which hasn’t happened yet) is destroying Britain. Now that Nissan and Tata Steel and a bunch of other big companies have announced massive new investments in Britain (contrary to what the doom-mongering Remanians predicted) the Remanians have begun their “the falling pound will lead to inflation” campaign. Just two problems with this latest bogeyman:

– firstly, the falling pound has made British goods and services more competitive leading to the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs (incidentally, most of which have been taken by EU migrants fleeing the utter economic devastation caused by Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel and the useless, corrupt drunk from Luxembourg). Meanwhile, cheap crap from China and Vietnam has become slightly less cheap but still just as crap – so no problem there

– secondly, in the short term prices especially of imported food may go up. But once we free ourselves from the collapsing EU, food prices should fall by around 17% to 20% as we’ll be able to buy from anywhere in the world rather than being forced to pay more than necessary by EU tariff barriers

2. Donald Trump will destroy the world

Our politically-correct, progressive news fabricators (sorry, I meant ‘news editors’) still can’t get over the fact that ordinary people dared to vote for Trump rather than their anointed candidate – Crooked Hillary Clinton. So, even before Trump has done anything, we’re getting a flood of negative stories about what he might, perhaps, maybe, possibly do.

But hold on a minute, what has Trump promised that is so terrible?

– No more involvement in crazy foreign wars that don’t serve America’s national interest. Sounds good to me

– Talking to Putin to defuse the conflict with Russia (that Obama, Kerry and Clinton wanted to provoke) and working together with Russia to fight our common enemy – (radical? or mainstream?) *sl*m. Sounds good to me

– Abandoning the total bollox of Man-Made Climate Change and encouraging US fuel production to cut America’s dependence on the West-loathing Middle-East crazies. Sounds good to me

– Deporting up to three million illegal immigrants who have serious criminal records. Pity the EU won’t allow Britain to do that

– Protecting American jobs – I thought governments were meant to work for the well-being of their electors rather than the interests of George Soros, Goldman Sachs, O’Bummer, Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton and all the other globalist, open-borders, parasitic scum who have lied to us for so long while  enriching themselves and their cronies at our expense

3. The ‘slaughter’ in East Aleppo

And finally, of course, we have the supposed ‘slaughter of innocents’ in Aleppo. But what’s really happening in Syria?

– Most of Aleppo’s ‘men’ seem to be in Germany and Sweden where they’re having a jolly good time living off generous benefits, raping any girls they want and looting shops and supermarkets while being protected by ‘progressive’ politicians and police who threaten any raped girls or robbed shop-owners so that they don’t report any crimes

– For the last 30 days, Assad and Putin have offered the women and children of East Aleppo safe corridors out of the city. Virtually none have left. A cynic might think that the murderous, backward, inbred, bearded crazies (sorry, I meant ‘highly-educated, West-supported, democracy-loving rebels’) have discouraged people from leaving so they can use civilian deaths as a propaganda weapon

– There seem to be an awful lot of ‘children’s hospitals’ in East Aleppo. Almost every day that there is bombing, we hear that a ‘children’s hospital’ has been hit. You’d think the bearded crazies would eventually run out of supposed ‘children’s hospitals’ given that so many have reportedly been destroyed

– In a region not known for enlightened democracy, Bashar ‘Basher’ Assad was a president who managed to keep his country’s various communities from each others’ throats. The sooner Assad regains power over his country (with Putin’s help), the better.

A few hundred civilians have been killed in East Aleppo and all we hear is mass bleating and whining from the mainstream media. Over 128,000 Iraqi civilians were killed in Bush and Blair’s illegal invasion of Iraq. We haven’t heard the BBC and Channel 4 bleating and whining about that.

And as for those being obliterated in East Aleppo – well, the more of these crazy, West-hating, violent, locust-like, inbred lunatics Assad and Putin send to Paradise, the better! Good riddance!!!

4 comments to Aleppo – honestly, who gives a toss?

  • NoMore

    I found none of that in the least bit offensive or incorrect (politically or otherwise). I guess I must be a Deplorable.

  • dave

    All made perfect sense to me …. How can the truth be offensive or incorrect.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Non of the Libertards have told us what their grand plan is if Assad is deposed. It looks to me it’ll be left to a mass of violent religion-obsessed disparate groups who will continue the fighting between each other and any western involvement we should be stupid enough to start. Haven’t they learnt anything from iraq and Libya ?
    Come on, Donald, let’s get some genuine common sense into the world order !!!

  • Chris

    In my view, there is no plan for a post-Assad Syria because like Iraq, Libya and Ukraine regime change is just a ‘flimsy pretence of a smoke screen’ in order to justify illegal invasion. The real agenda is to obtain control of resources, oil, gas, agriculture and, in the case of Afganistan, its poppy fields.

    Some years ago, the Qatari despots wanted to lay a gas pipeline to Europe through Syria because currently it has to use LNG ships.

    Assad said no so he was put on the Power Elites’ list for regime change.

    Saudi Arabia/Qatar tried to persuade US to do their dirty work as they did in Iraq. US agreed but, following Iraq, dared not face the political opposition which would result from direct involvement. Therefore, using surrogates, the US (via CIA) trained 30,000 ISIS recruits in Jordan in 2012/2013 using Saudi and Qatari finance.(ever wondered how 30,000 evil jerhaddis spontaneously got together?)

    The recruits initially came from Middle East jails and were promised a pardon, regular pay, Capatagon and as much depravity as could be usefully filmed and sent to Western media for fear propaganda. (Ever wondered how or why victims often showed no emotion and wore perfectly clean, pressed orange suits? Obviously, PR and film crews were always on hand with HD cameras, clean new orange uniforms, laundries and appropriate drugs)

    The US, Saudi and Qatari alliance could not bomb its own creation (at least not before it toppled Assad) and just ‘pretended’ it was trying to defeat ISIS, all the while providing military and other supplies paid for by the Saudi/Qatari alliance. Disingenuously, the US tried to distinguish good Syrian rebels from bad ones for political purposes but we all saw through that semantic. Mr Putin stated that he knew the salary of every ISIS member, therefore, if they had salaries they were on a payroll and not ‘rebels’

    Of course Russia is not acting totally altruistically. It has its own agenda. It does not want other competing gas suppliers muscling in on supplying Europe with methane.I’m sure there are many other reasons why Russia took action, particularly as its its first major military action since the fall of the Soviet Union.

    So, I believe, the underlying issue, as always, is money/power. Russia, at least, is trying to stop the rampage. I hope Russia will get rid of ISIS and Assad will remain as a means of stability and hope for Syrians. Even if Assad is imperfect as a dictator, one has to favourably compare him to Obama. What on earth has Obama been doing for 8 years after he received the Nobel Peace Prize. He has at the very least failed to try to stop the warmongers in the CIA, Pentagon and the military industrial complex. At the very least he has ‘looked away’ whilst hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killed or displaced. All of this destruction and migration just so some Qatari bedouins can indulge in their obscene love of wealth?

    As Lavrov said, “the West is trapped in its own propaganda” Does the media applaud Russia, No, it criticises. It applauds so called rebels who use poison gas because somehow the media editors believe that deposing one(fairly mild as dictators go) dictator is worth many thousands of lives. Just like Brexit, Trump and no doubt, future populist revolutions, the media’s lack of honesty in its portrayal of events will be its undoing. We can all witness the BBC’s continued undermining of Brexit and Trump despite both being the outcome voted by the majority of the UK and USA.
    Q: Why does the BBC cling to the idea that it can reverse the majority viewpoint?
    A: Because the EU gives them an annual grant to do so.

    By the way, the Qatari Wealth fund is the major shareholder in Sainsburys. Does that make you think twice about the real price of cheap petrol?

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