July 2024

A message from the elites “Russia is our enemy, Islam is our friend”

The globalist elites seem to be panicking. As part of their project of replacing white Europeans and white Americans with inbred, low-IQ, violent, backwards, Third-World, excrement-covered savages they need to distract us plebs from what they’re really up to. In particular, they need to convince us that the invading Third-World locust armies of human filth are not a threat to us and our way of life.

In order to mislead us about who our real enemies are, the globalist elites have had to invent a false enemy. They have chosen Putin’s Russia and our rulers keep on trying to provoke Russia in order to stoke our fear of this supposed ‘enemy’. When Syrian and Russian forces declared a ceasefire in Aleppo, the US immediately bombed a contingent of the Syrian army killing 64 and injuring many more. And in Europe, NATO is forever finding excuses (the myth that Russia is about to invade Eastern Europe) to move its forces and missiles closer to the Russian border in the hope that Russia will retaliate.

But the “Russia is our enemy” strategy may be falling apart. First we have Donald Trump in the USA claiming that he can do a deal with Russia to fight (radical?) *sl*m. And now we have the likely future French president, Francois Fillon, also saying we should be working with Russia to defeat our real enemies – ISIL and its many equally horrendous, peace-loathing offshoots.

In fact, only yesterday the director of the CIA for the past four years, John Brennan, used a BBC interview to warn Trump that Russia was a danger to the USA and couldn’t be trusted. That got me wondering how many Americans Russians have killed in the last 20 years (none that I know of) compared to how many Americans the swivel-eyed, mouth-frothing, Religion of Peace crazies have killed (close to 4,000 I guess). Perhaps, in his dotage, Mr Brennan has forgotten the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks?

John Brennan also blamed Moscow for much of the suffering in Syria. So now you know. The Syrian civil war had absolutely nothing to do with the USA arming and supporting the bloodthirsty, West-loathing, murderous crazies in America’s attempts to topple Syria’s legitimate ruler, President Bashar ‘Basher’ Al-Assad. All the deaths in Syria are nasty Russia’s fault.

Given the daily hate campaign run by the British media against Putin and Russia, I thought it might be instructive to compare how many countries the supposedly dangerous Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) has invaded compared to how many countries peace-loving America has invaded.

Here are Russia’s invasions: Ukraine 2014; Georgia (2008); Chechnya (1994). And here are the Soviet Union’s invasions – Afghanistan (1979); Czechoslovakia (1968); Hungary (1956).

Here are America’s invasions: Syria (2016); Iraq (2003); Afghanistan (2001); Haiti (1994); Iraq (1991); Panama (1989); Grenada (1983); Dominican Republic (1965); Cuba (1961).

So, Russia and the Soviet Union have invaded six countries compared to the nine invasions of eight countries by America.

Could that suggest the the elites’ hate campaign against Russia has little to no basis in reality?




1 comment to A message from the elites “Russia is our enemy, Islam is our friend”

  • zx80

    The governments of the west are all engaged in this kind of subterfuge, the problem for them is simply that We-dont-believe-them.
    Theyre always inventing a threat that they can pretend to save us from, a line from the film “V” illustrates the point clearly: “Let them know how much they need us!” is what the high chancellor squealed.

    And thats their whole reason for existing, not as some would think, to do whats right and make the world a better place, oh no no, theyre there to create issues that they can then solve and prove their worth to us in order to keep themselves in the priveliged positions theyve grown so accustomed to.

    Maybe eventually people will eventually wake up and realise that attempting to change things by voting isnt going to work, it never has so far, so in the immortal words of Joshua:

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