July 2024

Europe 2029 – some people have seen the future

If this shortish (5 mins) video really was first published on YouTube in 2013 – before Merkel opened Europe’s borders to the Religion of Peace invasion armies, before the Paris and Brussels massacres and before the worst of the Sweden rape epidemic – then whoever made this film has truly understood our future.

Please lefties, tell me whether there is anything in this video that is in any way inaccurate.

Have a good weekend!

4 comments to Europe 2029 – some people have seen the future

  • NoMore

    It seems a response to Merkill’s (sic) cunning plan to offload to other EU countries some of the 3rd world dross she invited in in 2015. Whatever it is certainly Europe’s future unless the cultural Marxists are all driven out and replaced by strong patriotic Governments linked by common culture, goals and enemies rather than by supranational back-door treaties.

    Imagine we had Rees-Mogg as PM, Redwood as Chancellor with the cabinet all full of optimistic Brexiteers full of good ideas and passion to make the country great again. Instead we have remainder bureaucrats afraid to make a decision and hoping Brexit all goes away.

    The Limp-Dims may be a laughing-stock of a party but their fellow travellers have effectively infiltrated and taken control of all our main parties – Labour (Blairites), Con (Cameroons and Wets), UKIP (Evans, Hamilton, Carswell etc.) We may need the Dutch to drain our swamps for us again (vital that Wilders gets in on a ticket of proscribing Islum).

  • zx80

    Seems to me we’re already half way there, the only solution is to turf out the likes Tim “I want another referendum” Farron and the rest of such bastards as he and start the process of removing islam from all western countries.
    I see no positives from its presence anywhere, no progress for the last 100 years, no tolerance for any other view and yet still our supreme overlords continue to insist that everythings going just dandy.

    Are they in for a shock when the shit inevitably hits the fan.

  • Anthem

    Inaccurate? To be fair, some of the spelling is appalling.

  • Billy the Fish

    and this video is not available in the fatherland.
    Search for the name and find it immediately elsewhere…

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